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M2QA three-phase asynchronous motors are the basic series of 2000 series products designed by ABB, which meet the European | | efficiency standard. The design and manufacture of the motor conform to IEC 60034, IEC60072, DIN 42673, BS 4999, GB 755, GB 10069 and Q/JBQS 27. M2QA series motors have good electrical and mechanical properties.


High efficiency

1.1kw -90KW 2P 4P motor under S1 working system, M2QA series meet the level II efficiency standard of cemep-eu and have better energy saving effect.

Wide voltage design

Up to 690V and can be applied to 50Hz and 60Hz power grids.

Reliable winding

The insulation material with the latest imported technology can reach F class insulation (b-class -80k temperature rise), ensuring the long life of the windings.

Strong corrosion protection

The motors are designed to resist environmental corrosion for a long life.

Bearing has high bearing capacity

With deep groove ball bearings, the motor life is greatly extended. The 71-250mm center high cast iron motors are fitted with lifetime maintainable bearings, and 280-355mm motors are fitted with oil injection holes as standard.

Low noise level

By optimizing the electromagnetic and electrical design, improving the cooling system and optimizing the structure to ensure the overall low noise level of the M2QA series.

Additional winding protection

According to customer requirements can be installed with PTC thermistor, thermosensitive switch and anti - condensation heating belt winding protection accessories.

2. Mechanical design

Fully enclosed self-fan cooling design, IP55 protection class and heavy load design, at the same time the use of strong corrosion resistant cast iron materials so that the M2QA series of motors can adapt to a variety of environments. The mechanical structure of the motor is very strong, 280-355mm high center of the motor standard configuration drain hole and plug.

Flexible lead out direction. The installation mode of the motor junction box can be at the top, left side and right side of the motor. The junction box itself can be rotated for installation. The junction box of the frame of 71-132 can be rotated 4*90 directions. 160 or above frame junction box can be rotated 2*180 direction.

There are a variety of optional configurations for different environments and applications, such as higher protection level, b insulation level, dust protection, sealing ring, rain protection, etc.

3. Model description


M2QA 112 M2 A

M2QA-- model mark 112-- frame number (represented by center height mm of rotating shaft)

M-- frame length 2-- pole number A-- core length


Conditions of use

No more than 1000m above sea level

Ambient air temperature varies seasonally but does not exceed +40 ° c

Voltage, frequency and mode of operation

Operating voltage: 220-240v 380-420v 440-480v 660-690v

Rated frequency: 50/60hz

Working mode: continuous (S1)

Insulation grade: F

4. Bearing type (NSK bearing) (optional SKF bearing)

Standard bearing type cable interface

Center high pole number d-end n-end mm

71M 2,4,6 6202-vvc3 6202-vvc3 2-m16 *1.5

80M 2,4,6 6204-dduc3 6204-dduc3 2-M25*1.5

'90S 2,4,6 6205-dduc3 6205-dduc3 2-M25*1.5

90L 2,4,6 6205-DDUC3 6205-DDUC3 2-M25*1.5

100L 2,4,6,8 6206-DDUC3 6206-DDUC3 2-M32*1.5

112M 2,4,6,8 6207-dduc3 6206-DDUC3 2-M32*1.5

132S 2,4,6,8 6208-dduc3 6207-dduc3 2 -m32 *1.5

132M 2,4,6,8 6208-dduc3 6207-dduc3 2-m32 *1.5

160M 2,4,6,8 6309-zzc3 6209-zzc3 2-m40 *1.5

160L 2,4,6,8 6309-zzc3 6209-zzc3 2-m40 *1.5

180M 2,4,6,8, 6310-zzc3 6210-zzc3 2-m40 *1.5

180L 2,4,6,8, 6310-zzc3 6210-zzc3 2-m40 *1.5

200L 2,4,6,8 6312-zzc3 6212-zzc3 2-m50 *1.5

225S 4,6,8 6313-zzc3 6213-zzc3 2-m50 *1.5

225M 2 6313-zzc3 6213-zzc3 2-m50 *1.5

225M 4,6,8 6313-zzc3 6213-zzc3 2-m50 *1.5

250M 2 6314/c3 6214/c3 2-M63*1.5

250M 4,6,8 6314/c3 6214/c3 2-M63*1.5

280S 2 6316/C4 6316/C4 2-M63*1.5

280S 4,6,8 6316/c3 6316/c3 2-M63*1.5

280M 2 6316/c4 6316/c4 2-M63*1.5

280M 4,6,8 6316/c3 6316/c3 2-M63*1.5

315S 2 6316/c4 6316/c4 2-M63*1.5

315S 4,6,8 6319/c3 6319/c3 2-M63*1.5

315M 2 6316/c4 6316/c4 2-M63*1.5

315M 4,6,8 6319/c3 6319/c3 2-M63*1.5

315L 2 6316/c4 6316/c4 2-M63*1.5

315L 4,6,8 6319/c3 6319/c3 2-M63*1.5

355M 2 6319M/C4 6319M/C4 2-M63*1.5

355M,6,8, 6322/c3, 6319/c3, 2-M63*1.5

355L 2 6319M/C4 6319M/C4 2-M63*1.5

355L 4,6,8 6322/c3 6319/c3 2-M63*1.5


5. Voltage and performance

M2QA series motor adopts (3KW and below power motor 220-240v / 380-420v, 4KW and above power motor 380-420v / 660-690v, △/Y) wide voltage design, the efficiency of the motor in a variety of voltage working conditions, power factor and speed slightly change.

If the user needs specific working voltage can be supplied according to special requirements.


Prior notice must be given that ABB motors reserves the right to modify the design specifications

6. Order instructions

Please specify motor model, power, number of poles, voltage, frequency, connection method, installation structure, etc. Selection should be based on the load and other use requirements of the control sample selection.

If there are special requirements, such as left outgoing, right outgoing, double outgoing, other insulation levels can be as special requirements.

7.M2QA motor product code

A, B, C, D, E, F

M2QA 100L2A M2QA 10 1 5 10 - A D C

1-4, 5-6, 7, 8-10, 11, 12, 13, 14

A type of motor

B motor size

C product code

D installation form code

E voltage and frequency code

F origin code

(C, D, E, F) code definition


M2QA= cast iron fully enclosed self - cooling squirrel cage motor

5-6 position

IEC box no.

07=71, 10=100, 16=160, 22=225, 31=315

08=80, 11=112, 18=180, 25=250, 35=355

09 13 = = 90 28 132 20 = 200 = 280

7 position

Speed (number of poles)

1=2 pole 3=6 pole 5=10 pole 7=>12 pole 9= multiple speeds

2=4, 4=8, 6=12, 8= double speed


Serial number

11 position


12 position

Type of installation

A= sole installation, terminal box overhead

R= sole mounting, terminal box set to the right (d-end from drive end)

L= sole mounting, junction box left

B = large flange mounting

C= small flange installation (71-112)

H= sole and flange mounting

S= sole and flange mounting, junction box set right

T= sole and flange installation, junction box left

J= sole and flange mounting (small flange)

13 position

Voltage and frequency codes

A = 380 vy50hz B = 380 v delta 50 hz

D = 380-420 - v delta 50 hz / 440-480 - v delta vy50hz 60 hz / 660-690

E = delta 50 hz, 500 v / 575 v delta 60 hz

F = 500 vy50hz / 575 vy60hz

H = 415 v delta 50 hz

S = 220-240 - v delta 50 hz/vy60hz vy50hz / 440-480. 380-420

T = 660 v delta 50 hz

U = 690 v delta 50 hz

X= other voltages, frequencies and connections below 690V

14 location


It belongs to the asynchronous motor pole-changing speed regulation, which is achieved by changing the connection method of stator windings to change the pole number of stator rotating magnetic field, so as to change the speed of the motor.

The motor parameters

QAD series variable stage multi-speed three-phase asynchronous motor is the electrical derivative product of QA series motor, which is the replacement product of YD series. This series of motors is an ideal power for saving energy of mechanical system because it can vary the speed with the requirement of load, so as to achieve the reasonable matching of power and simplify the variable speed system. It is widely used in industrial and agricultural sectors such as machine tools, mines, metallurgy, textiles, printing and dyeing, chemical industry and agricultural machinery.

Rated voltage: 380V

Rated current: 0.8a

Rated speed: 2900/1440/960/750 RPM

Rated torque: 15.4nm

Overall size: 132mm

Protection grade: IP55

Weight: 60 kg

Through the optimization of design and process improvement,QA series motors in the noise, vibration has been greatly reduced and reached the international advanced level.

1. High performance protection level

The standard design protection level of the motor is IP55, and higher protection level can be provided according to customer requirements.

2. Wide voltage application

The motor design considers the voltage variation in different areas, so that the motor can be used in multiple areas and ensure the user's performance.

3. Improve the insulation level and increase the service life of the motor

The standard motor adopts f-class insulation structure, thus improving the service life and reliability of the motor.

4. High efficiency

The motor adopts optimized design, which has high efficiency and can produce considerable energy saving effect.

5. Reasonable structure design

Flexible lead out direction, beautiful motor modeling, frame heat dissipation rib design into vertical, horizontal distribution, end cover, junction box, wind cover are new design, chic and beautiful appearance.

Variable speed principle editing

The speed of the motor is changed by changing the connection mode of the windings, that is to say, the rotation speed of the motor is changed by changing the logarithm of the magnetic poles of the rotating magnetic field of the motor.

Two-speed motor (fan), usually the speed is low, sometimes the fan on high speed, mainly through the following external control line switch to change the winding connection of the motor coil to achieve.

1. There are two common windings with different pole logarithms embedded in the stator slot, and the pole logarithms can be changed by changing the connection method of the motor stator windings through switching of external control lines;

2. Two independent windings with different logarithms of poles are embedded in the stator slot;

3. There are two independent windings with different logarithms of poles embedded in the stator slot, and each winding can have different connections.

Electrical schematic diagram of a contactor controlled two-speed motor

Electrical schematic diagram of a contactor controlled two-speed motor

Device profile editor

The two-speed motor belongs to the asynchronous motor pole-changing speed regulation, which is to change the pole number of stator rotating magnetic field by changing the connection method of stator windings, so as to change the speed of the motor.

According to the formula; N =60f/p shows that the synchronous speed of the asynchronous motor is inversely proportional to the logarithm of the magnetic poles. If the logarithm of the magnetic poles is doubled, the synchronous speed n decreases to half of the original speed, and the rated speed n of the motor will also decrease by approximately half. Therefore, changing the logarithm of the magnetic poles can achieve the purpose of changing the speed of the motor. This speed regulation method is graded, not smooth speed regulation, and only suitable for squirrel-cage motor.

This figure introduces the most common single winding two-speed motor, the speed ratio is equal to the magnetic pole multiple inverse ratio, such as 2 pole /4 pole, 4 stage /8 pole, from the stator winding delta connection method to YY connection method, the number of magnetic pole from 2p=2 to 2p=1.

Rotor speed ratio =1/2

Control circuit editing

1. Close the air switch QF to introduce three-phase power supply

Stator wiring diagram

Stator wiring diagram

2. Press the start button SB2, the ac contactor KM1 coil loop is energized and self-locked, and the main contact of KM1 is closed. The three-phase power supply is introduced for the motor, L1 is connected to U1, L2 to V1, and L3 to W1. U2, V2, W2 are in the air. The motor runs under △ connection method, at this time, the motor p=2, n1=1500 RPM.

3. If you want to switch to high-speed operation, press the SB3 button. The normally closed contact of SB3 is disconnected to make the contactor KM1 coil power off, and the main contact of KM1 is disconnected to make U1, V1, W1 detach from the three-phase power supply L1, L2, and L3. Its auxiliary normally closed contact is restored to close and is ready for energizing the KM2 coil loop. At the same time, the contactor KM2 coil loop is energized and self-locked, and its normally open contact closes. Connect the three leading ends of stator windings U1, V1 and W1 together, and introduce the three-phase power supply L1, L2 and L3 into connection with U2, V2 and W2. At this time, the motor runs under YY connection method, and the motor p=1 and n1=3000 RPM. The auxiliary normally open contact of KM2 is disconnected to prevent KM1 misoperation.

4. FR1 and FR2 are overload protection elements for the motor delta operation and YY operation respectively.

5, the control circuit of SB2 normally open contacts and KM1 coil in series, the normally closed contact with KM2 SB2 coil in series, the same button SB3 the normally closed contact of and KM1 coil series, SB3 normally open on KM2 coil in series, this control is the button of the interlock control, ensure the delta and YY two connection may not appear at the same time, at the same time KM2 auxiliary normally closed contact access KM1 coil circuit, auxiliary normally closed contact KM1 access KM2 coil circuit, also form the interlock control.

Industry status editor

Two-speed motors are mainly used in coal mine, petroleum and natural gas, petrochemical and chemical industries. In addition, it is widely used in textile, metallurgy, city gas, transportation, grain and oil processing, paper making, medicine and other sectors. As the main power equipment, the two-speed motor is usually used to drive pumps, fans, compressors and other transmission machinery.

With the development of science and technology and production, the places where there is the risk of explosion are also increasing. For example, edible oil production used to use the traditional pressing process, after the 1970s, China began to introduce foreign advanced extraction process, but this process to use a chemical solvent containing ethane, ethane is flammable and explosive substances; As a result, the leaching workshop becomes an explosion hazard site, requiring the use of two-speed motors and other explosion-proof electrical products. For example, in recent years, China's highway development is rapid, a large number of fuel gas stations appear, also provides a new market for two-speed motor.

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