Cycloidal Pin wheel reducer

cycloidal reducerscyclo driveCYCLOIDAL GEARED MOTOR

Cycloidal Pin wheel reducer

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Guomao Brand Cycloidal Pin wheel reducer Features:
1) Large ratio
2) High efficiency
3) Impact size
4) Less problem, long working life
5) Stable reliable turning
6) Easy disassembly, maintenance
7) High overloading, attacking and less inertia torque, the unit can be used
in case of frequency starting and reversing.
8) Specification:
a) Single-stage: 1-11 eleven type totally (X series); 0~8 nine type totally
(B series)
b) Two-stage: 42~117 ten type totally
9) Input power: 0.12~55kW
10) Output torque: 70-20,000Nm
11) Transmission ratio:
a) Single-stage: 9-87 fourteen sorts totally
b) Two-stage: 121-5,133 seventeen sorts totally
12) By economy direct connection and shaft input form, by lying mode and
standing mode mounting form

WB series of micro cycloid micro reducer:
1) Specification:
a) Single-stage: 65-150 five type totally
b) Two-stage: 1,065-1,510 three type (two-stage)
2) Input power: 0.04-3kW
3) Output torque: 2.7-7569Nm
4) Transmission ratio:
a) Single-stage: 9-87 ten type totally
b) Two-stage: 121-1,849 ten type totally

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