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Ball mill gearbox manufacturers in china

We are one of the Ball mill gearbox manufacturers in china and we can manufacturer both horizontal type and vertical type. A professional  Mill drive gearbox factory in China.

Ball Mill Gearbox or cement mill gearbox in china is mainly used in the grinding of finished products and raw materials in cement plants. It is also suitable for industrial and mining enterprises such as metallurgy, chemical industry and electric power to grind various ores and other grindable materials. It can be used for open-flow grinding, and it is also suitable for circulating coil grinding with a classifier.
Ball Mill Gearbox is mainly used for grinding cement clinker in cement production process. The Ball Mill Gearbox produced by Great Wall Machinery has a production capacity of 21~155 t/h, and the specific surface area of ​​the cement produced is 3300~3800 cm2/g. The utility model has the advantages of small occupied area, stable operation and convenient operation, and achieves the goal of high production and high fineness, and provides a strong guarantee for producing high quality cement.

Ball mill gearbox manufacturers in china
1. Continuous operation performance is good, won the national utility model patent

Great Wall Machinery's double-slip tube mill solves the problem that the similar product "cannot be continuously operated due to excessive temperature of the sliding end of the sliding end of the discharge end", and won the national utility model patent, the patent certificate number is: ZL201020285841.9. Numerous examples have proven that the device can operate stably for a long time.

2. The finished product has a specific surface area of ​​3300-3800cm2/g.

The cement produced by the Ball Mill Gearbox of Great Wall Machinery has a specific surface area of ​​3300-3800 cm2/g. Compared with other products in the same industry, it has the advantages of high product fineness, large specific surface area, fast hydration reaction and fast development of strength.

3. Customized on demand, flexible configuration

Depending on the demand, the Ball Mill Gearbox can be either edge driven or centrally driven, with flexible configuration.
The grinding process is an integral part of the entire production process in the cement production process. More than 60% of the electrical energy in the cement production process is used in the grinding of raw materials and cement. The traditional cement grinding process is mainly carried out with a ball mill. With the development of science and technology and the innovation of technology, the scale of the new dry process cement production line is expanding day by day, and the ball mill can not meet the production requirements. Since the development of the vertical mill in the 1920s in Germany, the German Ball Mill Gearbox has overcome many defects of the ball mill with its unique energy-saving grinding principle.

Ball mill gearbox manufacturers in china

Ball mill gearbox manufacturers in china

After decades of development, the grinding technology of Ball Mill Gearboxs has been relatively mature. Since the 1960s, with the use of kiln decomposition technology and the development of large-scale, Ball Mill Gearbox has been widely used in the foreign cement industry, and its technical level has been further improved and improved. Many manufacturers at home and abroad have developed many different types of vertical mills. As for which company in Germany produces Ball Mill Gearboxs, that type of Ball Mill Gearbox is widely used, and it is believed that information from some internationally renowned manufacturers is easier to understand on the Internet.

Ball mill gearbox manufacturers in china

Ball mill gearbox manufacturers in china

During the operation of the Ball Mill Gearbox, the material is fed into the crushing zone between the conical roller and the grinding disc of the Ball Mill Gearbox by crushing and crushing, and overflows from the disc edge under the action of centrifugal force. The air is lifted up to the top centrifugal classifier for classification, the coarse particles are returned to the crushing zone for further grinding, and the fine particles are discharged outside the machine by the dust collector. The German micro-powder Ball Mill Gearbox can control the product fineness by about 40~400um by adjusting the speed of the classifier rotor.

Ball mill gearbox manufacturers in china

In recent years, the rapid development of China's economy and infrastructure construction requires a large amount of high-quality cement, and the Ball Mill Gearbox equipment used in China's cement production has also made great progress. At present, many manufacturers in China have developed various types of Ball Mill Gearbox equipment with independent intellectual property rights and successfully applied in the cement industry's raw materials, pulverized coal, slag and cement grinding operations. The vertical mill produced in China has high grinding efficiency; low power consumption; strong drying ability; large granularity of material allowed for grinding; simple grinding process; small footprint; low noise; low wear; long service life Easy to operate. Sogears is a professional mining equipment manufacturer. If you need this information, please contact us.

Ball mill gearbox manufacturers in china

The ball mill is widely used in the grinding of mineral products in the fields of metallurgy, building materials, chemicals and mining. According to the fineness of the material to be ball milled and the fineness of the material to be discharged, the ball mill can be divided into Raymond ball mill, high-pressure suspension roller ball mill, high-pressure micro-powder ball mill, straight-through centrifugal ball mill, and overpressure trapezoidal ball mill. Powder ball mill, three-ring medium speed ball mill, six types of ball mills. The Raymond ball mill is composed of a main machine, an analysis machine, a blower, a finished cyclone, a pipe device, and a motor. The main machine is composed of a frame, an inlet volute, a blade, a grinding roller, a grinding ring, a casing and a motor. Auxiliary equipment includes jaw crusher, bucket elevator, electromagnetic vibrating feeder, electric control cabinet, etc. Users can flexibly choose according to the site conditions. A crusher can also be added.

Cement definition: powdery hydraulic inorganic cementitious material. After adding water and stirring into a slurry, it can be hardened in air or water to cement the sand, stone and other bulk materials into mortar or concrete. Cement application discipline: water conservancy science and technology (a subject); engineering mechanics, engineering structure, building materials (two subjects); building materials (water conservancy) (three subjects), finely ground into powder, add appropriate amount of water, can become Plastic slurry, a hydraulic cementitious material that can harden in the air and harden in water, and can firmly bond sand, stone and other materials together, is commonly known as cement. Cement is especially suitable for special occasions such as concrete, precast concrete, fair-faced concrete, GRC products, adhesives, etc. It is commonly used in colored pavement bricks, permeable bricks, cultural stone, sculpture crafts, terrazzo, wear-resistant floor, putty, etc. The high light reflection performance makes the roadside stone, road sign and road central divider have higher traffic safety performance. White cement is mostly used for decoration, and its manufacturing process is much better than ordinary cement. It is mainly used for the gap of the white porcelain tile, and is generally not used for the wall surface because the strength is not high. Available in the building materials market or in the decorative materials store. The production process of cement, using limestone and clay as well as silica as the main raw material, is crushed, compounded and ground to make raw meal, fed into the cement kiln to calcine the mature material, and added with appropriate amount of gypsum (sometimes mixed with mixed materials or Admixture) is ground.
Ball mill gearbox manufacturers in china

Ball mill gearbox manufacturers in china

MBY series edge drive ball mill gearbox Performance and characteristics MBY series gearbox adopts modern gear design and manufacturing technology, absorbs the advantages of similar products at home and abroad, summarizes the experience of domestic design and manufacture of similar products, and uses the working conditions according to cement and other industries. Low speed and heavy load, safe and reliable, long service life, etc., specially designed for edge conveyor gearbox for cement grinding, coal grinding and other purposes. MBY series gearbox adopts single-stage deceleration, with special oil station, all gears are hard tooth surface, the precision is up to 6 grades (GB10095-88) or more, high reliability design, design life is durable life, compared with similar products at home and abroad. The utility model has the advantages of small volume, light weight, simple and elegant appearance, simple operation, convenient maintenance, safety and reliability, and long service life. Suitable range Mainly used for edge conveyor gearbox such as cement ball mill and coal ball mill. The peripheral speed of the gear is no more than 20m/s, allowing forward and reverse operation. The working environment temperature of the gearbox is -40 ° C ~ +40 ° C. Below 0 ° C, the lubricant should be preheated before starting, and cooling measures should be added above 40 °C. Due to its small size and simple installation, it is suitable for the technical transformation of old factories and the upgrading of equipment. gearbox mark
gearbox Dimensions and Assembly Forms MBY Series Edge Drive ball mill gearbox Dimensions and Assembly Forms

Model Input shaft Output shaft i=4 i=4.5~5 i=5.6~6.3 i=7.1 g d l g d l g d l g d l Q D L MBY400 270 120 200 270 100 200 270 90 180 270 80 140 270 160 200 MBY450 300 120 220 300 120 200 300 100 180 300 90 160 300 180 220 MBY500 320 140 240 320 140 200 320 110 180 320 100 160 320 180 240 MBY560 340 160 250 340 160 200 340 120 200 340 110 180 340 200 260
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