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ABB Plugs And Sockets Model

ABB is a global power and automation technology company dedicated to providing solutions for customers in the industrial, energy, power, transportation, and construction industries to help customers improve production and energy efficiency, while reducing adverse environmental impacts. The ABB Group of companies operates in more than 100 countries and employs 150,000 people. In 2013, sales revenue was approximately $ 42 billion. The ABB Group is one of the world's top 500 companies, headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland, and listed on the Zurich, Stockholm and New York Stock Exchanges. ABB was formed in 1988 by the merger of two companies with more than 100 years of history, Sweden's ASIA Corporation and Switzerland's BBC Brown Boveri.

Electricity is already indispensable in modern life, but it can also be life-threatening instantly. For example, electrical equipment may fail unknowingly, or children may play with live electrical outlets. Drilling through power cables with electric drills, accidentally damaging cables, or lightning strikes can also cause electric shock. But if ABB's standard safety socket is installed, all these problems are solved.

Sockets are very familiar to us and can be seen everywhere in the home. The socket is also called power socket and switch socket. It is a socket with one or more circuit wiring pluggable through which various wirings can be inserted. With the development of technology, there are more and more types of sockets, and the functions of sockets are also increasing. In the socket industry, ABB sockets are very famous.

ABB Plugs And Sockets Model

The following is the product model and its introduction:

AH205, AJ203, AJ205, AJ206, AJ212, AJ223, AJ225, AJ228, AJ301, AJ323, AJ331, AJ342, AJ341, AS525, AS536

AE321, AE324, AE342, AE332, AE203, AE325, AE225, AE205,AE323

AU20553-WW, AU20344-WW, AU33144-WW, AU32544-WW, AU32444-WW, AU22853-WW, AU22553-WW

AL223, AL326, AL323, AL303, AL304, AL331, AL321, AL228, AL206, AL225, AL205

1. Two, two and three pole sockets
Unique misaligned long-distance five-hole design improves use efficiency!
Customer benefits:
Uniquely designed long-distance five-hole, can easily use two "big" plugs at the same time
main feature:
Deyi, Dening, Dejing, Deyun straight edge series center distance 42 mm;
The center distance of Youyi, Youyue and Youya is 29 mm;
Center distance of Yongzhi series is 40 mm;
All of the above products can be added with switch and lamp function

2. Three-pole socket:
Powers single three-phase electrical appliances such as washing machines, air conditioners, and refrigerators.
main feature:
3 pole 10 A, 16 A socket; optional with switch, with light

3. Two-position two-pole oblate dual-purpose socket:
Two-position, two-pole socket, which can supply two two-hole electrical equipment at the same time
Customer benefits:
Places where equipment for two-hole plugs, such as bedsides and TV walls, are concentrated, improving use efficiency
Main features:
10 A socket with switch and lamp

PN: E2.2N 800 EKIP electromagnetic switch
PRODUCT ID 3ADT209022R0001
ABB 3ADT209022R0011 - PRODUCT

ABB Plugs And Sockets Model

Outdoor waterproof socket plug The sturdy outer shell has multi-functional protection features. It is not only suitable for heavy industrial environments, but also has a mature and reliable appearance. It has become an ideal for more and more various commercial facilities, such as fast food restaurants, shops, shopping malls select.
Performance description of waterproof socket:
1. Raw material: UV-resistant rigid polycarbonate. The switch contacts are made of silver-nickel alloy, and the current-carrying parts of the socket are high-thickness tin-phosphor bronze sheets;
2. Product certification: CCC;
3. IP grade is up to IP66, suitable for industrial-grade environment;
4. Switching action mechanism with clear steering;
5. Provide various products with different protection levels through different combinations.

ABB's R & D strength and achievements in China have been fully affirmed by the outside world. In 2013, ABB won the Swiss Business Award "Innovation of the Year"; in the "Global Science" 2013 Innovation List, the ABB Group China Research Institute was selected as "2013 Top Ten Influential R & D Centers". Relying on global product technologies and solutions, ABB actively helps domestic customers to increase energy efficiency and promote the development of renewable resources, contributing to China's green and eco-friendly sustainable development. As of 2013, ABB's power transmission products provided to domestic customers have saved 210 billion kWh, which is equivalent to 2.5 years of electricity consumption in a large city with a population of 20 million. 100 billion degrees, equivalent to reducing 400,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions. At the same time, ABB provides converters, generators, substations and battery energy storage facilities for major domestic onshore wind farms, offshore intertidal wind farms and other major projects to help China build a global green power grid.

ABB Plugs And Sockets Model

Through close cooperation with local partners in China, ABB has established a strong production base in power transmission and distribution, automation products and systems. Its business includes a complete series of power transformers and distribution transformers; high, medium and low voltage switches; Electric drive systems and motors; industrial robots, etc. These products have been widely used in industrial and power industries. ABB strives for superior quality, and its companies and products have become the benchmark in the industry. ABB's capabilities in engineering and project management are manifested in various fields such as metal, pulping, chemistry, automotive industry, power industry automation, and building systems.

1. Material: The copper sheet of the socket is made of tin-phosphor bronze, which has high strength, good shape, and good electrical conductivity. It is not easy to deform; the panel uses high-quality PC material to improve the flame retardancy of the product, and it is not easy to deform and discolor for long-term use; Light source, low power consumption and 100,000 hours life. The decoration line adopts double injection molding process, which makes the appearance more delicate.
2. Safety: The power socket has a protective door, which effectively prevents young children from getting an electric shock due to curious insertion. The socket is equipped with a switch. When the appliance is not in use, the socket power can be directly turned off to avoid standby power consumption.
3. Novel: The distance between the two and three holes is increased, making it easier to insert two large plugs at the same time. As far as possible, the trouble that the two plugs interfere with each other when the general socket is used is eliminated

In home decoration, socket switches are essential. Although the socket switch is small, it is the "nerve end" of the household electrical link. There are many types of socket switches on the market today, but the quality is not uniform, and the raw materials are mixed with pearls. Poor quality switch sockets often become a safety hazard after long-term use.

ABB Plugs And Sockets Model

Notes on installing the socket:
1. The inside of the cabinet should be separated from the outside of the cabinet. The workmanship of the bath cabinet must be fine and tightly connected. There are many methods for the design of the cabinet door and drawer: for example, the cabinet door is equipped with an adsorption switch such as a magnet, and the drawer is provided with an automatic return spring. Into. 2. Separate the bath cabinet from the ground The lower edge of the bath cabinet should be away from the ground, although this will cause some difficulties in installation, it is best to do so. Because in the bathroom, there is inevitably water, this water may be formed by you to rinse the floor, and accidental leakage is not ruled out.If the bath cabinet is separated from the floor, it will not only make the floor clean without leaving dead ends. And don't worry about the bathroom cabinet getting wet. Dry and wet separation and decoration points of bathroom: The simplest way to partition wet and dry is to separate the bath, which can reduce a lot of water diffusion. In general, we can set the shower room in a corner, which can keep most areas of the bathroom dry. If conditions permit, they can also be distinguished on the ground. When selecting materials for bathtubs, showers, etc., it is important to have good water resistance, and more comfortable materials can be used in entrances and other places. A glass partition or sliding door can also be installed. This method is beautiful, practical and economical. The wet and dry separation of the bathroom allows different spaces to be used for each other without affecting each other. Considering the nuances of life, it greatly facilitates people's lives. The separation of washing and "convenience" is reasonable, making the two mutually compatible. It does not interfere and improves the quality of life. It is the basic method of modern home decoration bathroom design.

In order to ensure the safety and durability of the power switch socket, it is recommended that professional decoration workers be installed. If you install or replace it by yourself, the wiring in the switch socket box must be carried out carefully, and no misconnection or miss connection is allowed. The installation process is mainly divided into cleaning, wiring and fixed installation. First, the cleaning of the switch socket bottom box: The switch socket is installed after the carpenter and painter etc., and the long-term bottom box will inevitably accumulate a lot of dust. When installing, first clean the bottom box of the switch socket, especially clean the dust and impurities in the box, and wipe the residual dust in the box with a damp cloth. This prevents the situation where special impurities affect the use of the circuit. Second, the processing of power cords, leave the wires thrown out of the box for repair length, and then cut out the core, be careful not to hurt the core. Wind the wire clockwise around the corresponding terminal of the switch or socket, and then screw the indenter tightly, and the wire core must not be exposed. Third, the socket three-wire wiring method, the live wire access switch is marked with an A in two holes, and then from the other hole to connect the insulated wire to the lower socket of the three holes in the L hole and firmly connected. The neutral wire is directly connected to the N holes in the 3 holes of the socket and connected firmly. The ground wire is directly connected to the E hole in the 3 holes of the socket. If the neutral and ground wires are connected incorrectly, a trip will occur when using electrical appliances. Fourth, the switch socket is fixedly installed. First, the wires thrown out of the box are passed through the outlet holes of the plastic table, and then the plastic table is closely attached to the wall and fixed on the box with screws. After fixing, push the wires out of the wire holes of the switch socket according to their positions, and press the wires firmly according to the wiring requirements. Finally, attach the switch or socket to the plastic table, align it and fix it with screws, and cover the decorative board.

ABB Plugs And Sockets Model

ABB's switch sockets are mainly in the middle and high grades. The products are first-line products in terms of appearance and internal quality. Of course, the price is a bit expensive. Common ABB switch socket series on the market include Deyi AE series, Deyun AS, AL series, and Youyi AU series, and some more high-end series, because the price is too high, it is generally difficult in the domestic market See you. ABB switch socket has high safety performance and elegant appearance.

After years of rapid development, ABB has 37 enterprises in China and sales and service branches and offices in 109 cities. name. In 2013, ABB's sales revenue in China exceeded US $ 5.6 billion, maintaining ABB Group's position as the world's second largest market. Attaching great importance to the cultivation of local talents

ABB intelligent technology helps customers save energy, increase efficiency and improve production efficiency, contribute to the country's realization of power, industry, transportation and infrastructure upgrades, and realize a smart leap into the industrial chain with high added value and the construction of a beautiful ecological environment.


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