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ABB Pilot Device Model

A small upgrade that can make a big difference

Trust is everything and in industrial environments, it is essential to have human-machine interfaces you can count on. Whenever you start or stop a process, the response must be assured. That’s why ABB pilot devices are designed and engineered to deliver total reliability.

The following is the product model and its introduction:

CP1-10, CP9-1036, CP9-1006, CP3-11G-10, CP1-11Y-10, CP1-13R-01, CP1-30R-11,CP1-10W-01, CP1-10B-01, CP1-10G-20, CP4-10G-10, CB1-610R, CB1-610Y, CB1-613R, MPET4-10R, CE4T-10R-11, CE4T-10R-02, CE4T-10R-01, CE3T-10R-02, CL2-506, CL2-501, CL2-502, CL2-507, CL2-513, CL2-515, CL2-523, CL2-520, C2SS1-10, C2SS2-10, C2SS3-10, C3SS1-10, C3SS2-10, C3SS3-10, C3SS7-10

ABB Pilot Device Model

Button indicating device
Extensive product range
From small internal components to a sturdy housing, ABB's push button indicating devices are all engineering masterpieces. Reliable, flexible and globally available-just like the consistent quality of ABB products.
Reliable quality and rich experience are manifested in every detail of the product.
Customer benefits:
Robust and reliable
The parts located outside the panel are identical, making it easy to mix the compact series with the modular series
Complete product range to meet customer needs
main feature:
High protection level
Meets major international standards

Signal towers and beacons
A solution for every signaling field
Signal towers and signal beacons offer customers a wide range of signal elements in all voltages and a solution for every signaling field.
Main benefits:
Fast mounting of signal elements using bayonet fixing
No maintenance or replacements needed thanks to LED with long lifetime
Flexibility of signal element combination
Easy changing of bulbs for each module without tools
Main features:
Permanent, blinking, rotating or flashing light
Siren and buzzer elements with several types of tones
LED elements for long life
High protection degree: signal towers are tested and approved for IP54 and signal beacons for IP65

ABB Pilot Device Model

Button indicating device (compact, modular)
ABB offers a complete range of Φ22mm push button indicating devices, including instructions
Light, button, emergency stop button, selector switch, toggle switch, joystick, signal tower
And button boxes and a full range of accessories.
ABB button indicating device provides customers with compact and modular products, beautiful appearance,
Wide range of applications and good performance; the operation head has a high degree of protection of IP67, which can be full
It is ideal for outdoor and harsh environments.
■ Complete variety series, compact ordering, easy to use, self-organized combination is flexible and diverse
■ High protection level——IP67, suitable for harsh environment and outdoor use
■ LEDII indicator has long service life, pure color and high brightness
■ Compact type provides 2 groups of contacts, self-group type can provide up to 6 groups of contacts

Low-voltage electrical equipment is a finished power distribution product, such as control cabinet, compensation cabinet, incoming cabinet, outgoing cabinet, inverter control cabinet, soft-start cabinet, etc.
Equipment maintenance
Low-voltage electrical equipment is widely used in power distribution, electrical transmission and automatic control equipment of low-voltage systems in power plants. As we all know, power generation itself consumes a lot of energy (referred to as plant power). According to statistics, low-voltage electrical appliances account for more than half of the total energy consumption of power plants. With the use of large-scale equipment and automatic control and automatic adjustment systems, the use of low-voltage electrical appliances has increased significantly. Therefore, in the maintenance of power plant equipment, the maintenance of low-voltage electrical equipment is an important link, no matter from the frequency, the importance of the equipment or the workload, it is an important part of the maintenance work. There are many types of low and medium voltage electrical appliances in the power plant. This section will not introduce them one by one, but only briefly introduce common common equipment items.
Low-voltage short-circuit overhaul

ABB Pilot Device Model
With the continuous development of science and technology and continuous innovation of materials, the structure of the equipment is relatively compact, durable and high in coefficient. Low-voltage equipment has been developed to be dismantled and maintenance-free, and maintenance-free. The following introduces the inspection items of the low-voltage switch with the maintenance of the system.
a. Low-voltage effect test of closing and opening the short circuit.
b. Simultaneous test of short circuit breaker.
c. One DC resistance test.
d. One insulation resistance test.
e. One withstand voltage test.
f. Add lubricant to the transmission mechanism.
g. Check the fuse.
h. Check and verify the energy storage motor.
i. Check the fork and spring once.
j. Checking, validating, closing speed.
k. Inspection, secondary inspection and auxiliary switches and contacts.

Low-voltage live work should be supervised by a person. Use tools with insulated handles. Stand on dry insulators while working. Wear insulating gloves and caps. Wear long-sleeved clothing. Files, metal rulers and brushes with metal objects are strictly prohibited , Mao Mao and other tools.
When working on the low-voltage live line erected on the same pole, check the distance from the high-voltage line first, and take measures to prevent accidental contact with the high-voltage live equipment.
Workers shall not pass through the low-voltage live conductors before insulation measures are taken. When working on a live low-voltage power distribution device, ensure that there is good insulation or a corresponding distance between the human body and the ground, between the human body and surrounding grounded metals, between the human body and other conductors. Isolation measures shall be taken to prevent short-to-phase and single-phase grounding. Distinguish the phase and neutral line before putting on the pole, and choose the working position. When disconnecting the conductor, disconnect the phase conductor first and then the neutral neutral conductor. When splicing wires, the order should be reversed.

ABB Pilot Device Model

A button is a commonly used control electrical component. It is often used to switch on or off a 'control circuit' (where the current is small), so as to control the operation of a motor or other electrical equipment.

The buttons are divided into:
1. Normally open button-a button with a switch contact open.
2, normally closed button-the button that the switch contact is connected to
3. Normally open and normally closed button-The switch contact has both on and off buttons.
4, action click button-mouse click button.
Also called a button, it is an electric brake (or switch) used to control certain functions of a machine or a program. In general, the red button is used to stop a function, and the green button is used to start a function. The shape of the button is usually round or square.
Most electronic products use the button as the most basic human-machine interface tool. With the improvement and innovation of the industrial level, the appearance of buttons has become more and more diverse and rich in visual effects.

working principle:
The button is a manually controlled master appliance. It is mainly used to issue operating commands, switch on or off control circuits, and control the operation of machinery and electrical equipment. The working principle of the button is very simple. For normally open contacts, the circuit is disconnected before the button is pressed. After pressing the button, the normally open contact is connected and the circuit is also connected. For the normally closed contact, Before the button is not pressed, the contact is closed. After the button is pressed, the contact is opened and the circuit is disconnected. Due to the need of the control circuit to work, a button can also have multiple pairs of contacts that act simultaneously.
Buttons are used for a wide range of purposes, such as starting and stopping lathes, forward and reverse, etc .; starting, stopping, rising, and descending of tower cranes, front, back, left, right, slow or fast operation, etc.

Button control, also called Button control, is a basic control. Button controls can be derived according to their style properties: command buttons (Pushbutton), check boxes (CheckBox), radio buttons (Group Button), and self-drawn buttons (Owner-draw Button).
Command buttons are small rectangular child windows that respond to mouse clicks. The role of the command button is to respond to the user's mouse click and trigger the corresponding event. Both the text and the bitmap can be displayed in the button.
The selection box control can be used as a selection mark, which can have three states: checked, unchecked, and indeterminate. When a selection box is selected, a “√” appears in the small box.
Radio button controls generally appear in groups, and are mutually exclusive, that is, only one radio button in the same group is selected. When the radio button is selected, a black solid circle appears in the circle.
The group box is used to group related controls together.
Self-drawn buttons are buttons that are redrawn by the program, not the system.
In addition, the selection box and radio box have an indeterminate state. At this time, the check box is grayed out and cannot accept user input to indicate that the control is invalid or meaningless.
Many third-party controls have also expanded the buttons to provide more functionality to meet different needs. Just add the dll to the toolbox and you are ready to use.

A complete range of buttons, selector switches and indicators
ABB offers a complete range of push-button indicating devices suitable for all industrial environments. Installation / wiring of all buttons, selector switches, and indicators is quick and easy, and is the best choice for board manufacturers, installers, and switch cabinet manufacturers.
ABB button indicating device provides customers with compact and modular products with beautiful appearance, wide range of uses, and good performance; the products range from simple indicator lights to buttons, double-headed buttons, emergency stop buttons, selector switches, toggle switches, signal towers, and Button box and full range of accessories.
Regardless of the compact and self-assembly button indicating device, the front protection level reaches IP67, suitable for outdoor and harsh environments, long LED lamp life, pure color, high brightness, compact buttons provide 2 sets of contacts, self-assembly buttons 6 groups of contacts, fully meet the different needs of customers.

ABB Pilot Device Model

ABB is a global power and automation technology company dedicated to providing solutions for customers in the industrial, energy, power, transportation, and construction industries to help customers improve production and energy efficiency, while reducing adverse environmental impacts. The ABB Group of companies operates in more than 100 countries and employs 150,000 people. In 2013, sales revenue was approximately $ 42 billion. The ABB Group is one of the world's top 500 companies, headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland, and listed on the Zurich, Stockholm and New York Stock Exchanges. ABB was formed in 1988 by the merger of two companies with more than 100 years of history, Sweden's ASIA Corporation and Switzerland's BBC Brown Boveri.

Through close cooperation with local partners in China, ABB has established a strong production base in power transmission and distribution, automation products and systems. Its business includes a complete series of power transformers and distribution transformers; high, medium and low voltage switches; Electric drive systems and motors; industrial robots, etc. These products have been widely used in industrial and power industries. ABB strives for superior quality, and its companies and products have become the benchmark in the industry. ABB's capabilities in engineering and project management are manifested in various fields such as metal, pulping, chemistry, automotive industry, power industry automation, and building systems.

ABB intelligent technology helps customers save energy, increase efficiency and improve production efficiency, contribute to the country's realization of power, industry, transportation and infrastructure upgrades, and realize a smart leap into the industrial chain with high added value and the construction of a beautiful ecological environment.
ABB technology that changed the world
For more than 100 years, ABB has continuously promoted technological innovation. ABB has not only invented and pioneered numerous power and automation technologies and changed the world today. ABB has also maintained its technological position in these areas for decades.

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