CNC 2D Wire Bending Machine


CNC 2D Wire Bending Machine

1-Quality parts, as SANYO & Mitsubishi

2-Bend 4 Radius one time & Platform protection

3-Bend all 2D shapes & 1.5 – 16mm wire

4-Two years guarantee period

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I-Product Introduction


1–CNC automatic control system


2–Man-machine interface,easy to understand and manipulate


3–Input by keyboard and mouse, standard windows XP operating system


4–High-definition screen, max visible angle 160°


5–Competible with other Magelis iPC, support for Internet/intranet access, fast dual-Ethernet


6–Automatically accomplish feeding, straightening , bending, cutting and end forming.


7–widely used in light industry, wire processing enterprises ,manufacturing industry and commodity production industry.(for example, clothes hanger production ).


8–Could be used together with traditional bending tools


9–1000w alternating current servo motor, easy to accelerate and decelerate


10–Rotation range:-180°~+180° (or even more large range by computer programming and input)


11–Bending head, through the different diameter forming block, allows the machine to make any different bending radius on the same part,especially for the specific professional mold.


This model is mainly for the automotive sun visor skeleton, car door lock rod, designed for a variety of wire forming, with full processing capacity and high processing speed and accuracy.













Model NER2D-5 NER2D-4 NER2D-1
Working capacity (mm) Ø1.5-6  &  Ø3-8  &  Ø3-10  &  Ø6-13
Axis number 5 4 2
Machine size L*W*H(mm) 4000*1400*1250 4000*1400*1250 3500*1650*1600
Decoiler Size L*W*H(mm) 1800*1800*1500 1800*1800*1500 1800*1800*1500
Machine weight (KG) 3000 2800 2500


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