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ABB Arc Guard Model

Arc Guard TVOC-2
Safety for your most valuable resources
The Arc Guard TVOC-2 builds on the well-appreciated TVOC design and offers unmatched arc monitoring. With over 35 years of experience, Arc Guard System ™ has become an industry standard in several key markets, helping to protect personnel and businesses around the world. The TVOC-2 is an optical detection system that together with an external breaker can limit the damage done to personnel and equipment in case of an arc accident happening.
Main benefits:
Increased safety to personnel and equipment
Minimizes downtime after arc accident has happened
Easy-to-read interface makes reading status information quick and easy
Simple start-up menu quickens installation and setup
Can easily be expanded with up to 30 sensors to increase cabinet coverage from a single TVOC-2
No calibration needed ensures reliable function and quick installation.
Main features:
DIN-rail or screw mounting
Detachable key-pad with full-text display (can even handle two HMIs)
SIL-2 certified according to IEC 61508 and IEC 62061 ensures extremely reliable function
Rated supply voltage: 100-240 V AC and 100-250 V DC. Also 24-48 VDC is available
Modbus RTU communication protocol.

ABB Arc Guard Model

The basic principle of the arc light protection device is to detect arc light and overcurrent. It breaks through the criterion principle of conventional protection and takes the lead in adopting the two non-correlated parameters of detection arc and current as the criterion. It has a smaller error rate and higher reliability than other protections. The arc light collection unit is used in conjunction with the main control unit and is an important part of the arc protection system. It is mainly used to collect fault arc light and pass the judged result to the main control unit through an optical signal. A single arc light acquisition unit can be installed, 16 arc light probes, the number of arc light acquisition units can be arbitrarily increased or decreased according to the size of the system. The arc light collection unit is usually installed in the selected switch cabinet. The principle of selection is to ensure that the relevant fiber consumption of the unit is as small as possible.

The following is the product model and its introduction:

TVOC-2-240, TVOC-2-240-C, TVOC-2-DP1, TVOC-2-DP2, TVOC-2-DP4, TVOC-2-DP6, TVOC-2-DP8, TVOC-2-DP10, TVOC-2-DP15, TVOC-2-DP20, TVOC-2-DP25, TVOC-2-DP30, TVOC-2-DP60, TVOC-CSU, TVOC-1TO2-OP1, TVOC-2-E1, TVOC-2-OP1, TVOC-2-OP4, TVOC-2-OP6, TVOC-2-OP8

Arc light protection refers to the fact that the power system can cause arc light due to various short-circuit reasons. The arc light will burst at a speed of 300m / s, destroying any material on the way. As long as the system is constantly powered, the arc will always exist. In order to minimize the harm of arc light, we need to cut off the arc light safely and quickly. This can protect the operator from being injured in the event of an arc light failure, and can reduce the degree of property damage. Arc light protection.

Formation of arc light:
An arc is a phenomenon that occurs during discharge and occurs when the voltage between two points exceeds its power-frequency insulation strength limit. When appropriate conditions occur, a plasma carrying a current is generated and will not disappear until the protective device on the power supply side is disconnected. Air is a very good insulator under normal conditions, but it may become a conductive conductor when its chemical and physical properties change due to temperature rise or other external factors.
As long as the voltage across the voltage is sufficient to compensate for heat loss and maintain proper temperature conditions, the arc will continue to occur. If the arc is stretched and cooled, the conditions necessary to maintain it are missing and then extinguished. Similarly, an arc can occur if two phases of a circuit are shorted. A short circuit is a low-impedance connection between two conductors of different voltages, forming a low-impedance conductor. (For example: metal tools are forgotten on the busbar of the cabinet, incorrect connections, or animals breaking into the cabinet. Possibility) Once a short circuit is formed, it will cause a large short circuit current value, and its size depends on the characteristics of the circuit.

ABB Arc Guard Model

Arcing in switch cabinets and control cabinets
Short-circuit energy is high near the main switchboard or large electrical equipment (such as a transformer or generator) and the voltage is high when a fault occurs.
The process of forming an arc in the cabinet can be divided into four stages:
l Compression stage: The arc occupies the entire air space. Due to the continuous release of energy, overheating occurs, resulting in convection and radiation. The air remaining in the cabinet is heated, and the temperature and pressure values ​​are different in different areas throughout the primary stage.
l Expansion stage: From this moment on, the internal pressure increases and a cavity is formed due to the superheated air flowing. At this stage its pressure reaches its maximum and begins to weaken due to the release of hot air.
l Launching phase: Due to the continuous release of arc energy, almost all air is squeezed out by a moderate but constant pressure.
l Heating stage: After the air is expelled, the temperature inside the cabinet almost reaches the temperature of the arc. The last phase starts from then until it goes out. At this point, all metals and insulators are fused together after being attacked by the gases, fumes, and particles of the corrosive substance.
When the arc occurs in a very closed equipment environment, some of the above stages may not occur or have only a small effect; however, pressure waves are formed around the arc and cause the temperature to rise.

Hazard of Arc Light:
The arc light generated by the failure of the internal interval of the switchgear will cause the pressure and temperature in the switchgear to increase rapidly. If it is not removed in time, it may cause the following major hazards:
l The central temperature of the arc light (equivalent to 2 to 4 times the surface temperature of the sun, about 10,000 to 20,000 ° C) leads to the melting and gasification of copper and aluminum bars
l The cable is melted and the cable jacket is on fire;
l The switch equipment vibrates violently and loosens the fixed components;
l Make the upper-level transformer to withstand short-circuit short-circuit shock. The electric force generated by the fault current may cause the transformer winding to deform and cause inter-turn short circuit;
l The arc shock wave generated by the fault erupts at a speed of 300m / s, which can destroy any material on the way. If it affects the DC system in the station and causes the entire station to lose power, it will cause irreparable losses;
l Toxic gases generated by combustion can be life-threatening if inhaled by people;
l High temperature burns skin, strong light hurts eyes
l Blasting sound damage eardrum and lung;
l Explosive debris flew, causing casualties.

ABB Arc Guard Model

The arc light sensor detects the intensity of the arc light, transmits the arc light signal to the arc light protection device, and further determines that the power of the system is to be cut off based on the intensity of the arc light. Therefore, the arc sensor plays a very important role in the entire arc protection system.

Arc light sensor works:
The arc light sensor is installed in each compartment of the switch cabinet. When the arc light is generated and burned, the light intensity will suddenly increase. The arc light sensor sends a message through the change of light induction to determine the value change of the arc light sensor. After exceeding the setting value, it is directly transmitted to the optical cable Expansion unit to main unit. Through the rapid detection of arc light, it can resist strong electromagnetic interference when the circuit breaker is opened, and the trip signal output time is short.

Arc sensor installation:
When the arc light sensor is installed in a 35 kV switch cabinet, one arc light sensor should be installed in each of the busbar compartment and the busbar-side isolation switchgear room. For a 10 kV switchgear, if the busbar and the busbar-side isolation switch are in the same room, only one arc light sensor is installed; if the busbar and the busbar-side isolation switch are not in the same room, they need to be installed separately. It is necessary to ensure sufficient insulation distance and detect arc light in the cabinet.
Arc light protection is a fast protection for internal faults of 35 kV and 10 kV bus bars and switch cabinets, which are configured according to the bus section; that is, each section of bus is configured with 1 main unit, several expansion units and several arc sensors. The number of expansion units should match the number of arc sensors. Each switch cabinet is equipped with an arc sensor, which can effectively protect the short circuit of the bus caused by the explosion of the switch due to the failure of the feeder branch, which can better play the effectiveness of the protection system and protect a wider range.

ABB Arc Guard Model

Principle and function of arc light protection device:
The system can implement different functions for protecting different devices according to the following working principles: 1. The criteria for system protection actions are two conditions for fault occurrence: arc and overcurrent components; only when arc and overcurrent are detected at the same time A trip signal is issued: 2. The criterion for system protection action is a condition for fault occurrence: arc light component; a trip signal is issued when arc light is detected: 3. The criterion for system protection action is a condition for fault occurrence: overcurrent component; A trip signal is issued when an overcurrent is detected: 4. The criterion for the system protection action is a condition for the occurrence of a fault: the arc component, a trip signal is issued when an arc is detected; at the same time, the criterion for the system protection action is two conditions for the fault. Conditions: Arc and overcurrent components. When a signal of arc and overcurrent is detected at the same time, a trip signal is issued: 5. The criterion for system protection action is a fault occurrence condition: Overcurrent component. When an overcurrent is detected, a trip signal is issued ; There are two conditions for the fault of the system protection action at the same time: fault conditions: arc light and overcurrent components, when detected simultaneously The trip signal is issued when arc light and over current: 6. The above five protection functions can be realized in the same arc light protection system at the same time.

In China, BB has established a strong production base in power transmission and distribution, automation products and systems through close cooperation with local partners. Its business includes a complete series of power transformers and distribution transformers; high, medium and low voltage switches; Electric drive systems and motors; industrial robots, etc. These products have been widely used in industrial and power industries. ABB strives for superior quality, and its companies and products have become the benchmark in the industry. ABB's capabilities in engineering and project management are manifested in various fields such as metal, pulping, chemistry, automotive industry, power industry automation, and building systems.

ABB Arc Guard Model

ABB intelligent technology helps customers save energy, increase efficiency and improve production efficiency, contribute to the country's realization of power, industry, transportation and infrastructure upgrades, and realize a smart leap into the industrial chain with high added value and the construction of a beautiful ecological environment.
ABB technology that changed the world
For more than 100 years, ABB has continuously promoted technological innovation. ABB has not only invented and pioneered numerous power and automation technologies and changed the world today. ABB has also maintained its technological position in these areas for decades.



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