Z4 Series DC Motor


Z4 Series DC Motor

Z4 Electric DC Motor, Z4 Series DC Motor Electric Motor Magnet Generator Brush Motor

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Z4 Series DC Motor are dominant products of our factory. The Industry DC motors products are found wide use for prime mover in various in various machinery, Sucha as Z4 Series DC Motor
Electric Motor
Steel mill DC motor in metallurgical industry, Metal cutting machine tool, Paper making, Print textile, Peinting and dyeing, Cement-making, Plastic extruding machine woodwork machine etc.

Working Conditions:
1, Alititude above sea level maximal 1000m
2, Cooling air temperature maximal 40’C
3, Ambient conditions for motors should be free from acidic, Alkali fumes or other aggressive gases which corrode insulation
4, Armature and field circuit for motors may be either operated on static thyristor controlled supplies. Or from DC generator
5, Performances of motors all comply with state standard GB755 fUNDAMENTAL TECHNICAL RULES FOR ELECTRSCAL MACHINES
Motor Frame: IEC Z4-100~Z4-450

Products performance:
Motor Frame: IEC Z4-100~Z4-450
Output(KW): 2.2kW~1400kW
Rated Voltage(V): The sandard rated voltage of this series motors are 160V or 440V, Values for 220V or 400V or other voltage may be derived on request

Excitation Type: Separate excitation is the basic excitation type of this series motors, Nominal field voltage:180V, Other excitation voltage are also acceptable on request. To assure the reliablity of insulation of excitation system, The motor must be protected againse self-indued voltages by a release resistor connected in parallel with the field winding when the excitation circuit of the motor is interrupted, At rated field winding resistance(cold). While the field voltage is higher than nominal voltage, The value of shunt resistance may be lower than seven-times fields resistance. Otherwise higher than seven-times.
Raged Speed(rpm): 3000, 1000, 750, 600, 500, 400, 300, 200r/m. Total nine grades.
Insulation Class: CLASS F
Protection Class: IP23 and IP44 is adopted for the mtoors protections of this series
Mounting Type: IMB3, IM35
Duty: Continuous working system(S1) is applied

Methods of Cooling: IC06, IC17, IC37 and ICW37A86, Other types of protection and cooling required by customers can be negotiated.
Modes of cooling for all the Z4 DC motor are separate cooling, Force ventilated, Cooling by frame radially mounted, Spearately powered Ventilating fan, And attached with an air filter, Modes of cooling for motors may be made into three types, Namely IC06, IC17, IC37
A, Z4-100~Z4-160 the blower is mounted on the non-drive side
B, Z4-180~Z4-450 the blower is mounted on drive side

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