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M3BP high performance motor





M3BP 71 MC2, 3GBP071330-ASL, 3GBP071330-BSL, M3BP 71 ME2, 3GBP071350-ASL, 3GBP071350-BSL, M3BP 80 MC2, 3GBP081330-ASL, 3GBP081330-BSL, M3BP 80 ME2, 3GBP081350-ASL, 3GBP081350-BSL, M3BP 90 SLA23GBP091010-ASL, 3GBP091010-BSL, M3BP 90 LA2, 3GBP091510-ASL, 3GBP091510-BSL, M3BP 100 MLA2, 3GBP101410-ASL, 3GBP101410-BSL, M3BP 112 ME2, 3GBP111350-ADL, 3GBP111350-BDL, M3BP 132 SMC2, 3GBP131230-ADL, 3GBP131230-BDL, M3BP 132 SME23GBP131250-ADL, 3GBP131250-BDL, M3BP 160 MLA2, 3GBP161410-ADL, 3GBP161410-BDL, M3BP 160 MLB2, 3GBP161420-ADL, 3GBP161420-BDL, M3BP 160 MLC2, 3GBP161430-ADL, 3GBP161430-BDL, M3BP 180 MLA2, 3GBP181410-ADL, 3GBP181410-BDL

M3BP 200 MLA2, 3GBP201410-ADL, 3GBP201410-BDL, M3BP 200 MLB2, 3GBP201420-ADL, 3GBP201420-BDL, M3BP 225, SMA23GBP221210-ADL, 
3GBP221210-BDL, M3BP 250 SMA2, 3GBP251210-ADL, 3GBP251210-BDL, M3BP 280 SMB2, 3GBP281220-ADL, 3GBP281220-BDL, M3BP 280 SMC2, 3GBP281230-ADL, 3GBP281230-BDL, M3BP 315 SMB2, 3GBP311220-ADL, 3GBP311220-BDL, M3BP 315 SMC2, 3GBP311230-ADL, 3GBP311230-BDL, M3BP 315 SMD2, 3GBP311240-ADL, 3GBP311240-BDL, M3BP 315 MLA23GBP311410-ADL, 3GBP311410-BDL, M3BP 315 LKB2, 3GBP311820-ADL, 3GBP311820-BDL, M3BP 355 SMA2, 3GBP351210-ADL, 3GBP351210-BDL, M3BP 355 SMB2, 3GBP351220-ADL, 3GBP351220-BDL, M3BP 355 SMC2, 3GBP351230-ADL, 3GBP351230-BDL, M3BP 71 MD4, 3GBP072340-ASL3GBP072340-BSL, M3BP 71 MLE4, 3GBP072450-ASL, 3GBP072450-BSL, M3BP 80 MLC4, 3GBP082430-ASL, 3GBP082430-BSL, M3BP 80 MLE4, 3GBP082450-ASL, 3GBP082450-BSL, M3BP 90 LA4, 3GBP092510-ASL, 3GBP092510-BSL, M3BP 90 LB4, 3GBP092520-ASL, 3GBP092520-BSLM3BP 100 LA4

3GBP102510-ASL, 3GBP102510-BSL, M3BP 100 MLB4, 3GBP102420-ASL, 3GBP102420-BSL, M3BP 112 ME4, 3GBP112350-ADL, 3GBP112350-BDL, M3BP 132 SMB4, 3GBP132220-ADL, 3GBP132220-BDL, M3BP 132 SME4, 3GBP132250-ADL, 3GBP132250-BDL, M3BP 160 MLA4, 3GBP162410-ADL, 3GBP162410-BDL, M3BP 160 MLB43GBP162420-ADL

3GBP162420-BDL, M3BP 180 MLA4, 3GBP182410-ADL, 3GBP182410-BDL, M3BP 180 MLB4, 3GBP182420-ADL, 3GBP182420-BDL, M3BP 200 MLA4, 3GBP202410-ADL, 3GBP202410-BDL, M3BP 225 SMA4, 3GBP222210-ADL, 3GBP222210-BDL, M3BP 225 SMB4, 3GBP222220-ADL, 3GBP222220-BDL, M3BP 250 SMA4, 3GBP252210-ADL3GBP252210-BDL
M3BP 280 SMB4, 3GBP282220-ADL, 3GBP282220-BDL, M3BP 280 SMC4, 3GBP282230-ADL, 3GBP282230-BDL, M3BP 315 SMB4, 3GBP312220-ADL, 3GBP312220-BDL, M3BP 315 SMC4, 3GBP312230-ADL, 3GBP312230-BDL, M3BP 315 SMD43GBP312240-ADL
3GBP312240-BDL, M3BP 315 MLB4, 3GBP312420-ADL, 3GBP312420-BDL, M3BP 315 LKA4, 3GBP312810-ADL, 3GBP312810-BDL, M3BP 355 SMA4, 3GBP352210-ADL, 3GBP352210-BDL, M3BP 355 SMB4, 3GBP352220-ADL, 3GBP352220-BDLM3BP 355 SMC4
3GBP352230-ADL, 3GBP352230-BDL, M3BP 71 ME6, 3GBP073350-ASL, 3GBP073350-BSL, M3BP 80 MB6, 3GBP083320-ASL, 3GBP083320-BSL, M3BP 80 MC6, 3GBP083330-ASL, 3GBP083330-BSL, M3BP 80 ME6, 3GBP083350-ASL, 3GBP083350-BSL, M3BP 90 SLD6, 3GBP093040-ASL, 3GBP093040-BSL, M3BP 90 LF63GBP093560-ASL
3GBP093560-BSL, M3BP 100 MLB6, 3GBP103420-ASL, 3GBP103420-BSL, M3BP 112 MJ6, 3GBP113390-ASL, 3GBP113390-BSL, M3BP 132 SMB6, 3GBP133220-ASL, 3GBP133220-BSL, M3BP 132 SMF6, 3GBP133260-ADL, 3GBP133260-BDLM3BP 132 SMJ6
3GBP133290-ADL, 3GBP133290-BDL, M3BP 160 MLA6, 3GBP163410-ADL, 3GBP163410-BDL, M3BP 160 MLB6, 3GBP163420-ADL, 3GBP163420-BDL, M3BP 180 MLA6, 3GBP183410-ADL, 3GBP183410-BDL, M3BP 200 MLA6, 3GBP203410-ADL, 3GBP203410-BDL, M3BP 200 MLB6, 3GBP203420-ADL, 3GBP203420-BDL, M3BP 225 SMA63GBP223210-ADL
3GBP223210-BDL, M3BP 250 SMA6, 3GBP253210-ADL, 3GBP253210-BDL, M3BP 280 SMB6, 3GBP283220-ADL, 3GBP283220-BDL, M3BP 280 SMC6, 3GBP283230-ADL, 3GBP283230-BDL, M3BP 315 SMB6, 3GBP313220-ADL, 3GBP313220-BDLM3BP 315 SMC6
M3BP 315 SMD6
M3BP 315 MLB6
M3BP 315 LKA6
M3BP 355 SMA6

M3BP 355 SMB6
M3BP 355 SMC6
M3BP 355 MLB6
M3BP 355 LKA6
M3BP 71 ME8
M3BP 80 MF8
M3BP 80 MLG8
M3BP 90 SLF8

M3BP 90 LG8
M3BP 100 LKD8
M3BP 100 LKF8
M3BP 112 MF8
M3BP 132 SMD8
M3BP 132 SMJ8

Efficiency: European Ⅰ level efficiency standards

· power: 0.25 -- 710KW (over 710KW can be imported M3BP motor)

· voltage: 220-690v

· various accessories such as encoder can be added

· independent cooling system available

· optional ordinary or variable frequency drive

· >100KW power when frequency conversion drive, need to be equipped with insulating bearing

It is designed to meet the requirements of the worst working conditions in current process industry

Linear motor can be considered as a structural deformation of the rotating motor, which can be regarded as a rotating motor along its radial section, and then flat evolution. With the high-speed development of automatic control technology and microcomputer, for all kinds of automatic control system of the positioning precision is put forward the higher request, in this case, the traditional rotating motor plus a set of transformation mechanism of linear motion device drivers, has far cannot satisfy the requirement of modern control system, therefore, many countries of the world are in research, development and application of linear motor, makes the application field of linear motor is more and more widely.

Nearly every industrial machine involves a motor, but those motors have increasingly specific requirements. From frameless pancake motors to housed/shafted motors, you need a selection of high-performance motors to power your most demanding applications. We carry the best in stepper, integrated stepper and servo motors to meet your needs.

Our High Performance Motor Brands

We carry motor products from the following brands:

  • Applied Motion Products
  • Kollmorgen
  • Sanyo-Denki
  • It is High grade with the highest function and High reliability in ROHM stepping motor. Low conduction DMOS resistance and high heat dissipation power package reduce the heat of IC and enrich the series of protection circuits. With low consumption bipolar PWM constant current drive mode driver, rated voltage 36V, rated output current for 1.0a ~ 2.2a basic functions. There are three types of input interfaces: clk-in/parallel-in interchangeable, clk-in and parallel-in. Excitation modes support FULL STEP, HALF STEP(2) and QUATER STEP modes. The current DECAY mode is free to set the ratio of FAST DECAY to SLOW DECAY. To achieve optimal control of all motors. And because the power supply can be driven by a single system, it helps to design the device more easily.

    Difference between high performance and low performance motors

    1. Control accuracy: the more the number of phases and beats of the stepping motor, the higher its accuracy will be.

    2. Low-frequency characteristics: the stepper motor is prone to low-frequency vibration at low speed. When it works at low speed, damping technology or...

    3. Moment frequency characteristics: the output torque of the stepper motor decreases with the increase of the rotational speed, which will decrease sharply at high speed.

    4. Overload capacity: the stepper motor does not have overload capacity, and the servo motor has a strong overload capacity; Speed response performance :...

    5. Operation performance: the stepper motor is controlled by open-loop control, and the starting frequency is too high or the load is too large, which is easy to lose steps or block rotation.

    The development of electric vehicles is one of the effective ways to solve the shortage of petroleum resources and environmental pollution in China and realize sustainable development. It is also an important strategic measure to enhance the core competitiveness of China's automobile industry. The key factor restricting the development of evs is the breakthrough of upstream battery materials. However, the development of hybrid power and low speed is still not possible under the condition that vehicle battery technology fails to make a breakthrough

  • The new Regulusstage technology of Japan co., LTD. Regulusstage enables higher power output and better control performance. The 5-axis motor with Regulusstage technology was arranged in the type SU8040 field emission scanning electron microscope, which also improved the performance of the electron microscope.
  • The design and performance simulation of a new structure low speed permanent magnet motor

    The development of electric vehicles is one of the effective ways to solve the shortage of petroleum resources and environmental pollution in China and realize sustainable development. It is also an important strategic measure to enhance the core competitiveness of China's automobile industry. The key factor restricting the development of ev is the breakthrough of upstream battery materials, and the current development of hybrid power and low speed small...

  • Microscope using high performance motor and low acceleration voltage imaging technology

    The new Regulusstage technology of Japan co., LTD. Regulusstage enables higher power output and better control performance. The 5-axis motor with Regulusstage technology was arranged in the type SU8040 field emission scanning electron microscope, which also improved the performance of the electron microscope.

  • In recent years, intelligent service robots have developed rapidly, aiming to replace human services. As one of the most important parts of the service robot, the electric joint enables the robot to achieve more abundant functions. At present, the product of electric joint module is not mature, and the price of micro-servo controller is high. It is of great significance to develop a low cost, universal and high performance joint motor servo controller module. Joint motor servo controller is one of the most important parts to ensure the performance of electric joints. Its realization includes the design of hardware drive, the selection of servo control scheme, the measurement feedback of rotor position and torque, the measurement feedback of joint position and the design of embedded hardware system. This project takes the bank service robot as the project application and USES the permanent magnet synchronous motor as the power source. The vector control method is adopted to control the motor, so as to achieve the control effect of low torque ripple and low noise. High precision encoder and motor hall sensor are used to measure the rotor position of the motor, and external hall switch is used to measure the absolute position of the joint. The torque of the motor is directly proportional to the torque current. The vector current of motor winding is measured by current sensor, and the torque current and excitation current are distinguished by decoupling calculation. Then it analyzes the different types of motors that may be used in the power supply and electric joints of different systems, and determines the hardware functions and indicators of the servo controller. The hardware interface is compatible with dc, ac and linear motors. After the device comparison and selection, test and verification, complete the design of hardware and software module writing.
  • The design analysis and test results of the prototype show that compared with the traditional two-phase brushless dc motor, it has high torque density, high power density, small torque ripple and low cost.
  • Vehicle motor drive system is one of the three key technologies of new energy vehicles, requiring higher performance, greater specific power and higher ambient temperature. This paper mainly introduces the high performance car permanent magnet motor drive system and high power density, high efficiency and low cost of automobile motor controller, wide-area efficient hybrid excitation motor, and a full digital high performance motor control software platform three key technologies, puts forward the scope of power density, total efficiency, reliability, maintainability and cost, etc is superior to the traditional car permanent magnet motor drive system solutions. Based on the research, a prototype of high power density vehicle motor drive system was developed, which was successfully applied to lifan LF620 pure electric police vehicle and served in Shanghai world expo 2010.

    Motor system in our country in energy, transportation, high-end manufacturing, and national defense in the areas of major equipment has been made in a series of landmark achievement, but the fields of application broadening of the motor system running performance put forward higher requirements, high quality concrete manifestation for the "four high", "low", "one more", namely, high power density, high reliability, high adaptability, high precision, low emissions, multi-functional composite. According to different areas as well as the application requirement of bad environment, this paper from the aspects of design, implementation, operation and control motor system was put forward a number of common basic scientific issues, and the development direction of the motor system is discussed, namely: expand the border of accurate model material and devices, to adapt to the extreme environments and extreme application under the condition of equipment requirements; The idea of multifunctional composite integration integrates perception and execution to achieve high functional density and high reliability.

  • Ac motor is a complex system with multi-variable strong coupling of electric field, magnetic field and force field. For three-phase ac asynchronous and three-phase ac synchronous motors, there are three main common characteristics: nonlinearity, strong coupling and uncertainty. In order to improve ac drive performance, the key is to overcome the adverse effects of these three characteristics on motor control. Based on 973 digital manufacturing research project "the high speed and high precision nc machine tool dynamic behavior evolution control" and the national natural science fund project "based on the theory of hierarchical fuzzy hierarchical linear drive system control strategy research", with the support of studies is the key technology of high performance ac drives, this thesis mainly research contents and innovation points summarized as follows: 1. Through the dynamics modeling under the condition of ideal motor, motor is analyzed the root causes of three common problems. To the largest extent, reduce the ac motor torque and excitation of the strong coupling of two directions, completed the ideal model of the motor from the static coordinate system to the rotating coordinates transformation, the working mechanism, on the basis of deep understanding motor vector control method is proposed and the direct torque control method for two kinds of advanced motor control method, and in view of the principle of direct torque control method of disadvantages, put forward the combined with SVPWM improved direct torque control mode. The simulation and experimental results fully prove its correctness and effectiveness. 2. For the problem of uncertainty, this paper divides it into internal and external aspects, and adopts online parameter estimation and advanced control strategy to solve it. The internal uncertainty is mainly caused by the slow time-varying characteristics of ac motor parameters. The method of online parameter estimation of forgotten factor least squares based on the simplification of Lagrange operator is applied to track the parameter changes.
  • Unique advantages of M3BP Marine motor:


    M3BP motor has high reliability, high reliability means longer service life, low failure rate, so that the shutdown loss to the minimum, continuous and stable production, so as to obtain higher productivity; High efficiency coil design, high quality grade copper wire (200 grade polyester imide/polyamideimide composite enameled copper round wire), compact end design, good slot full rate;


    1. The insulation system adopts different insulation treatment methods in different working conditions: tank insulation, layer insulation, phase insulation rotary baking drip immersion and vacuum pressure coating system to ensure sufficient coating of windings and extend the insulation life;


    2. Lamination structure of cold rolled silicon steel sheet of stator core;


    3. Bearing and seal design, long long life, low lubricating bearing running, imported bearing grease (standard SKF) with high specification, high efficiency cooling system to ensure that the bearing running at low temperature and convenient operation of bearing lubrication design, large motor with lubricating table (280 to 450 stand) seal design, advanced bearing cover seal, prevent oil leaking into the motor internal, avoid damage to the winding, according to different using radial sealing machine model, labyrinth seal or v-shaped sealing ring, suitable for different working conditions;


    4. Standard configuration IP 55 (IP56,IP65 optional)


    5. Low vibration design, high grade cast iron rigid housing, good bearing fit, higher concentricity of fixed rotor, stronger bearing assembly;


    6. The strictly calculated temperature rise makes the insulation life of the winding and the service life of the bearing longer. Grade F insulation grade B temperature rise reduces the temperature conduction to the bearing and the operating temperature of the bearing is lower


    7. High efficiency means high efficiency in environmental protection, energy conservation and emission reduction. By effectively reducing the operation cost, customers can recover the high purchase cost in a short time


    8. Low noise electromagnetic design, optimized groove matching for different specifications of motor application, special designed chute for different specifications of rotor, noise reduction, mechanical design, low noise fan, rigid end cover, high concentricity of fixed rotor to reduce vibration


    9. Big terminal box, junction box to 4 x90 ° rotation, applicable to each direction outlet/into line (note: 71-132 base to add VC022 implementation), the outlet is the same as the top wire junction box, less required spare parts, all the detecting element terminals can be installed in terminal box (standard configuration separate detecting element glen), independent of the outlet orifice, easy to replace the outlet hole size, patch panel has a rubber sealing ring, can provide assistant junction box, and can be installed after the motor on the scene


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