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Mixer agitator-Centrifugal Separator transmission drive

Lots of our transmission drive can be used in Mixer agitator for many industries such as Chemical, Mining, Paper Pulp, Mud for Oil & Gas, Thermal Power and so on. From to ,side and bottom entry mounting, our gear drives can be almost installed for each one. Mixer Agitator gear motors separator transmission drive 
Top Entry Agitator gear motors
For this agitator we can use our Spiral-helical gearbox with electric motor which is from single, double and triple reduction. With Straight Cut Spiral and Mitre Gears inside, the gear head were with big output torque. It is a  Orthogonal axis reducer head which can be coupled with a AC motor, VFD or braked. The hollow axis can be with a shrink disk to protect the working smoothly. agitator motor gearbox

Our Orthogonal axis gear motors are designed from SEW Europe-drive K series agitator gearbox helical Spiral gear reductor so that all the dimensions are same and can be completely replaceable. The most important, our gear motors  are more competitive price than SEW. No modification required when replacing existing gear unit.

chemical liquid top entry agitator drive

This agitator’s power is transmitted by belt which means directly from the electric motor. we can supply you the entire sets including of the electric motor, the belt, the pulley, the rack and the stirrer. We welcome you to inquiry us for these products.




agitators-gearmotorThis mixer agitator equipment is a vertical mount and there are very many geared motor we can select. R series Helical gear-units or cyclo Agitator Drives. All the gear motors shaft are Concentric and inline. agitator drive

The helical gear reducer is in various reduction stages and For 2-stage basic type geared ,rotation direction of input shaft is the same that of output part; for 3-stage basic type geared ,their directions are reverse. coaxial axis gearmotors used in the mixer agitator is a useful mount which can save more space.

The cycloid pin gear reducer agitator motor is a lower cost drive to be installed into the agitator mixer.  As a vertical power transmission drive, the cyclo gear pin wheel reducer can meet high torque demands. Gearboxes for up to 7.6 kNm output torque. The gear reducers are solid shaft coupled with the rack.The electric motor can be installed with a explosion-proof electromotor.

agitators-mixers-reducerThe last gear kind for this agitator is a Parallel Shaft Gear Reducer agitator motors. Offset Parallel output from a hollow axes, Gearmotors and Frequency Inverters connected to make a exact mixing. Geared with a Electromagnetic Brake Motor or Speed variable motor. The gear motorshas a wide ratio to choose and Strengthened casing for heavy duty applications. Sealing and bearings is from the SKF or C&U or NOK. this can be supplied according to the requirements.

As a Electronic Control Units, the Helical Gear Motors can be installed with a Temperature sensors integrated in motor which is very important to mixer agitator tank. We can also offer the entire set including of the gear head, the electric motor, AC or DC both is ok, the flange coupled with the gearhead, the puddler and others. The power transmission motor agitator drive is the core parts in the complete set and we can controller it very well. So if any needs, please don’t hesitate to inquiry us.

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