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M2JA-W outdoor explosion-proof motor

M2JA80M2A  M2JA80M2B  M2JA90S2A  M2JA90L2A  M2JA100L2A  M2JA112M2A  M2JA132S2A M2JA132S2B  M2JA160M2A  M2JA160M2B  M2JA160L2A  M2JA180M2A  M2JA200L2A  M2JA200L2B  M2JA225M2A  M2JA250M2A  M2JA280S2A  M2JA280M2A  M2JA315S2A  M2JA315M2A  M2JA315L2A  M2JA315L2B  M2JA355M2A  M2JA355L2A  M2JA80M4A  M2JA80M4B  M2JA90S4A  M2JA90L4A  M2JA100L4A  M2JA100L4B  M2JA112M4A  M2JA132S4A M2JA132M4A  M2JA160M4A  M2JA160L4A  M2JA180M4A  M2JA180L4A  M2JA200L4A  M2JA225S4A M2JA225M4A M2JA250M4A  M2JA280S4A  M2JA280M4A  M2JA315S4A  M2JA315M4A  M2JA315L4A  M2JA315L4B  M2JA355M4A  M2JA355L4A  M2JA80M6A  M2JA80M6B  M2JA90S6A  M2JA90L6A  M2JA100L6A  M2JA112M6A  M2JA132S6A  M2JA132M6A  M2JA132M6B  M2JA160M6A  M2JA160L6A M2JA180L6A  M2JA200L6A M2JA200L6B  M2JA225M6A  M2JA250M6A  M2JA280S6A  M2JA280M6A  M2JA315S6A  M2JA315M6A  M2JA315L6A  M2JA315L6B  M2JA355M6A  M2JA355M6B  M2JA355L6A  M2JA80M8A  M2JA80M8B  M2JA90S8A  M2JA90L8A  M2JA100L8A  M2JA100L8B  M2JA112M8A  M2JA132S8A  M2JA132M8A  M2JA160M8A  M2JA160M8B  M2JA160L8A  M2JA180L8A  M2JA200L8A  M2JA225S8A  M2JA225M8A  M2JA250M8A  M2JA280S8A  M2JA280M8A  M2JA315S8A  M2JA315M8A  M2JA315L8A  M2JA315L8B  M2JA-BP80M2A  M2JA-BP80M2B  M2JA-BP90S2A  M2JA-BP90L2A  M2JA-BP100L2A  M2JA-BP112M2A  M2JA-BP132S2A  M2JA-BP132S2B  M2JA-BP160M2A  M2JA-BP160M2B  M2JA-BP160L2A  M2JA-BP180M2A  M2JA-BP200L2A  M2JA-BP200L2B  M2JA-BP225M2A  M2JA-BP250M2A  M2JA-BP280S2A  M2JA-BP280M2A  M2JA-BP315S2A M2JA-BP315M2A M2JA-BP315L2A  M2JA-BP315L2B  M2JA-BP355M2A  M2JA-BP355L2A  M2JA-BP80M4A  M2JA-BP80M4B M2JA-BP90S4A M2JA-BP90L4A  M2JA-BP100L4A  M2JA-BP100L4B  M2JA-BP112M4A  M2JA-BP132S4A  M2JA-BP132M4A  M2JA-BP160M4A  M2JA-BP160L4A  M2JA-BP180M4A M2JA-BP180L4A  M2JA-BP200L4A  M2JA-BP225S4A  M2JA-BP225M4A  M2JA-BP250M4A  M2JA-BP280S4A  M2JA-BP280M4A  M2JA-BP315S4A  M2JA-BP315M4A  M2JA-BP315L4A  M2JA-BP315L4B  M2JA-BP355M4A  M2JA-BP355L4A  M2JA-BP80M6A M2JA-BP80M6B  M2JA-BP90S6A  M2JA-BP90L6A  M2JA-BP100L6A  M2JA-BP112M6A  M2JA-BP132S6A  M2JA-BP132M6A M2JA-BP132M6B  M2JA-BP160M6A  M2JA-BP160L6A  M2JA-BP180L6A  M2JA-BP200L6A  M2JA-BP200L6B  M2JA-BP225M6A  M2JA-BP250M6A  M2JA-BP280S6A  M2JA-BP280M6A  M2JA-BP315S6A  M2JA-BP315M6A  M2JA-BP315L6A  M2JA-BP315L6B  M2JA-BP355M6A  M2JA-BP355M6B  M2JA-BP355L6A  M2JA-BP80M8A  M2JA-BP80M8B  M2JA-BP90S8A  M2JA-BP90L8A  M2JA-BP100L8A  M2JA-BP100L8B  M2JA-BP112M8A  M2JA-BP132S8A  M2JA-BP132M8A  M2JA-BP160M8A  M2JA-BP160M8B  M2JA-BP160L8A  M2JA-BP180L8A M2JA-BP200L8A  M2JA-BP225S8A  M2JA-BP225M8A  M2JA-BP250M8A  M2JA-BP280S8A  M2JA-BP280M8A  M2JA-BP315S8A  M2JA-BP315M8A  M2JA-BP315L8A  M2JA-BP315L8B  M2JA-H80M2A M2JA-H80M2B  M2JA-H90S2A  M2JA-H90L2A  M2JA-H100L2A  M2JA-H112M2A  M2JA-H132S2A  M2JA-H132S2B  M2JA-H160M2A  M2JA-H160M2B  M2JA-H160L2A  M2JA-H180M2A  M2JA-H200L2A  M2JA-H200L2B M2JA-H225M2A  M2JA-H250M2A  M2JA-H280S2A  M2JA-H280M2A  M2JA-H315S2A  M2JA-H315M2A M2JA-H315L2AM2JA-H315L2B  M2JA-H355M2A  M2JA-H355L2A  M2JA-H80M4A  M2JA-H80M4B  M2JA-H90S4A  M2JA-H90L4A  M2JA-H100L4A  M2JA-H100L4B  M2JA-H112M4A  M2JA-H132S4A  M2JA-H132M4A  M2JA-H160M4A  M2JA-H160L4A  M2JA-H180M4A  M2JA-H180L4A  M2JA-H200L4A  M2JA-H225S4A  M2JA-H225M4A  M2JA-H250M4A  M2JA-H280S4A  M2JA-H280M4A  M2JA-H315S4A  M2JA-H315M4A  M2JA-H315L4A  M2JA-H315L4B  M2JA-H355M4A  M2JA-H355L4A  M2JA-H80M6A  M2JA-H80M6B  M2JA-H90S6A  M2JA-H90L6A M2JA-H100L6A  M2JA-H112M6A  M2JA-H132S6A  M2JA-H132M6A  M2JA-H132M6B  M2JA-H160M6A  M2JA-H160L6A  M2JA-H180L6A  M2JA-H200L6A M2JA-H200L6B  M2JA-H225M6A  M2JA-H250M6A  M2JA-H280S6A  M2JA-H280M6A  M2JA-H315S6A  M2JA-H315M6A M2JA-H315L6A  M2JA-H315L6B  M2JA-H355M6A  M2JA-H355M6B  M2JA-H355L6A  M2JA-H100L8A M2JA-H100L8B  M2JA-H112M8A  M2JA-H132S8A  M2JA-H132M8A  M2JA-H160M8A  M2JA-H160M8B  M2JA-H160L8A  M2JA-H180L8A  M2JA-H200L8A  M2JA-H225S8A  M2JA-H225M8A  M2JA-H250M8A  M2JA-H280S8A  M2JA-H280M8A  M2JA-H315S8A  M2JA-H315M8A  M2JA-H315L8A  M2JA-H315L8B M2JAX80M2A  M2JAX80M2B  M2JAX90S2A M2JAX90L2A M2JAX100L2A  M2JAX112M2A  M2JAX132S2A  M2JAX132S2B  M2JAX160M2A  M2JAX160M2B  M2JAX160L2A  M2JAX180M2A  M2JAX200L2A  M2JAX200L2B  M2JAX225M2A  M2JAX250M2A  M2JAX280S2A  M2JAX280M2A M2JAX315S2A  M2JAX315M2A  M2JAX315L2A  M2JAX315L2B  M2JAX355M2A  M2JAX355L2A  M2JAX80M4A  M2JAX80M4B  M2JAX90S4A M2JAX90L4A  M2JAX100L4A  M2JAX100L4B  M2JAX112M4A  M2JAX132S4A  M2JAX132M4A  M2JAX160M4A  M2JAX160L4A  M2JAX180M4A M2JAX180L4A  M2JAX200L4A M2JAX225S4A M2JAX225M4A M2JAX250M4A  M2JAX280S4A  M2JAX280M4A  M2JAX315S4A  M2JAX315M4A  M2JAX315L4A  M2JAX315L4B  M2JAX355M4A  M2JAX355L4A  M2JAX80M6A  M2JAX80M6B  M2JAX90S6A  M2JAX90L6A  M2JAX100L6A M2JAX112M6A  M2JAX132S6A  M2JAX132M6A  M2JAX132M6B  M2JAX160M6A  M2JAX160L6A  M2JAX180L6A  M2JAX200L6A M2JAX200L6B M2JAX225M6A  M2JAX250M6A  M2JAX280S6A M2JAX280M6A  M2JAX315S6A  M2JAX315M6A M2JAX315L6A M2JAX315L6B  M2JAX355M6A  M2JAX355M6B  M2JAX355L6A  M2JAX80M8A  M2JAX80M8B  M2JAX90S8

M2JAX90L8A  M2JAX100L8A  M2JAX100L8B  M2JAX112M8A M2JAX132S8A  M2JAX132M8A  M2JAX160M8A  M2JAX160M8B  M2JAX160L8A  M2JAX180L8A  M2JAX200L8A M2JAX225S8A M2JAX225M8A  M2JAX250M8A  M2JAX280S8A  M2JAX280M8A  M2JAX315S8A  M2JAX315M8A  M2JAX315L8A M2JAX315L8B M2GP80M2A  M2GP80M2B  M2GP90S2A  M2GP90L2A  M2GP100L2A  M2GP112M2A  M2GP132S2A  M2GP132S2B  M2GP160M2A  M2GP160M2B  M2GP160L2A  M2GP180M2A  M2GP200L2A  M2GP200L2B  M2GP225M2A  M2GP250M2A  M2GP280S2A  M2GP280M2A  M2GP315S2A  M2GP315M2A  M2GP315L2A  M2GP315L2B  M2GP355M2A  M2GP355L2A  M2GP80M4A  M2GP80M4B  M2GP90S4A  M2GP90L4A  M2GP100L4A M2GP100L4B  M2GP112M4A  M2GP132S4A  M2GP132M4A  M2GP160M4A  M2GP160L4A  M2GP180M4A  M2GP180L4A  M2GP200L4A  M2GP225S4A  M2GP225M4A  M2GP250M4A  M2GP280S4A M2GP280M4A M2GP315S4A M2GP315M4A  M2GP315L4A  M2GP315L4B  M2GP355M4AM2GP355L4A  M2GP80M6A  M2GP80M6B  M2GP90S6A  M2GP90L6A  M2GP100L6A  M2GP112M6A  M2GP132S6A  M2GP132M6A  M2GP132M6B  M2GP160M6A  M2GP160L6A  M2GP180L6A  M2GP200L6A  M2GP200L6B  M2GP225M6A  M2GP250M6A  M2GP280S6A  M2GP280M6A  M2GP315S6A  M2GP315M6A  M2GP315L6A  M2GP315L6B  M2GP355M6A  M2GP355M6B  M2GP355L6A M2GP100L8A  M2GP100L8B  M2GP112M8A  M2GP132S8A  M2GP132M8A  M2GP160M8A  M2GP160M8B M2GP160L8A  M2GP180L8A  M2GP200L8A  M2GP225S8A  M2GP225M8A  M2GP250M8A  M2GP280S8A  M2GP280M8A  M2GP315S8A  M2GP315M8A  M2GP315L8A  M2GP315L8B

M2JA series explosion-proof three-phase asynchronous motors are developed by ABB Electric Co., Ltd. by applying the latest manufacturing technology of flame-proof motors and combining the characteristics of Chinese GB 3836-2000 standards

Formerly the most advanced domestic factory 4 grade explosion-proof electric motor (Ex d || C) products (temperature group T1-T4).


M2JA series flameproof motor meets the following standards

International standard IEC 60079-0 60079-1
Chinese standard GB 3836.1 3836.2
European standard EN 50014 50018
American Standard UL 2279
Russian standard r O C T P51330.0 P51330.1
Japanese standard JISC 0930 0931
2.Ex d motor use place

1. The explosion-proof danger is divided into: Zone 0, Zone 1, and Zone 2.

Zone Zone Definition Explosion-proof motor used
Zone 0 Explosive area No suitable explosion-proof motor is currently available
Zone 1 Explosive Prone Area Flameproof "d"
Zone 2 Accidental explosion zone Explosion-proof type "d", increased safety type "e", non-sparking type "nA" motor
2. place

Petroleum, natural gas and chemical industries may produce various flammable gases or steam during the production process, such as propane, butane, gasoline, ethylene and acetylene in oil refineries; fertilizer plants include ammonia, methanol, carbon monoxide, and water gas Wait. These materials are mixed with air to form an explosive danger mixture. If this mixture is at an explosive temperature and encounters a fire source, it will cause a serious accident of explosion.

Squirrel-cage motors do not generate sparks under normal conditions, but during operation, short-circuits and sparks due to damaged winding insulation and aging; or arcs caused by loose connection of conductive parts, or motor overload due to mechanical failure and other reasons 3. Stalling produces high temperature and becomes the source of ignition.

Therefore, various types of explosion-proof motors must take effective measures around sparks, arcs and dangerous temperatures.

"Ex d" flameproof motor is an explosion-proof form of explosion-proof motor. Its shell can withstand the flammable mixture that penetrates into the shell through any joint surface or structural gap of the shell. Ignition of explosive gaseous atmospheres of various types, multiple gases or vapours.

3. Technical characteristics


Reached the European CEMEP-EU efficiency level motor standard secondary value, in line with the national standard of the People's Republic of China GB18613-2002 small and medium-sized three-phase asynchronous motor energy efficiency limit value.

· Double-bandwidth voltage

The voltage range is 220V-690V, suitable for 50HZ and 60HZ power supply.

· Low noise

By optimizing the electromagnetic design, ventilation conditions, structural dimensions and technology, the noise of M2JA series motors is lower.

High bearing load capacity

Standard motors use deep groove bearings for long life. 80-132 center high motors are permanently lubricated, and 160-355 are equipped with refueling devices.

· Good reliability

The motor is a fully enclosed air-cooled structure with an IP55 degree of protection, and its materials and processes meet environmental requirements. The motor has high mechanical strength, strong and durable, and strong rust and corrosion resistance. The winding has good reliability. It adopts F-class insulation structure and B-pole evaluation. And according to user needs, increase PTC thermistor or thermal switch.

4. Model description

M2JA 112 M 4 A
M2JA--type mark 112--frame number (represented by the center height of the shaft mm)
M--base length code (S-short base, M-medium base, L-long base)
4--pole number A--core length (A-short core, B-long core)

5. Explosion-proof mark of explosion-proof motor is

Ex d || C T4
Ex--Explosion-proof mark d--Explosion-proof type || --Factory electrical equipment
C--Explosion-proof grade T4--Temperature group

6.Type of installation structure

· B3 base with feet, end cap without flange
· B5 base without feet, flange on end cap
· B35 base with feet and end cap with flange

7. Working conditions

· Ambient air temperature varies with season but does not exceed -15 ℃ -40 ℃
· Altitude does not exceed 1000M
· Rated frequency: 50HZ / 60HZ
· Working voltage: 220-690V
· Working mode: continuous (S1)

· Starting mode: full voltage starting, Y- △ starting or reactance starting
· Transmission mode: spur gear transmission with elastic coupling
· Insulation, temperature rise: Class F. However, the stator winding temperature rise limit is 80K, which means that it is evaluated according to the B level (resistance method). The allowable temperature of the bearing does not exceed 95 ° C (thermometer method).
· Cooling method: IC411

8.Bearing model and cable entry

Bearing type (NSK bearing) (optional SKF bearing)

Standard bearing model

Center height Poles D-end N-end mm
80M 2,4,6 6204-DDUC3 6204-DDUC3 1-M25 * 1.5 1-M16 * 1.5
90S 2,4,6 6205-DDUC3 6205-DDUC3 1-M25 * 1.5 1-M16 * 1.5
90L 2,4,6 6205-DDUC3 6205-DDUC3 1-M25 * 1.5 1-M16 * 1.5
100L 2,4,6,8 6206-DDUC3 6206-DDUC3 1-M32 * 1.5 1-M16 * 1.5
112M 2,4,6,8 6207-DDUC3 6206-DDUC3 1-M32 * 1.5 1-M16 * 1.5
132S 2,4,6,8 6208-DDUC3 6208-DDUC3 1-M32 * 1.5 1-M16 * 1.5
132M 2,4,6,8 6208-DDUC3 6208-DDUC3 1-M32 * 1.5 1-M16 * 1.5
160M 2,4,6,8 6309-ZZC3 6309-ZZC3 1-M40 * 1.5 1-M16 * 1.5
160L 2,4,6,8 6309-ZZC3 6309-ZZC3 1-M40 * 1.5 1-M16 * 1.5
180M 2,4,6,8 6310-ZZC3 6309-ZZC3 1-M40 * 1.5 1-M16 * 1.5
180L 2,4,6,8 6310-ZZC3 6309-ZZC3 1-M40 * 1.5 1-M16 * 1.5
200L 2,4,6,8 6312-ZZC3 6310-ZZC3 2-M50 * 1.5 1-M16 * 1.5
225S 2,4,6,8 6313-ZZC3 6212-ZZC3 2-M50 * 1.5 1-M16 * 1.5
225M 2,4,6,8 6313-ZZC3 6212-ZZC3 2-M50 * 1.5 1-M16 * 1.5
250M 2,4,6,8 6315 / C3 6313 / C3 2-M63 * 1.5 1-M16 * 1.5
280S 2 6316 / C4 6316 / C4 2-M63 * 1.5 1-M16 * 1.5
280S 4,6,8 6316 / C3 6316 / C3 2-M63 * 1.5 1-M16 * 1.5
280M 2 6316 / C4 6316 / C4 2-M63 * 1.5 1-M16 * 1.5
280M 4,6,8 6316 / C3 6316 / C3 2-M63 * 1.5 1-M16 * 1.5
315S 2 6316 / C4 6316 / C4 2-M63 * 1.5 2-M20 * 1.5
315S 4,6,8 6319 / C3 6316 / C3 2-M63 * 1.5 2-M20 * 1.5
315M 2 6316 / C4 6316 / C4 2-M63 * 1.5 2-M20 * 1.5
315M 4,6,8 6319 / C3 6316 / C3 2-M63 * 1.5 2-M20 * 1.5
315L 2 6316 / C4 6316 / C4 2-M63 * 1.5 2-M20 * 1.5
315L 4,6,8 6319 / C3 6316 / C3 2-M63 * 1.5 2-M20 * 1.5
355M 2 6319M / C4 6319M / C4 2-M63 * 1.5 2-M20 * 1.5
355M 4,6,8 6322 / C3 6319 / C3 2-M63 * 1.5 2-M20 * 1.5
355L 2 6319M / C4 6319M / C4 2-M63 * 1.5 2-M20 * 1.5
355L 4,6,8 6322 / C3 6319 / C3 2-M63 * 1.5 2-M20 * 1.5

There are three main factors to consider when selecting an explosion-proof motor:

1. After the voltage, frequency, and rotation speed are determined, according to the load dragged by the motor and the state of the power supply network, the installation coefficient K is selected to determine the motor power. Check the installation dimensions from the motor catalog by the installation method. There are also cases where the motor power is selected from the sample first from the determined center height.

2. Confirm whether the technical indicators meet the requirements (the supply and demand sides are finalized in the technical agreement). For a wound rotor motor, in order to select a matching start-up and speed regulation system, the supplier must also provide the values ​​of the rotor voltage U2 and current I2.

3. Determine the protection level and explosion-proof type, explosion-proof level or anti-corrosion category and level according to the use environment, and other requirements, such as outdoor and marine use. Reference: Explosion-proof motor temperature group and explosion-proof category.

Pay attention to the following three points when selecting explosion-proof motors

1. The flameproof level of the flameproof motor can meet the requirements of flammable and explosive environments. Do not choose a high level.

2. Determine the technical indicators according to the actual use situation. The higher the η and cos φ in the technical indicators, the better, to save energy, and the rest of the indicators are not necessarily the same. For example, the motor for dragging the axial flow pump and fan can be within the range of 0.6 to 0.8, and Tm does not need to be high, and about 1.6 can meet the use requirements. If the buyer looses a little on these two indicators, the designer can apply the excess function dug out from this to Ist, which is used to reduce Ist. This is of practical significance for places with small network capacity. The load of the two-pole motor is mostly fans and pumps, and Tst is not necessary. If the manufacturing plant is pursuing this index too much, the upper half of the cast aluminum rotor trough shape is designed to be very narrow, which adds unnecessary difficulty to manufacturing; there are also many failures caused by broken bars and thin bars in use.

3, the protection level should be selected appropriately. The difference between IP54 and IP44 is mainly in the dustproof function. In order to save money, some buyers choose an IP44 motor in the place where the IP54 is used, so that the motor bearings are damaged prematurely. Conversely, when IP44 can meet the requirements of use, there is no need to choose P54. The latter should be equipped with rubber seals, which is inferior to the former in maintenance.

Type of explosion-proof motor

The minimum protection level of explosion-proof motors is IP55, while ordinary motors have IPIP23, IP44, IP54, IP55, IP56, so it can be distinguished from the appearance.

Can be divided by product type:

1. According to the principle of the motor

Can be divided into explosion-proof asynchronous motor, explosion-proof synchronous motor and explosion-proof DC motor.

2. According to the place of use

It can be divided into explosion-proof motors for underground coal mines and explosion-proof motors for factories.

3. It can be divided into flameproof motor, increased safety motor, positive pressure motor, non-spark motor and dust explosion-proof motor.

4. According to supporting hosts

It can be divided into explosion-proof motors for coal mine transporters, explosion-proof motors for coal mine winches, explosion-proof motors for rock loaders, explosion-proof motors for local fan fans in coal mines, explosion-proof motors for valves, explosion-proof motors for fans, explosion-proof motors for ships, and explosion-proof motors for crane metallurgy. And supporting the hydrogenation equipment with increased safety brushless excitation synchronous motors. In addition, it can also be divided according to technical indicators such as rated voltage and efficiency, such as high-voltage explosion-proof motors, high-efficiency explosion-proof motors, high slip ratio explosion-proof motors and high-starting torque explosion-proof motors.

According to product series and their characteristics:

(1) Flameproof motor

It uses a flameproof enclosure to isolate electrical parts that may cause sparks, arcs, and hazardous temperatures from the surrounding sexual gas mixture. However, this case is not sealed, and the surrounding sex gas mixture can enter the interior of the motor through the gap between the joint surfaces of the parts of the case. It may occur when it comes into contact with ignition sources such as sparks, arcs, dangerous high temperatures, etc. At this time, not only will the flameproof enclosure of the motor not be damaged or deformed, but also when flame or hot gas is transmitted through the gap of the joint surface, it cannot Ignite the surrounding sexual gas mixture.

The main features are:

(1) Correspondence between power level, installation size and rotation speed is consistent with DIN42673. At the same time, considering the inheritance with YB series and interchangeability with Y2 series, necessary adjustments have been made to make it more effective and applicable.

(2) The noise limit is lower than the YB series, close to the Class I noise of the YB series, and the vibration limit is equivalent to the YB series.

(3) The entire series adopts F-level insulation, and the temperature rise is evaluated according to B-level.

(4) There are two types of parallel and horizontal distribution of the heat sink of the motor, which are mainly parallel horizontal distribution.

(5) The entire series uses low-noise deep groove ball bearings, and the motor with a center height above 180mm is equipped with an oil injection and drainage device.

(6) The enclosure protection level is increased to IP55.

(7) The main performance indicators reached the international advanced level in the early 1990s.

(Two) increased safety motor

It is a motor structure that does not generate arcs, sparks or dangerously high temperatures under normal operating conditions, and then takes some mechanical, electrical, and thermal protection measures to further prevent arcs, sparks or under normal or approved overload conditions. Danger of high temperature to ensure its explosion-proof safety.

Its characteristics are:

(1) Meet the requirements of increased-safety explosion-proof motors, and adopt a series of reliable measures to prevent sparks, arcs and dangerous high temperatures, which can be safely operated in hazardous areas in Zone 2.

(2) Using brushless excitation, with a rotating rectifier and a static excitation cabinet, the excitation control system is reliable; the forward and backward gradients are accurate for excitation, without impact; the excitation system is reliable for out-of-step protection, and has strong ability to re-step; the circuit design is reasonable , The discharge resistor does not generate heat during operation; the range of excitation current is wide.

(3) Synchronous machine, AC exciter and rotary rectifier are coaxial. The rectifier is located between the main motor and the exciter, or outside the bearing housing.

(4) The enclosure protection grade is IP54.

(5) Class F insulation is adopted, and the temperature rise is assessed as Class B.

(6) Change the traditional lower water cooling to upper water cooling, that is, the water cooler is placed on the upper part of the motor.

(7) Increased safety type moisture-proof heater is fixed in the cover at the bottom of the motor for heating and moisture-proof during shutdown.

(8) Select high-quality raw materials and leave a large margin in electrical and mechanical calculations, which can meet the operating reliability and temperature requirements of increased safety motors.

(9) Equipped with perfect monitoring measures; increased safety-type self-balanced current transformers for differential protection are installed in the main junction box; platinum windings with embedded stator windings and spares are used, and the division number is Pt100; water leakage monitoring is provided Instrument to monitor the leak of the water cooler; on both ends of the sliding bearing are set on-site temperature display instrument and remote transmission signal terminal.

(Three) positive pressure motor

Is a type of positive pressure electrical equipment. Its structural characteristics are:

(1) Equipped with a complete ventilation system, there is no structural dead angle inside the motor that may affect ventilation.

(2) Enclosures and pipes are made of non-combustible materials and have sufficient mechanical strength.

(3) Maintain sufficient positive pressure in the shell and main pipeline relative to the outside atmosphere.

(4) The motor must have safety protection devices (such as time relays and flow monitors) to ensure sufficient air exchange capacity. It must also have automatic protection or alarm devices for air pressure and under pressure inside the case.

(5) Quick-open doors or covers on the enclosure shall be provided with means for interlocking with the power supply. There is currently no unified series of positive pressure motors in China.

Standard for explosion-proof motors

The rated voltage, rated current, power, and speed of explosion-proof motors are the same as those of ordinary motors, except that explosion-proof motors have more explosion-proof signs: Ex 1. Explosion-proof type + equipment category + (gas group) + temperature group explosion-proof type.


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