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ABB squirrel cage induction motors

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Applying with modular design and manufacturing methods, ABB squirrel cage induction motors pass a series of different
The shell material is combined with the modules of various cooling devices.These ABB squirrel cage induction motors are widely used in various industrial applications, including compressors, pumps, fans, Blower, rolling mill, extruder, scouring machine and ship propeller.

ABB's products, solutions and services for the Shipbuilding of Marine industry which can ensure excellent performance and reliability even in demanding applications. Our Shipbuilding of Marine industry products can meet the highest safety and environmental requirements, and our global network ensures that you can respond quickly and whenever you need it.

ABB squirrel cage induction motors Technical data
Motor type code: small AMA AMA AMB AMC
·Rated output power 140-18000KW (50Hz)
200-24100HP (60Hz)
·Center height (frame number) IEC 315-1120/NEMA 12.5-44.1
·The number of stages 2-24P (2P 560-1120)
·Voltage 380-15000V
· Frequency 50 or 60Hz
·Protection class IP23 IP55 IP56 IPW24
·Cooling method IC01 IC611 IC81W
·Shell material welded steel plate
·Installation method Horizontal or vertical

ABB squirrel cage induction motors
ABB offers a full range of motors, generators and transmissions for marine applications, including induction and synchronous motors and generators, as well as low and medium voltage drives. Our extensive industry experience allows us to understand the needs of our customers and to make us a trusted brand.

The M2JA series ABB squirrel cage induction motors explosion-proof for Marine are designed with a wide voltage, and the efficiency, power factor and speed of the motor vary slightly under various voltage conditions.BT4 horizontal vertical CT4, 50Hz: 220-240V/380-420V; 380-420V/660-690V, △ / 丫. For connection.·B3 frame size with foot, end cap without flange, B5 frame size without foot, end cover with flange, B35 frame size base with foot and end cover with flange. Usd for In the petroleum, natural gas and chemical industries, various flammable gases or vapors may be produced in the production process. For example, refineries include propane, butane, gasoline, ethylene and acetylene; and fertilizer plants have ammonia, methanol, carbon monoxide and water gas.

ABB squirrel cage induction motors with frame size 71-250 are permanently lubricated. Permanently lubricated bearings contain high quality grease. Bearing type printed on the nameplate
The following values ​​can be used as guide values ​​for bearing life, depending on the application and load conditions;
2-6 pole motor is about 40,000h

Allowable load on the shaft
Allow radial force
The table provides the allowable radial force [N] for the shaft extension when the axial force is zero under normal conditions of 50 Hz at an ambient temperature of 25 °C. The bearing life is calculated to meet 20,000 and 40,000 hours, respectively.

The ABB squirrel cage induction motors is a base mounted IM B3 with lateral forces. In some cases, the strength of the shaft affects the allowable load force. At 60 Hz, the value will be reduced by 10%. For two-speed motors, the value should be based on higher speeds
Allowable load values ​​for both radial and axial forces will be provided upon request.
Allowable axial force

ABB squirrel cage induction motors

The QABP variable frequency drivecontroled three-phase asynchronous motor is a motor that performs frequency change and speed regulation through a frequency converter. The motor adopts a squirrel-cage structure and is equipped with a special axial flow fan to ensure that the motor has good cooling effect at different speeds. The motor has been specially designed and manufactured for a wide range of stepless speed regulation, and can be widely used in industries such as light industry, textile, chemical, metallurgy, machine tools and other speed control power plants. The motor foot mounting dimensions and center height specifications are consistent with the M2QA series motors. The power of this series of motors is from 0.25KW-315KW, and the center height of the base is from 71mm-355mm.

M2BAX design standard squirrel cage induction motors are designed in a fully enclosed three-phase squirrel cage with a process that complies with IEC and EN international standards. At the same time, motors complying with other national or international regulations are available upon request.
All manufacturers have passed ISO 9001 international quality certification and ISO 14000 environmental standards, and comply with all applicable EU directives.

Electrical characteristics
Rated output of the ABB squirrel cage induction motors
The rated power of the M2BAX series ABB squirrel cage induction motors refers to the operation of the motor in the case of S1-continuous operation [IEC 60034-1]. The ambient temperature range is -20 °C~40 °C, and the altitude does not exceed 1000m.

Voltage frequency
IEC 60034-1 defines the effect of voltage and frequency fluctuations on temperature rise.The standard divides the combined changes in voltage and frequency into two regions, A and B. Region A is the voltage deviation +/- 5% and the frequency deviation +/- 2%; region B is the voltage deviation +/- 10% and frequency. The deviation is +3%/-5%.
Motor characteristics The ABB squirrel cage induction motors can provide rated torque in both A and B zones, but the temperature rise will be higher than at rated voltage and frequency. The motor is only allowed to run in zone B for a short time.

ABB squirrel cage induction motors

ABB squirrel cage induction motors and mechanical inc provides a variety of electric motors in accordance with IEC standards to meet the needs of different industries, including standard motors, variable frequency motors, marine motors, explosion-proof motors, non-sparking motors, flue motors, two-speed motors, brake motors, and outer rotors. Motor, grinding head motor. Special motors can be designed according to customer requirements, all of which meet the stringent requirements of our customers. At the same time, the company offers a wide range of motors with different insulation specifications and different voltage and frequency requirements. The company's main OEM customers are air-conditioning fans, port machinery and cranes, pumps, reducers, machine tools, textile machinery, glass machinery, marine, power plant auxiliary machinery, circuit board machinery and other industry leaders. Project coverage: power plant, pulp and paper, petrochemical, metallurgy, ship, port, construction, cement, airport, etc. At present, 45% of the motors produced by the company are exported abroad through ABB's international sales network, mainly in the European market.

ABB squirrel cage induction motors characteristics
Operating environment, According to IEC 60034-1, tolerance is the large allowable deviation between the test value and the nominal value of the nameplate [or sample]. The test results are based on tests specified in IEC 60034-2-1, IEC 60034-12.
Ambient temperature and altitude
The standard motor is designed for a large ambient temperature of 40 ° C and a high altitude of 1000 m. If the motor is running at a higher ambient temperature or altitude, the output power is reduced accordingly.
Please contact ABB for details.

Overload multiple
According to IEC 60034, the M2BAX series motors can withstand 1.5 times the rated current up to 2 points at rated voltage and frequency.

ABB squirrel cage induction motors

MQAEJ, QAEJ series three-phase asynchronous motor electromagnetic brake is a replacement product of old type MYUEJ and YUEJ series. Its structure is a combination of QA series motors and electromagnetic brakes. It is an ideal driving device for industrial modernization. It has the advantages of large power range, simple structure, low noise, short braking time, reliable braking performance, and the same installation dimensions (except the total length). Used a lot in woodworking machinery, power tranmission drive and various metal cutting machine tools, light industrial production lines, textile machinery, chemical machinery, construction industry, etc.

Brand: ABB Model: M3AA series Aluminum housing , 0.55KW-30KW; Origin: China installation structure type: Other power supply mode: AC power supply type: AC motor working principle: Asynchronous motor structure and working principle: Induction motor running speed: Constant speed motor power phase: Three-phase motor operation Mode: Other uses: General function type: Drive motor protection type: Open insulation class: Class F. The standard design protection of the motor is IP55, which provides a higher degree of protection according to customer requirements.This standard motor uses Class F insulation to increase motor life and increase motor reliability.high efficiency, M3AA motor is optimized for high efficiency and produces considerable energy savings.

ABB squirrel cage induction motors

ABB squirrel cage induction motors M2BAX series three-phase asynchronous motor, horizontal and vertical type 2 4 6 8 pole motor, Low voltage General performance motors, are best suited for simple standard design applications. With ABB's first-class quality and strong support, the functions of these motors are recognized by a large number of customers and OEMs. The motor achieves IE2 efficiency. Frame size from 71-355, 0.18-355KW. M2BAX series motors are imported bearings NSK, SKF brand bearings, all motors are equipped with axial locking bearings at the D end. The product design protection class IP55, while providing IP56, IP65 customization. Provides dozens of motor variable code selection configurations to meet the needs of a variety of environments.

Protection level; IP code / IK code
According to the degree of protection provided by the rotating electrical machine casing;
- For IP codes, IEC 60034-5 or EN 6052
For IK code, EN50102 applies

IP protection
Prevent personnel from touching [or near] live parts and moving parts inside the case. At the same time, avoid foreign solid foreign matter invading the machine, protect the machine, and avoid water ingress to prevent harmful effects.
IK code
The casing protects the motor from the extent that it is adversely affected by external mechanical shocks.

ABB squirrel cage induction motors

ABB squirrel cage induction motors m3bp series, high efficiency motor, energy-saving motor motor, environmentally friendly motor. Efficiency: European Class I efficiency standards, · Power: 0.25-710KW (more than 710KW can be imported with M3BP motor), ·Voltage: 220-690V, ·Can be equipped with a variety of accessories such as encoder,· Independent cooling system available, ·Optional ordinary or variable frequency drive, ·Inverter drive power >100KW, need to be equipped with insulating bearings,M3BP71;M3BP80;M3BP90;M3BP100;M3BP112;M3BP132;M3BP160;M3BP180;M3BP200;M3BP225;M3BP250;M3BP280;M3BP315;M3BP355;M3BP400

The ABB squirrel cage induction motors frames including the foot, bearing cap and junction box is made of cast iron. The monolithic cast iron foot provides for a stable installation and a large reduction in vibration. Motors with foot mounting type, flange mounting type and a combination of the two are available.
drainage hole

If the ABB squirrel cage induction motors is operated in a very humid or humid environment, especially under intermittent load, a drain hole should be provided. According to the motor installation method, specify the corresponding IM label, such as IM 3031.
Drain holes and closing plugs are installed in the motor with frame number 71 to 355. The plug is opened at the factory. When installing the motor, make sure the drain hole is facing down.
When installing in a different way than the foot-mounted IM B3, please use variable code 066 when ordering.
See variable code 066 under the ‘Drainage Hole’ heading.

The ABB squirrel cage induction motors nameplate shows the bearing type and description method for customer replacement only. The maintenance bearing is for reference, does not represent the bearing brand, the specific bearing brand is subject to the actual use of the company.
Bearing life
According to ISO 281, the normal life of the bearing, L10h, is defined as the number of operating hours that 90% of the same bearing reached or exceeded in a series of tests under certain conditions. 50% of bearings are at least five times this number.

The table provides the allowable axial force [N] for the shaft extension when the radial force is zero under normal conditions of 50 Hz at an ambient temperature of 25 °C. Calculate bearing life of 20,000 and 40,000 hours respectively
At 60 Hz, the value will be reduced by 10%. For two-speed motors, the value will be based on higher speeds. Allowable load values ​​for both radial and axial forces will be provided upon request.
Given the axial force Fad, it is assumed that the D-end bearing is locked by the lock ring.

Standard junction box delivery
The standard junction box is IP55 rated. In the standard case, the junction box is mounted on the top of the D side of the motor. In addition, the junction box can be mounted on the left or right side, please refer to the ordering information. The motor of frame size 71-132 uses an integral junction box. The motor of frame size 160-355 uses a split junction box.
The motor terminal box with frame number 160-355 can be rotated 4*90°. Therefore, the cable can be connected to both sides of the motor. However, for a standard motor with frame number 71-132, the junction box cannot be rotated. To achieve 2*180° steering of the junction box cable entry, variable code VC022 can be used.
Overview of motors, generators and mechanical transmissions, and full service

ABB is a leader in the manufacture of low-voltage, medium-voltage and high-voltage squirrel cage induction motors and generators, mechanical transmission products, offering a full range of services. We have the expertise in a variety of industrial process areas to ensure solutions tailored to your needs


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