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YB2 series Explosion-proof motor characteristics

YB2 series Explosion-proof motor compared with ordinary motor is characterized by:

(1) to meet the requirements of increased safety YB2 series explosion-proof motor, take a series of reliable measures to prevent sparks, arcs and dangerous high temperature, safe operation in Zone 2 explosion hazard.

(2)Using brushless excitation, set the rotating rectifier disk and static excitation cabinet, excitation control system is reliable; smooth polarity of the transfer of accurate, no impact; excitation system out of step to protect reliable, and then step by step ability; , Discharge resistance in the work does not heat; excitation current adjustment range.

3) synchronous machine, AC exciter and rotary rectifier coaxial. The rectifying disc is located between the main YB2 series explosion-proof motor and the exciter, or placed outside the housing.

(4) enclosure protection class IP54

(5) using F-class insulation, temperature rise by B-level assessment.

(6) to change the traditional water cooling for the water, that is, water cooler placed in the upper part of the YB2 series explosion-proof motor.


(7) set to increase the type of moisture-proof heater, fixed in the bottom of the YB2 series explosion-proof motor cover, for heating and moisture when the shutdown.

(8) selected high-quality raw materials, electrical and mechanical calculations leave a large margin, to meet the operational reliability and increase the temperature of the YB2 series explosion-proof motor requirements.

(9) set up a perfect monitoring measures; the main junction box set for differential protection of the increased safety self-balancing current transformer; stator winding buried work and standby platinum thermal resistance, sub-number Pt100; set leakage monitoring Instrument, monitoring the water cooler leakage; both ends of the seat-type sliding bearings were set on-site temperature display instrument and remote signal terminals

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