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Helical gear advantages and disadvantages

Helical gear advantages and disadvantages

The helical gear reducer is a popular transmission equipment. It adopts the advanced design concept of the modular combination system and is manufactured in accordance with international technical requirements. It has a high technological content and is a novel reduction transmission device.Helical gear advantages and disadvantages
     The helical gear used for helical gear reduction is developed on the basis of spur gears. Helical gear advantages and disadvantages.The principle of the meshing of the straight teeth is: the teeth are engaged - the involute pure rolling to transmit the force - the teeth are engaged - the force transmission work is the same as the next pair of teeth. Compared with the point contact of the spur gear transmission, the surface contact adopted by the helical gear transmission can transmit power better, and its advantages are mainly reflected in the following aspects:
     1. Good meshing performance, low vibration, low noise and stable transmission.

     2. The degree of coincidence is large. The load of each pair of teeth is reduced, the bearing capacity of the gear is relatively increased, and the service life is long;

     3, because of the surface contact, the force area is large, the transmission torque is large, and it is often used on heavy machinery;

     4. The minimum number of teeth of the helical gear is less than the minimum number of teeth of the spur gear, so the helical gear is not easy to undercut;

     5. The helical gear mechanism is compacter than the spur gear, small in size, light in weight and high in transmission precision.

The disadvantages of helical gears are:
    1. The price is higher;

    2. The herringbone helical gear has a high technical content and is troublesome to manufacture;

Helical gear advantages and disadvantages

Helical gear advantages and disadvantages. The helical gear reducer designed with helical gear structure has greater torque and smoother transmission. It can guarantee high precision during high load operation. Due to the complicated manufacturing process, it is generally used in medium and high-end reducer products.

Helical gear advantages and disadvantages

The development of modern industry has higher and higher requirements for gear transmission of gear reducer. Helical gear advantages and disadvantages. The structure and advantages and disadvantages of gear and helical gear in gear reducer are a kind of professional knowledge. However, the gear reducer of gear reducer belongs to solid drive. Improve gear transmission performance of gear reducers, generally considering three aspects: material, tooth shape and process.
Gear: a tooth on the rim that continuously engages mechanical components that transmit motion and power;
Helical gear: a spur gear with a helical line.
The helical gear is not exactly a helical gear. Helical gear advantages and disadvantages. It should be said that the helical gear is the meshing mode of the two helical gears, which are distinguished by the difference in the direction in which the force is transmitted in space. Ordinary spur gears enter the mesh at the same time along the tooth width, thus generating impact vibration noise and the transmission is not stable. The helical gear drive is superior to the straight tooth and can be used for high speed and heavy load. As far as the tooth profile is concerned, a lot of gear reducer gear research work has been done before. However, the research we have done now is for the spur micro-segment gear. Since the meshing of the spur gear suddenly enters the meshing and retracting engagement along the entire tooth width, the force on the gear teeth is suddenly added or Unloaded, the smoothness of the transmission is affected to some extent, and there is a certain impact and noise.Helical gear advantages and disadvantages. To solve the above problems, only one effective way is to use the helical gear of the gear reducer, and also, some transmission products must also The helical gear is used, so in order to make the micro-segment gear get a large-area popularization application, it is necessary to carry out the research of the helical tooth segment gear.

Helical gear advantages and disadvantages
  Helical gear advantages and disadvantages. Through the analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of the gears of the gear reducers currently used, we propose the idea and method of constructing the basic racks of the basic racks: 1 The gears of the gear reducer should make the contact strength as large as possible. To achieve this, the two tooth profiles are convex-concave contact or plane-to-plane contact. To this end, we have adopted a double-arc gear construction method at the macro level to achieve plane-to-plane contact in microscopic places. 2 To make the gear reducer gear bending strength as small as possible. Since the bending stress of the root is closely related to the thickness of the root, the root of the gear reducer is thickened during construction. 3 To make the gear reducer of the gear reducer as small as possible. When the sliding coefficient is small, the friction is small and the mechanical efficiency is high. To achieve this, we ensure that the gear reduction relative to the gear reducer is completed in each micro-segment when constructing the tooth profile curve, and does not accumulate to the next micro-segment.

Helical gear advantages and disadvantages
  Helical gear advantages and disadvantages. The measures to improve the precision of the double gear tooth profile of the gear reducer, the tooth profile machining of the double gear, ie the big end hobbing and the small end gear teeth, due to the structure of the workpiece, the tooth circle and the ring gear radial runout error often Exceeding product technical requirements or processing requirements. The differential gear reducer has a large gear error and a poor rigidity of the tooth blank or the jig, and deformation after clamping. Helical gear advantages and disadvantages. After analysis and actual testing, we found that the structural design of the gear reducer fixture is unreasonable, which is the main reason for the error. Gear gear hobbing workpiece positioning and machining force deformation analysis On the traditional tooling structure, the workpiece is positioned with the inner hole and the end. . Since the length-to-diameter ratio of the inner hole of the workpiece is longer than 3, it belongs to the long hole positioning, and the four degrees of freedom are limited, and the end face is limited to three degrees of freedom, which forms an over-positioning phenomenon, and the number of degrees of freedom of the enthalpy is two, so the structure The design is unreasonable.Helical gear advantages and disadvantages. Secondly, because the total length of the workpiece is larger than the diameter of the inner hole, the diameter of the positioning mandrel for clamping the workpiece is small, and the rigidity of the clamping is poor. Helical gear advantages and disadvantages. During the hobbing process, the vertical moment of the gear cutting force of the gear reducer acts on the bottom of the mandrel. The core 梓 produces a deformation yaw in the direction away from the hob, which causes the workpiece to be eccentric during the hobbing process, thereby increasing the ring spring runout error and the tooth direction error of the gear reducer hobbing. In actual machining, the yaw can also be found by using the dial gauge contact against the surface of the gear reducer gear rotating shaft. The advantages and disadvantages of the gear reducer are found in the working operation of the gear reducer. Their structure and design are directly related to the formation of their advantages and disadvantages. At present, the gear reducer has a wide application range and is accepted by the extensive electromechanical industry. It is believed that the gear technology industry will grow stronger.


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