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Jiangyin gearbox manufacturing co. ltd

Jiangyin Gearbox Manufacturing Co., Ltd. mainly sells all kinds of hardened gear reducer and accessories. The sales models include cylindrical gear reducer, ZLYNZF, ZSYNZF cylindrical gear reducer, DBY, DCY, conical cylindrical gear reducer, TSDY Coaxial gear reducer (for screw conveyor), ZJY shaft mounted gear reducer, SZ cone twin screw plastic extruder reducer, JHM, ZLYJ, ZSYJ rubber extruder reducer, ZSYF, SY900 Roller calender special gearbox, slewing reducer, DLJ bucket wheel drive reducer, B, K, P series high power reducer, CX differential planetary gear unloader reducer, and all kinds of hardened gear reducer Manufacturing and design.

Company Profile:
Quality policy: high quality and high production, excellence, and always meet the requirements of customers' continuous development.
Service tenet: quality first, customer first, quality win, honesty and trust, and provide customers with satisfactory products and services.

Jiangyin gearbox manufacturing co. ltd

Jiangyin Gearbox Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a backbone enterprise with more than 30 years of history (formerly the state-owned Jiangyin Gearbox Factory), specializing in R&D, manufacturing and sales of hard-toothed gearboxes. Member of the association.

The company is located in Jiangyin, a water town with convenient transportation and rich culture. The company has a registered capital of 90 million yuan, covers an area of ​​86,700 square meters, and has a production plant of 42,000 square meters. It has 500 employees, including more than 100 engineers and technicians. In 1999, the company passed the ISO 9001:2008 standard quality management system certification, and has two registered trademarks of “Jiangya” and “Duoling”. Among them, “Duoling” brand gearbox has been through the National Gear Quality Testing Center for many years and Jiangsu. The provincial technical supervision bureau was rated as the first-class product, and the rubber-plastic mechanical reducer with the “Duoling” brand trademark was awarded the title of Wuxi Famous Brand Product.

Jiangyin Gearbox Manufacturing Co., Ltd. mainly sells all kinds of hard-toothed gear reducers and accessories. The company's main hard-toothed gear reducer has: general-purpose gear reducer, rubber machinery reducer, special gear reducer for loading and unloading machinery, special gear reducer for metallurgical machinery and other non-standard reducers.

Universal gear reducer
TY series coaxial hard surface gear reducer, QY series hard surface reducer for ZY series crane, ZJY series high load capacity shaft mounted reducer, DBY series hard toothed conical cylindrical gear reducer, ZDY series hard tooth surface cylinder Gear reducer, B series high power reducer, P series planetary gear reducer, K series helical gear-bevel gear reducer;

Rubber machinery reducer
Special reducer for single-screw rubber extruder, special reducer for co-rotating twin-screw extruder, reducer for counter-parallel twin-screw extruder, reducer for conical twin-screw extruder, plastic rubber calender Reducer, special reducer for plastic rubber mixer, special reducer for plastic rubber opener, special reducer for plastic rubber kneader (single input and single output), special reducer for rubber under auxiliary machine for biaxial tablet press, rubber Special reducer for lower auxiliary machine double shaft extruder;


Jiangyin gearbox manufacturing co. ltd

Special gear reducer for loading and unloading machinery
Stacker reclaimer rotary reducer, portal crane rotary reducer,
Bucket wheel stacker reclaimer bucket wheel reducer, PDR series differential planetary ship unloader gearbox, portal crane lifting gear reducer;
Metallurgical machinery special reducer
LJJ series tension leveler reducer, rolling mill reducer, coiler gear reducer
Other non-standard reducer
Special reducer for sand mixer, special reducer for JPJ series multi-roll leveler, large cylindrical gear reducer.

In order to ensure the quality of the products, the company has introduced various types of processing and testing equipment from the domestic and foreign equipment manufacturers in recent years. The company has several Houghing machine HELIX400, RAPID1250, RAPID1600/2000, Qinchuan YK7332 and other CNC forming grinding wheel grinding machines, CNC machining center, large CNC hobbing machine, large CNC gantry milling machine, CNC Processing equipment such as trampolines and large vertical lathes. The company also introduced a large-scale gas-type carburizing furnace production line and a multi-purpose furnace production line. It is equipped with complete testing and testing equipment such as gear comprehensive measuring instrument, whole machine test bench, metallographic microscope, micro hardness tester and ultrasonic flaw detector.

The company has established a mechanical transmission research institute, which brings together professional and technical elites and relies on continuous research and development investment to provide gear transmission equipment for customers. The ZLYJ single-screw extruder gearbox and SZ-cone twin-screw extruder gearbox developed by the company have become the standard products recognized by the same industry in China. At present, the company's products are widely used in metallurgy, mining, port, building materials, rubber and plastics, petrochemical, water conservancy and other fields, and have entered various provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions except Tibet, and some of them are exported abroad.

Companies in the "integrity, innovation, quality, team" business philosophy and "excellence, and constantly meet customer needs" business purposes, with rapid product development, delivery, reasonable prices, thoughtful pre-sales and after-sales service for users Supporting comprehensive services. The company is willing to cooperate sincerely with the customers to build the future!

In general, the causes of gear system noise mainly have the following aspects:
1. Gear design. Improper parameter selection, too small coincidence, improper or no shape modification, and unreasonable gearbox structure. In the gear processing, the base section error and the tooth profile error are too large, the flank clearance is too large, and the surface roughness is too large.
2. Gear train and gearbox. The assembly is eccentric, the contact precision is low, the parallelism of the shaft is poor, the rigidity of the shaft, the bearing and the support is insufficient, the rotation precision of the bearing is not high, and the gap is not appropriate.
3. Input torque in other aspects. Fluctuation of load torque, torsional vibration of the shafting, balance of the motor and other transmission pairs, etc.

Jiangyin gearbox manufacturing co. ltd

Gearboxes are an important mechanical component that is widely used in wind turbines. Its main function is to transmit the power generated by the wind wheel under the action of the wind to the generator and get the corresponding speed.
Usually, the speed of the wind wheel is very low, which is far from the speed required by the generator to generate electricity. It must be realized by the speed increasing action of the gear box gear pair. Therefore, the gear box is also called the speed increasing box.

The gearbox is subjected to the force from the wind wheel and the reaction force generated during the gear transmission. It must have sufficient rigidity to withstand the force and torque to prevent deformation and ensure the transmission quality. The design of the gearbox housing should be in accordance with the layout, processing and assembly conditions of the wind turbine power transmission, and easy inspection and maintenance. With the rapid development of the gearbox industry, more and more industries and different enterprises have applied gearboxes, and more and more enterprises have grown stronger in the gearbox industry.

According to the modular design principle of the unit structure, the gear box greatly reduces the types of parts and is suitable for large-scale production and flexible and variable selection. The spiral bevel gear and the helical gear of the reducer are all carburized and quenched with high-quality alloy steel. The hardness of the tooth surface is up to 60±2HRC, and the precision of the tooth surface grinding is up to 5-6.

The bearings of the transmission parts are all domestic famous brand bearings or imported bearings, and the seals are made of skeleton oil seals; the structure of the speaker body, the larger surface area of ​​the cabinet and the large fan; the temperature rise and noise of the whole machine are reduced, and the reliability of operation is improved. The transmission power is increased. Parallel axis, orthogonal axis, vertical and horizontal universal box can be realized. The input mode includes motor coupling flange and shaft input; the output shaft can be output at right angle or horizontal level, and solid shaft and hollow shaft and flange output shaft are available. . The gearbox can meet the installation requirements of a small space, and can also be supplied according to customer requirements. Its volume is 1/2 smaller than the soft tooth reducer, the weight is reduced by half, the service life is increased by 3~4 times, and the carrying capacity is increased by 8~10 times. Widely used in printing and packaging machinery, three-dimensional garage equipment, environmental protection machinery, transportation equipment, chemical equipment, metallurgical mining equipment, steel power equipment, mixing equipment, road construction machinery, sugar industry, wind power generation, escalator elevator drive, ship field, light High-power, high-speed ratio, high-torque applications such as industrial fields, papermaking, metallurgical industry, sewage treatment, building materials industry, lifting machinery, conveyor lines, and assembly lines. It has a good cost performance and is conducive to the domestic equipment.

In the summer, due to the long-term full state of the wind turbine, plus direct sunlight, the operating temperature of the oil rises above the set value; while in the cold winter in the northeast, the minimum temperature often reaches below 30 °C, lubrication. Lubricating oil in the pipeline is not smooth, gears and bearings are not fully lubricated, causing the gearbox to stop at high temperature, the tooth surface and bearing are worn out, and the low temperature will also increase the viscosity of the gearbox oil. When the oil pump starts, the load is heavy and the pump motor is overloaded. .
Gearbox lubricants have an optimum temperature range for operation. It is recommended to design a lubricant thermal management system for the gearbox lubrication system: when the temperature exceeds a certain value, the cooling system starts to work. When the temperature is lower than a certain value, the heating system starts to work. Always keep the temperature within the optimal range. In addition, improving the quality of lubricating oil is also an important aspect that must be considered in the lubrication system. Lubricant products must have excellent low-temperature fluidity and high-temperature stability, and research on high-performance lubricating oil should be strengthened.



Jiangyin gearbox manufacturing co. ltd

The gearbox has the following functions:
1. Accelerated deceleration is the variable speed gearbox that is often said.
2. Change the direction of the drive. For example, we use two sector gears to transmit the force vertically to the other.
3. Change the turning moment. Under the same power conditions, the faster the gear rotates, the smaller the torque the shaft receives, and vice versa.
4. Clutch function: We can separate the engine from the load by separating the two originally meshed gears. Such as brake clutches.
5. Distribute power. For example, we can use one engine to drive multiple slave shafts through the gearbox main shaft, thus realizing the function of one engine to drive multiple loads.

Compared with other industrial gearboxes, because the wind turbine gearbox is installed in a small cabin that is several tens of meters or even more than one hundred meters high from the ground, its own volume and weight for the cabin, tower, foundation, unit wind load, installation and maintenance Costs and the like have an important impact, so it is important to reduce the size and weight. At the same time, due to inconvenient maintenance and high maintenance costs, the design life of the gearbox is usually required to be 20 years, and the reliability requirements are extremely demanding. Because size and weight and reliability are often a pair of irreconcilable contradictions, the design and manufacture of wind turbine gearboxes often fall into a dilemma. The overall design stage should meet the requirements of reliability and working life, and compare and optimize the transmission scheme with the minimum volume and minimum weight as the target; the structural design should meet the transmission power and space constraints, and consider the structure as simple as possible. Reliable operation and convenient maintenance; ensure product quality at every stage of the manufacturing process; in the operation, the gearbox operating status (bearing temperature, vibration, oil temperature and quality changes, etc.) should be monitored in real time and routinely maintained according to specifications.

Since the tip line speed cannot be too high, the rated input speed of the gearbox gradually decreases with the increase of the single unit capacity, and the rated speed of the unit above MW is generally not more than 20r/min. On the other hand, the rated speed of the generator is generally 1500 or 1800r/min, so the speed ratio of the large wind power increasing gearbox is generally around 75~100. In order to reduce the volume of the gearbox, the wind power transmission box above 500kw usually adopts the power split planetary transmission; the common structure of 500kw~1000kw has two levels of parallel axis + 1 planet and 1 parallel shaft + 2 planetary transmission. The megawatt gearbox adopts a 2-stage parallel shaft +1 planetary transmission structure. Due to the relatively complicated planetary transmission structure and the difficulty in processing large internal ring gears, the cost is high. Even with the 2-stage planetary transmission, the NW transmission is the most common.

Commonly used gearbox lubrication methods include gear oil lubrication, semi-fluid grease lubrication, and solid lubricant lubrication. For better sealing, high speed, high load, good sealing performance can be lubricated with gear oil; for poor sealing, low-speed can be lubricated with semi-fluid grease; for oil-free or high-temperature applications Molybdenum sulfide superfine powder lubrication.
The lubrication system of the gearbox is very important for the normal operation of the gearbox. The large wind turbine gearbox must be equipped with a reliable forced lubrication system to inject the oil to the gear meshing area and bearings. In the cause of the failure of the gearbox, the lack of lubrication accounted for more than half. Lubricating oil temperature is related to component fatigue and overall system life. Generally speaking, the maximum oil temperature of the gearbox should not exceed 80 °C during normal operation, and the temperature difference between different bearings should not exceed 15 °C. When the oil temperature is higher than 65 °C, the cooling system starts to work; when the oil temperature is lower than 10 °C, the oil should be heated to the predetermined temperature and then turned on.

1. Accelerated deceleration, which is often referred to as the variable speed gearbox.
2. Change the direction of the drive. For example, we can use two sector gears to transmit the force vertically to the other.
3. Change the turning moment. Under the same power condition, the faster the speed turns, the smaller the torque the shaft receives, and vice versa.
4. Clutch function: We can separate the engine from the load by separating the two originally engaged gears, such as brake clutch.
5. Distributing power. For example, we can use an engine to drive multiple slave shafts through the gearbox main shaft, thus realizing the function of one engine to drive multiple loads.

Jiangyin gearbox manufacturing co. ltd

Jiangyin gearbox manufacturing has a very good company profile. Jiangyin Gearbox Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a well-known enterprise that produces hardened gear reducers for more than 40 years. It is the governing unit of China Heavy Industry Association and a well-known member company. The company is located in the prosperous and prosperous eastern part of the economic development zone of Jiangyin City, Jiangsu Province. The company covers an area of 82,000 square meters, with a production plant of 42,000 square meters and a living facility of 4,000 square meters. It has more than 430 employees, including 95 graduates from colleges and universities, accounting for 22% of the total number of employees. The annual sales income is 160 million yuan. Fixed assets of 150 million yuan. The main production equipment is 268 sets, including 56 sets of large precision equipment, 28 sets of imported and domestic grinding machines, and 18 sets of equipment such as φ2600mm gas carburizing furnace. The maximum grinding tooth diameter is φ2500mm, the maximum modulus is 32, and it has the annual processing capacity of 1?32 hard toothed gear 80,000 pieces and the production capacity of 15,000 sets of complete machine reducer.The company's main products are divided into standard and non-standard parts. Standard products include ZDY, ZLY, ZSY, DBY, DCY, NGW, QJ and other hard-tooth surface reducers. Non-standard products are single-screw extruders, conical twin-screw extruders, and parallel-oriented products designed and developed by the company. Twin-screw extruder, counter-parallel twin-screw extruder, combined calender, open mill, internal mixer, special reducer for steel industry, special reducer for hydropower and power generation industry, special transmission for rubber machinery, special for plastics industry Reducer, special reducer for environmental protection industry, and undertake the design and manufacture of non-standard hardened surface reducer. At present, the metallurgical industry, the rubber and plastics industry, and the gearbox for the transportation machinery upgrading industry have formed a market with an annual sales volume of 120 million yuan. The domestic market share is about 25%, and some products are exported to Southeast Asia, Europe and other countries.My company's products cover more than 10 industries across the country, more than 500 users. The multi-brand hard-tooth surface reducer produced by our company has been rated as the first-class product by the National Gear Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center and the Jiangsu Provincial Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision for many years, and has won the national quality stable qualified product medals and certificates. National quality inspection qualified product medals and certificates. And won the "Jiangsu Province Quality Management Outstanding Enterprise" medals and certificates and "Credit Jiangsu Integrity Unit" medals and certificates. Our company is a key backbone enterprise of Jiangyin City. It has been awarded the title of Star Enterprise and Profit and Taxation by Jiangsu Province, Wuxi Municipal People's Government and Jiangyin Municipal People's Government for ten consecutive years. Entrepreneurial spirit: People-oriented, honest and dedicated, and dedication. Quality policy: high quality and high production, excellence, and always meet the requirements of customers' continuous development. Service tenet: quality first, customer first, quality win, honesty and trust, and provide customers with satisfactory products and services.

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