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Best Selling WPA Series Worm Speed Gear Reducers


WPA Series Worm Speed Gear Reducers
WPA Series Worm Speed Gear Reducers
WPA Series Worm Speed Gear Reducers
WPA Series Worm Speed Gear Reducers
  1. Brief Introduction

The worm gear transmission reducer is a power transmission mechanism that uses a gear speed converter to decelerate the number of revolutions of the motor (motor) to the required number of revolutions and obtain a mechanism with a large torque. In the mechanism for transmitting power and motion, the range of applications of the reducer is quite extensive. It can be seen in the transmission system of various types of machinery, from ships, automobiles, locomotives, heavy machinery for construction, processing equipment and automatic production equipment used in the machinery industry, to household appliances that are common in daily life.

The worm gear transmission reducer the output torque at the same time, and the torque output ratio is multiplied by the motor output by the reduction ratio, but it should be noted that the rated torque of the reducer cannot be exceeded. Deceleration also reduces the inertia of the load, and the reduction in inertia is the square of the reduction ratio.

  • Feature

The basic structure of WPA series aluminum alloy worm gear transmission reducer is mainly composed of transmission parts worm gear, shaft, bearing, box and its accessories. Can be divided into three basic structural parts: box, worm gear, bearing and shaft combination. The box is the base of all the accessories in the worm gear reducer.

It is an important part that supports the fixed shaft parts, ensures the correct relative position of the transmission parts and supports the load acting on the reducer. The main function of the  worm gear transmission reducer is to transmit the motion and power between the two staggered shafts. The main function of the bearing and the shaft is power transmission, operation and efficiency.

  • Standard Type

Main models: WP series worm gear transmission reducer, WH series worm gear reducer and CW series worm gear reducer. The WP series includes WPA/WPS/WPW/WPE/WPZ/WPD. WH series


  • Main Advantages

Analysis of common problems of worm gear reducer: worm gear transmission reducer is a transmission machine with compact structure, large transmission ratio and self-locking function under certain conditions. Moreover, the installation is convenient, the structure is reasonable, and the application is more and more widely used.

It is equipped with a helical gear reducer at the input end of the worm gear transmission reducer. The multi-stage reducer can achieve very low output speed, higher efficiency than single-stage worm gear reducer, and low vibration, noise and energy. low.

  • Maintain

In order to improve the efficiency, the worm gear transmission reducer generally uses non-ferrous metal as the worm wheel, and uses hard steel as the worm. Because it is a sliding friction transmission, it will generate higher heat during operation, making the parts and seals of the reducer There is a difference in thermal expansion between them, so that a gap is generated in each mating surface, and the oil is thinned due to an increase in temperature, which is liable to cause leakage. The main reasons are four points.

One is whether the material is reasonable. The second is the surface quality of the friction surface worm gear transmission reducer. The third is the choice of lubricating oil. The addition amount is correct. The fourth is the assembly quality and the use environment.

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