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ABB DC Drive Model

Whether you need to manufacture new equipment or retrofit existing equipment, ABB's outstanding DC drive product line brings you design flexibility and the proven reliability you expect from ABB drive products.

You can use ABB's DC drive products in almost any industrial application. It can be used as part of new equipment or for cost-effective retrofitting. The ABB drive product family is based on new control technology, bringing you a range of DC drive products from 9 kW (12 hp) to 18 MW (24,000 hp). ABB DC drives have programmability, built-in control programs, communication and input / output options. So no matter what your production process needs, you can integrate them to meet your needs.

The following is the product model and its introduction:

DCS550-S01-0020-05-00-00, DCS550-S02, DCS550-S02-0300-05-00-00, DCS550-S02-0075-05-00-00, DCS550-S02-0520-05-00-00, DCS550-S01-0470-05, DCS550-S01-0225-05-00-00, DCS550-S01-0270-05-00-00, DCS550-S01-0315-05-00-00, DCS550-S01-0405-05-00-00, DCS880

DCS800-S02-0140-05, DCS800-S02-1190-05, DCS800-S02-0050-05, DCS800-S02-0260-05, DCS800-S01-0470-05, DCS800-S02-0520-05, DCS800-S02-0450-05, DCS800-S02-0820-05, DCS800-S01-0900-05, DCS800-A


DCS550-S01-0020-05-00-00 20 16 24 16 24 15 30 F1 1-12A 19,200
DCS550-S01-0045-05-00-00 45 36 54 35 52 31 62 F1 1-12A 20,600
DCS550-S01-0065-05-00-00 65 54 81 52 78 49 98 F1 1-12A 21,800
DCS550-S01-0090-05-00-00 90 76 114 74 111 73 146 F1 1-12A 22,800
DCS550-S01-0135-05-00-00 135 105 157 100 150 93 186 F2 1-18A 25,000
DCS550-S01-0180-05-00-00 180 130 195 125 187 110 220 F2 1-18A 28,200
DCS550-S01-0225-05-00-00 225 170 255 165 247 148 296 F2 1-18A 31,200
DCS550-S01-0270-05-00-00 270 200 300 195 292 180 360 F2 1-18A 35,000
DCS550-S01-0315-05-00-00 315 240 360 235 352 215 430 F3 2-25A 37,300
DCS550-S01-0405-05-00-00 405 310 465 300 450 270 540 F3 2-25A 42,100
DCS550-S01-0470-05-00-00 470 350 525 340 510 310 620 F3 2-25A 49,600
DCS550-S01-0610-05-00-00 610 455 682 435 652 425 850 F4 2-35A 62,100
DCS550-S01-0740-05-00-00 740 570 855 540 810 525 1050 F4 2-35A 71,500
DCS550-S01-0900-05-00-00 900 680 1020 650 975 615 1230 F4 2-35A 83,500

DCS550-S02-0025-05-00-00 25 22 33 21 31 20 40 F1 1-12A 20,900
DCS550-S02-0050-05-00-00 50 38 57 37 55 33 66 F1 1-12A 22,300
DCS550-S02-0075-05-00-00 75 60 90 59 88 54 108 F1 1-12A 24,000
DCS550-S02-0100-05-00-00 100 85 127 83 124 80 160 F1 1-12A 25,700
DCS550-S02-0150-05-00-00 150 114 171 110 165 100 200 F2 1-18A 28,900
DCS550-S02-0200-05-00-00 200 145 217 140 210 115 230 F2 1-18A 35,000
DCS550-S02-0250-05-00-00 250 185 277 180 270 165 330 F2 1-18A 40,600
DCS550-S02-0300-05-00-00 300 225 337 220 330 200 400 F2 1-18A 46,600
DCS550-S02-0350-05-00-00 350 275 412 265 397 245 490 F3 2-25A 50,200
DCS550-S02-0450-05-00-00 450 350 525 340 510 310 620 F3 2-25A 55,700
DCS550-S02-0520-05-00-00 520 400 600 380 570 350 700 F3 2-25A 73,500
DCS550-S02-0680-05-00-00 680 525 787 510 765 475 950 F4 2-35A 81,300
DCS550-S02-0820-05-00-00 820 630 945 610 915 565 1130 F4 2-35A 93,500
DCS550-S02-1000-05-00-00 1000 750 1125 725 1187 660 1320 F4 2-35A 110,200

ABB DC Drive Model

1. DCS550 standard DC drive
Flexible drive products for machine builders
This compact and feature-rich DCS550 DC drive offers machine builders the flexibility and features they need. It can be used both for new machine designs and for retrofitting existing machines and equipment. DCS550 has many built-in functions, including integrated three-phase excitation module (up to 35 A), various communication options, PID controller and custom programming. All these features help you to avoid having to add more and more components when integrating.

Product Features:
20 to 1000A, 400 to 525 V
Integrated excitation unit
Built-in curl software program
Multiple fieldbus communication options
PID controller
Custom programming
Start assistant for easy debugging
Large control panel
Rugged design
Global Service and Support


2. DCS880 Industrial DC Drive
Security ensures the future
The new DCS880 DC drive series is built on ABB's all-around drive platform to ensure that all ABB drive products share common features and tools and can be operated in the same way. The DCS880 drive has a built-in Certified Safe Torque Off (STO) function and is compatible with the Industrial Internet of Things.
DCS880 is also a good solution for non-motor applications such as magnets, battery charging, electrolysis and sewage treatment.
DCS880 DC drive has many useful built-in functions, these built-in functions focus on safe operation, convenient selection and installation, quick setup and effective maintenance. Interconnectivity is also a priority, allowing converters to effectively connect to the Industrial Internet of Things. In addition, the converter can be connected to major fieldbus protocols.
Built-in Standard Safe Torque Cancel (STO)
Compact and robust
Single drive, 20 A to 5200 A, up to 1600 VDC
Programming environment based on IEC 61131
Supports major fieldbuses
Wide selection for DC motor applications

 ABB DC Drive Model

3. DCS800 Industrial DC Drive
Powerful performance for demanding industry applications
From demanding industrial applications such as rolled steel to rotary cement kilns, the requirements for products are very demanding. Our DCS800 industrial DC drive came into being. From wire drawing machines to cable cars, ABB DC drives can bring you the reliability and performance you expect every day, and can flexibly meet your unique production process needs. With ABB Automation Builder, you can provide your engineering efficiency and customize the drive control.
In addition, DCS800 DC drive is also an excellent solution for non-motor applications such as magnets, battery charging and electrolysis. ABB drive products are supported by ABB's global service and support network.
Key Features:
Single drive, 20 A to 5,200 A, 400 to 1200 V
Built-in three-phase excitation unit
IEC 61131 programmable
Built-in Modbus, and various optional communication options
Built-in control for shared mode operation, dual motor operation, field commutation, and traditional 12-pulse device
Perfect for non-motor applications

In the modern production process, ABB DCS800 series DC speed governor is widely used in mine hoist, rolling mill drive, coiler drive, paper industry and main drive of printing machine. In order to expand the capacity of ABB DCS800 DC governor, our company has developed DC expansion products, which provides customers with low-cost and high-efficiency solutions, and has won widespread praise!


4. DCS800-A Cabinet-type Industrial DC Drive
Powerful performance for demanding industry applications
DCS800-A cabinet-type industrial DC drive can bring you the flexibility of customization, and can design the most accurate DC drive solution for your production process. From ordinary motor drive to energy regeneration from motor brake, DCS800-A drive is designed to design a high-power drive cabinet to help save space. With DCS800-A's various communication options, input and output ports, and programmability, you can ensure that it is easily integrated into the production process.
DCS800-A drive can be used to drive the motor production process, as well as non-motor production processes such as magnets, electrolysis and battery charging. In addition, the DCS800-A drive has first-class control performance to help you use energy more efficiently . Our global service and support network ensures you always have access to ABB's expert service and support.
Cabinet drive, 18 to 9,800 / 19,600 A, 400 to 1200 V
Customizable configuration including cable entry
High power configuration including 12 and 24 pulses in parallel, series and sequence control

 ABB DC Drive Model

5. DCT880 Thyristor Power Controller
Precision heating control
Applications like annealing, drying, melting or heating glass, plastic or metal often require precise heating control. The automation of this heating control is achieved to ensure that the precise temperature is reached and the energy used for heating is used efficiently. This helps you use raw materials more efficiently and reduces energy consumption.
To help meet these needs, we have developed the DCT880 Thyristor Power Controller. DCT880 is based on ABB industrial drive technology and can be easily integrated into your production process or automation network of machinery and equipment, but can also operate independently of the automation system.
With integrated three-phase current measurement, you can accurately calculate and monitor the load resistance in the load circuit to ensure improved system performance. With power optimization, you can balance the load of multiple devices operating in parallel to reduce peak loads.
16 A to 4,200 A
110 to 690 V
Resistance, inductance or infrared heating
IEC 61131-3 application programming
Phase control
Full wave control
Half-wave control
I-, U-, P- and I2 control
Built-in temperature controller
Built-in power optimizer
Multiple input / output ports and communication options
High-contrast, high-resolution user control panel

 ABB DC Drive Model

6. DCS400

DCS 400 is a digital DC converter introduced in 1999. This is the first ABB DC converter with start-up assistant, which is easy to use. The DCS 400 is sold to OEMs, such as equipment manufacturers, who need easy-to-use smart digital DC converters at lower prices. Reduced wiring simplifies installation (3 incoming wires, 4 outgoing wires). The integrated start-up assistant means that the complete commissioning of the DC converter requires only 6 basic steps.

DCS 400 is the smallest DC converter in its class and is well suited for retrofit projects, including replacing converters from manufacturers in the same industry. The integrated IGBT-based DC power supply reduces motor stress. This type of DC converter is equipped with a multi-language display screen and application macro commands.

The expansion plan uses the original ABB all-digital DC transmission speed control device. The power unit adopts a three-phase bridge rectification full control bridge. The control system uses the original control board. The pulse trigger uses an isolation amplifier board. The parameter setting of the power unit is the same as the actual one, which is convenient for customers. use. This not only completely guarantees the high performance index of the original DC governor, but also greatly reduces the equipment investment cost.

Origin: GermanyWhether imported: YesBrand: ABB
Model: DCS550-S01-0065-05-00-00 Type: DC governor Input voltage: 380
Output voltage: 440 (V) Speed range: 2000 (rpm) Rated power: 22 (KW)
Adapted motor power: 22 (kw) Speed change rate: 0.1 Speed stabilization accuracy: 0.001

Whether you need to manufacture new equipment or retrofit existing equipment, ABB's outstanding DC drive product line brings you design flexibility and the proven reliability you expect from ABB drive products.

ABB DC Drive Model

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