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ABB Switch Model

ABB can provide users with a complete range of disconnectors, switch fuses, transfer switches, automated transfer switches, bypass switches, cam switches and fuses.

ABB switches have excellent application flexibility and reliable performance, suitable for a wide range of applications, such as residential and industrial building power distribution, HVAC, pumping stations, data centers and photovoltaic power generation equipment applications.

Hre are some introduction and models of this product:

ABB isolation switches are generally used as low-voltage switch cabinets as main switches for power distribution, starting / stopping motors, and isolating loads during maintenance. They come with metal or plastic boxes as safety switches to prevent accidental starting of the machine. The 16 to 160A series products are installed on the base or cabinet by snap-in or screws. The front-operated 3-, 4-, 6-, 8-pole and conversion types are available according to the standard.

ABB provides customers with a wide range of isolation switchgear, whose reliability and energy efficiency can meet the requirements of different site and network conditions. Isolating switchgears have voltage levels from 72.5 kv to 550 kV and are designed to comply with IEC 62271-102, IEC 62271-1 standards, while also meeting other standards and regulations (such as IEEE, GOST, and GB) as required. Affiliated test laboratories perform type tests on isolating switchgear in accordance with the latest standards. The comprehensive electrical and mechanical routine tests on each disconnector make ABB disconnector products of world-class quality.

ABB Switch

Rated working current
AC 21-A, up to 690 V
16 ... 1600 Amp
AC 21-B, up to 690 V
16 ... 3150 Amp
AC 22-A, up to 690 V
16 ... 800 Amp
AC 23-A, up to 690 V
10 ... 350 Amp
Rated working voltage
AC 23-A, 400-415 V
7.5 ... 4000 kW
Rated thermal current, ambient temperature 40 ° C
Free air
25 ... 3150 Amp
Closed environment
25 ... 2600 Amp

Insulation voltage 800 (V)
Rated voltage 690 (V)
Rated current 50 (A)
Number of Poles 4
Product Certification CCC
Article number 10112516
3C certificate number 2012010305523380
3C rated voltage range 440V and below
Brand ABB
Model OTM50F4C11D380C

ABB Switch

Here are models of this product:

OT16F3, OT125F3, OHBS2PJ, OHYS2PJ, OT80F3, TEC160, DPT160-CB010, DPT250-CB010, DPT63-CB010 C63 4P, GSJ200, OC16G04RNBN00NCV3, OC25G06PNBN00NU3, OC25G02PNBN00NSA2, OTM1250E3C8D220C, OTM32F3C11D380C, OTM50F4C10D380C, OTM80F4C10D380C, OTM50E4C10D380C                      

AO504, AE106, AE411, AF175, AE226, AE104, AF121, AO225, AE137, AE102

DPT-CB011 1SDA094403R1 DPT-63/S262-C0.5 1SDA096478R1 DPT63-CB010 C0.5 2P 1SDA096559R1 DPT63-CB011 C0.5 2P 1SDA094404R1 DPT-63/S262-C1 1SDA096479R1 DPT63-CB010 C1 2P 1SDA096560R1 DPT63-CB011 C1 2P 1SDA094405R1 DPT-63/S262-C2 1SDA096480R1 DPT63-CB010 C2 2P 1SDA096561R1 DPT63-CB011 C2 2P 1SDA094406R1 DPT-63/S262-C3 1SDA096481R1 DPT63-CB010 C3 2P 1SDA096562R1 DPT63-CB011 C3 2P 1SDA094407R1 DPT-63/S262-C4 1SDA096482R1 DPT63-CB010 C4 2P 1SDA096563R1 DPT63-CB011 C4 2P 1SDA094408R1 DPT-63/S262-C6 1SDA096483R1 DPT63-CB010 C6 2P 1SDA096564R1 DPT63-CB011 C6 2P 1SDA094409R1 DPT-63/S262-C10 1SDA096484R1 DPT63-CB010 C10 2P 1SDA096565R1 DPT63-CB011 C10 2P 1SDA094410R1 DPT-63/S262-C16 1SDA096485R1 DPT63-CB010 C16 2P 1SDA096566R1 DPT63-CB011 C16 2P 1SDA094411R1 DPT-63/S262-C20 1SDA096486R1 DPT63-CB010 C20 2P 1SDA096567R1 DPT63-CB011 C20 2P 1SDA094412R1 DPT-63/S262-C25 1SDA096487R1 DPT63-CB010 C25 2P 1SDA096568R1 DPT63-CB011 C25 2P

T1C160 TMD25/500 FFC 252510064060 Y 10081754

T1C160 TMD32/500 FFC 253210055599Y10055607

T1C160 TMD40/500 FFC 254010055600Y10055608

T1C160 TMD50/500 FFC 255010055601Y10055609

T1C160 TMD63/630 FFC 256310055602Y10055610

T1C160 TMD80/800 FFC 258010055603Y10055611

T1C160 TMD100/1000 FFC 2510010055604Y10055612

T1C160 TMD125/1250 FFC 2512510055605Y10055613

T1C160 TMD160/1600 FFC2516010055606Y10055614


T1N160 TMD32/500 FFC 363210055615Y10055623Y

T1N160 TMD40/500 FFC 364010055616Y10055624Y

T1N160 TMD50/500 FFC 365010055617Y10055625Y

T1N160 TMD63/630 FFC 366310055618Y10055626Y

T1N160 TMD80/800 FFC 368010055619Y10055627Y

T1N160 TMD100/1000 FFC 3610010055620Y10055628Y

T1N160 TMD125/1250 FFC 3612510055621Y10055629Y

T1N160 TMD160/1600 FFC3616010055622Y10055630Y

ABB Switch

ABB series automatic transfer switches are from 160 amps to 1600 amps. Three types of ATS with three different OMD control units include: OMD200, OMD300, and OM8D00. The features and functions of ABBs' automatic transfer switches make them suitable for different applications. The conversion mechanism has three stable positions, ensuring the isolation of the two asynchronous power supplies. The switch has a selector to choose between manual and automatic operation; both operations then prevent padlocking on the handle in the O position. In emergency situations, manual operation is always possible, even without power. Its compact design makes it easy to install. The OMD control unit can be adjusted according to the depth of the panel. The voltage sensing kit is installed in the factory. The motor operator is protected by a fuse.

Isolation switch, as its name suggests, is an isolation function in the circuit. Its own working principle and structure are relatively simple, but due to the large amount of use and high reliability requirements, it affects the design, establishment and safe operation of substations and power plants Both are relatively large and are the most commonly used type of high voltage switchgear. Let's take a look at the characteristics of ABB isolation switches

 1. When servicing electrical equipment, provide an electrical interval and a clearly visible disconnect point to protect the personal safety of maintenance personnel.
2. Isolation switch can not be operated with load: it can not be operated with rated load or large load, can not be divided, combined load current and short circuit current, but those with arc extinguishing chamber can be operated with small load and no-load line.
3. In general power-on operation: close the disconnector first, then close the circuit breaker or load switch; in power-off operation: first disconnect the circuit breaker or load switch, and then disconnect the disconnector.
4. When it is selected, it is no different from other electrical equipment. It must be that the rated voltage, rated current, dynamic stable current and thermal stable current must meet the needs of the application.

ABB Switch

ABB's compact series of dual power transfer switches includes both compact and dexterous types, which can meet the various needs of 32-125A load-side power conversion. Compared with similar products in the market, the compact series is the product with the smallest installation volume and installation area. With the refined product appearance, it can save customers more than 50% of the installation cost.

Dual power transfer switch compact series provides flexible installation of up and down line, which better meets the requirements of different power directions and cabinets. One-button operation can make the experience simple, easy and accurate. All its secondary circuits and wiring are integrated into the product, completely isolated, safe and reliable.

The dual power transfer switch compact series is also equipped with a variety of "clever" intelligent and human-friendly functions. One-button access to Test mode and remote remote test signal input avoids the embarrassment of unacceptable acceptance and maintenance due to the lack of power or the inability of the two-way power supply to reach the scene. In addition, the generator's signal input and generator delay functions have intelligently implemented the intelligent control of the generator as a backup power source.

Dual power transfer switch compact series is equipped with fire-fighting non-emergency (emergency double-split) signal input as standard, which can meet the mandatory requirements of fire-fighting construction occasions. Multiple mechanical and electrical chains can better ensure the safety and reliability of the operator and the power supply.

The dual power transfer switch compact series is a product for the global market that has obtained CCC and CB certification. At the previous Hannover Industrial Fair in Germany, the compact series was also demonstrated.

The function of the disconnector is to disconnect the no-load current. The circuit makes the equipment to be checked and the power supply have a clear disconnection point to ensure the safety of the maintenance personnel. Therefore, the disconnecting switch can only be operated when the circuit breaker opens the circuit.

OT160G is a high-quality basic isolating switch that can bring practical benefits to customers in all AC applications. It integrates all functions in a smart, compact device, giving customers a certain competitive advantage. OT160G leads us into a new era of small isolating switches.

Universal is widely used
OT160G is a multi-purpose isolation switch, especially suitable for power distribution and various construction industry applications. And because the live parts can be reliably isolated from the non-live parts during maintenance, it is suitable for almost any industrial field you can think of.

Expance reduces inventory costs
This simple and efficient isolating switch can be operated on the side and has a wide coverage, so it can save 20% of inventory costs. A simple product can meet the needs of multiple applications, greatly reducing the type of product required.

Easy to install and use
Simple installation means that you can save time and costs directly. The intelligent design of the OT160G can reduce the installation and setup time and ensure cost savings. Its compact size and small size mean that it can be installed almost anywhere.

Compact and powerful design
Compared with other products on the market today, the small but powerful OT160G can save 30% of space and cost. Compared with typical competitors, OT160G can provide quite high horsepower levels, including 690V motors and North American market 600V system applications, which can be 100% higher.

ABB Switch

OT400E04P 400A ABB isolation switch function

1. After opening the gate, establish a reliable insulation gap, and separate the equipment or line that needs to be repaired from the power supply with an obvious disconnection point to ensure the safety of the maintenance personnel and equipment.

2. Change the line according to the operation needs.

3. It can be used for small currents in the opening and closing lines, such as the charging current of bushings, busbars, connectors, short cables, the capacitor current of the switching voltage equalizing capacitor, the circulating current when the double busbars are connected, and the excitation current of the voltage transformer. Wait.

4. According to the specific situation of different structure types, it can be used to divide and close the no-load excitation current of a certain capacity transformer.

Isolation switch is mainly used in low-voltage terminal power distribution systems such as residential buildings and buildings in low-voltage equipment. Main function: disconnect and connect the line without load.

1. Used to isolate the power source, disconnect the high-voltage maintenance equipment from the live equipment, so that there is a visible disconnection point between them.

2. The disconnector cooperates with the circuit breaker, and performs the switching operation according to the needs of the system operation mode to change the system operation wiring mode.

3. Used to connect or disconnect small current circuits.

ABB electric isolation switch OTM (IEC) is suitable for remote control applications and provides reliable performance in any environment.
Save installation time, space and cost
Compact design, simple wiring, and maintenance-free motors make OTM a solution for remote operation applications.
Safe and reliable
Fuse prevents motor overcurrent; manual operation is supported in addition to remote operation.
Excellent performance
OTM disconnectors are suitable for demanding applications.

The OS series is an isolating switch fuse group (32 to 1250 A) designed to meet the requirements of applications in harsh environments, with excellent protection performance.

Reduce test and design costs
ABB provides test type 2 coordination tables for motor protection to quickly and easily select motor control equipment.
Save installation time and costs
With modular design, the machine and contacts can be positioned according to the installation requirements; the shaft length can be adjusted.
Optimize space utilization
OS disconnect switch fuse sets are compact and can be installed in smaller switch cabinets.
Superior performance and reliability
Combined with the fuse's contact design, faults can be quickly cleared and the required level of protection can be maintained even if a fault occurs. OS switches are the best solution for motor protection and can be installed next to transformers in heavy industry.

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