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Precision planetary gear reducer introduction

planetary gear reducer introduction:

The reducer is a power transmission mechanism that uses it to reduce the speed and increase the torque. It has a wide variety of models, different types, different types have different uses. Heavy-duty mechanical reducer design products include various types of gear reducer, precision planetary gear reducer, worm gear reducer and cycloid reducer, also includes a variety of special drive.

Precision planetary gear reducer consumption of the larger industries are: food machinery, electrical machinery, metallurgical machinery, environmental protection machinery, electrical appliances, road construction machinery, chemical machinery, light industry machinery, mining machinery, transportation machinery, construction machinery, building materials machinery, Cement machinery, rubber machinery, water machinery, oil machinery, these industries use the number of reducer products accounted for the industry to use the total number of reducer 60% -70%.

Precision planetary gear reducer features:

1.Variety of patterns, variable design and more. Precision planetary gear reducer to get rid of the traditional single base installation, adding a hollow shaft suspension, floating support base, motor and reducer integration, multi-directional installation surface and other different types, to expand the scope of use.

2.High level, high performance. Precision planetary gear reducer cylinder gear commonly used carburizing quenching, grinding teeth, carrying capacity to improve more than 4 times, small size, light weight, low noise, high efficiency, high reliability.

3.Building block design. Precision planetary gear reducer of the basic parameters of the use of priority, size neat specifications, parts versatility and interchangeability, easy to expand the series and pattern renovation, conducive to the organization of mass production and reduce costs.

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