3-Phase asynchronous motor

3 phase motor
3 phase motorac motorac electric motorcast iron motor

3-Phase asynchronous motor

AC electric motor, horizontal, Three phase Asynchronous copper windings coils pump, blower, conveyor Polyphase squirrel-cage rotor Induction motor

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@Characteristics of  three-phase motor:

1).High standardization and universal of this series, the installation size is basicly similar to Y series motor in the same specification. The standard parts and fasteners are chosen according to relevant national standards.
2).Y2 series (IP54) electric motor adopts special exterior design-parallel & vertical radiate slices. This design not only increased radiate surface but also strengthened the electric motor’s beautification.
3).Y2 series (IP54) motor insulation degree is F grade, but for the temperature rise, we still use B grade standard. It increase both reliability and exterd.
4).Y2 series (IP54) motor has weak vibration and low noise.
5).Y2 series (IP54) motor has the maximun efficency when the loading rate at about 75%.

@Asynchronous motor’s application conditions:

1).Ambient temperature: -15℃≤θ≿ℿBR style=”FONT-FAMILY: “>2).Relative humidity: Not higher than 90%.
3).Elevation : Be lower than 1000 meters.
4).Frequency: 50 HZ.
5).Rated voltage: 380 V.
6).Operating mode: S1 .
7).Cooling method: IC411.

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