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ZLYJ series plastic extruding gear reducer

ZLYJ series plastic extruding gear reducer are high precision hardening tooth flank transmission part with thrust bearing housing.The gears and axes are made of high strength alloy steel. The gears are manufactured by way of carburizing hardening, precision grinding. Read More
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YTC three phase electric gear motor

Product Features of the YTC gear reducer three – phase asynchronous motor
YTC series three-phase asynchronous electric gear motor is designed for meeting the needs of driving low-speed transmission machinery, with the characteristics of low output speed, large torque, and with […]

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Rotary screen and gearboxes

The China professional China manufacturer and factory for Rotary screen gearboxes Read More
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Belt Conveyor gearmotors

Belt Conveyor gearmotors, Belt Conveyor motors, Belt Conveyor reducers Read More
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Rolling Mill Gear Boxes

Rolling Mill Gear Boxes, Rolling Mill gearbox, Rolling Mill Gear-Box Read More