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Motovario nmrv 063 manual

The NMRV063 reducer is a worm gear reduction machine, model number is NMRV063, and the configuration type is input type and is divided into hole input.

The NMRV series belongs to the work worm gear reducer, the frame number is 063 (indicated by the center height of the reducer). The configuration types are: input type is divided into hole input, shaft input, shaft input with extension, flange with extension There are four inputs, and the output form is divided into four types: hole output, unidirectional axis output, bidirectional axis output, and flange output.
F...(1–2) with output flange. The VS is equipped with the same input shaft. AS is equipped with a one-way output shaft. AB with bidirectional output shaft. TA with torsion arm
The speed ratio of the reducer is 7.5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 40, 50, 60, 80, 100

Motovario nmrv 063 manual

RV series worm gear reducer:
Overview Aluminum alloy micro worm reducer is a new generation of practical products. It conforms to Q/JF01-1999 standard, designed according to the latest national standards, adopts new technology, new material production, absorbs foreign advanced technology and innovates to make it complete. Machine performance is better than domestic products of the same type.
technical parameter
Power: 0.09~7.5kW
Torque: 22~850N.m
Transmission ratio: 7.5~100, imax: 3000
Remarks: Foot and flange mounting can be equipped with various motors or double shaft type

1. Features: square box shape, high quality aluminum alloy die-casting box, beautiful and generous. Excellent heat dissipation performance and large carrying capacity. Multi-faceted, hollow output shaft construction. It is also equipped with various input and output modes, and can be easily combined with other transmission machinery, and has strong adaptability. The model is compact, compact, small in size, light in weight and compact in installation space. The transmission is smooth and the noise is small. Safe, reliable, economical and durable.
2. Installation type and output mode: base type, flange type and torque arm type installation, solid shaft and hollow shaft output and direct output of worm.
3. Input method: direct connection motor, flange and solid shaft input, reduction ratio: 7.5~100.

The worm gear reducer is a power transmission mechanism that uses a gear speed converter to decelerate the number of revolutions of the motor (motor) to the required number of revolutions and obtain a mechanism with a large torque. In the mechanism for transmitting power and motion, the range of applications of the reducer is quite extensive.


Motovario nmrv 063 manual

The worm gear reducer is a power transmission mechanism that uses a gear speed converter to decelerate the number of revolutions of the motor (motor) to the required number of revolutions and obtain a mechanism with a large torque. In the mechanism for transmitting power and motion, the range of applications of the reducer is quite extensive. It can be seen in the transmission system of various types of machinery, from ships, cars, locomotives, heavy machinery for construction, processing equipment and automatic production equipment used in the machinery industry, to household appliances that are common in daily life. , clocks, etc. Its application can be seen from the transmission of large power, to small loads, accurate angular transmission can be seen in the application of the reducer, and in industrial applications, the reducer has the function of deceleration and increased torque. Therefore, it is widely used in speed and torque conversion equipment.

The main functions of the reducer are:
1. Reduce the speed and increase the output torque at the same time. The torque output ratio is multiplied by the motor output and the reduction ratio, but it should be noted that the rated torque of the reducer cannot be exceeded.
2. Deceleration also reduces the inertia of the load, and the reduction of inertia is the square of the reduction ratio. You can see that the general motor has an inertia value.

 Frequently asked questions and their causes.
(1) The reducer generates heat and oil leakage;

In order to improve the efficiency, the worm gear reducer generally uses non-ferrous metal as the worm gear, and uses hard steel as the worm. Because it is a sliding friction transmission, it will generate higher heat during operation, making the parts and seals of the reducer There is a difference in thermal expansion between them, so that a gap is generated in each mating surface, and the oil is thinned due to an increase in temperature, which easily causes leakage. There are four main reasons. First, whether the material is reasonable. Second, the surface quality of the friction surface. Third, the choice of lubricating oil, whether the amount of addition is correct, and the fourth is the assembly quality and the use environment.
(2) worm wheel wear;

The worm gear is generally made of tin bronze. The paired worm material is generally hardened with 45 steel to HRC45-55. It is also commonly used for 40C: hardened HRC50-55. Grinding to roughness RaO. 8 fcm by worm grinder, when the reducer is in normal operation, The worm is like a hardened "sickle" that uncenses the worm gear and causes the worm wheel to wear. In general, this wear is very slow, like some reducers in a factory can be used for more than 10 years. If the wear speed is fast, it is necessary to consider whether the selection of the reducer is correct, whether there is overload operation, the material of the worm gear, the assembly quality or the use environment.

(3) Wear of the small helical gear of the transmission;

It usually occurs on a vertical mounted reducer, mainly related to the amount of lubricant added and the choice of lubricant. When the vertical installation is installed, it is easy to cause insufficient oil quantity. When the speed reducer stops running, the transmission gear oil between the motor and the reducer is lost, the gear can not get the proper lubrication protection, and it is not effective during startup or operation. Lubrication causes mechanical wear and even damage.

(4) Damage to the bearing (worm).

When the reducer fails, even if the gearbox is well sealed, the factory often finds that the gear oil in the reducer has been emulsified, the bearing has been rusted, corroded and damaged. This is because the gear oil is used during the stop and stop of the gear reducer. Caused by moisture condensation after hot cooling; of course, it is also closely related to bearing quality and assembly process

Motovario nmrv 063 manual

The basic structure of RV series aluminum alloy worm gear reducer is mainly composed of worm gear, shaft, bearing, box and accessories. Can be divided into three basic structural parts: box, worm gear, bearing and shaft combination. The box is the base of all the accessories in the worm gear reducer. It is an important part that supports the fixed shaft parts, ensures the correct relative position of the transmission parts and supports the load acting on the reducer. The main function of the worm gear is to transmit the motion and power between the two staggered shafts. The main function of the bearing and the shaft is power transmission, operation and efficiency.

The accessories of the worm gear reducer are explained as follows:
Housing: aluminum alloy (frame: 025-090) cast iron (frame: 110-150);
Worm: 20Cr steel. Carbon and nitrogen co-seepage treatment (remaining tooth surface hardness HRC60 after finishing grinding, hardness thickness greater than 0.5mm);
Worm gear: special configuration of wear-resistant nickel bronze;
Oil cap/ventilator, mainly used to discharge gas in the worm gear reducer case;
The end cover is divided into a large end cover and a small end cover. The end cover is an axial position of the fixed shafting component and is subjected to an axial load, and both ends of the bearing seat hole are closed by a bearing cover;
The oil seal is mainly used to prevent the leakage of lubricating oil inside the chassis and improve the use time of the lubricating oil;
Oil drain plug, mainly used to discharge dirty oil and cleaning when replacing lubricating oil;
Oil cap/oil mark, mainly used to observe whether the oil inside the worm gear reducer is up to standard

Analysis of common problems of worm gear reducer: Gear-worm gear reducer is a transmission machine with compact structure, large transmission ratio and self-locking function under certain conditions. Moreover, the installation is convenient, the structure is reasonable, and the application is more and more widely used. It is equipped with a helical gear reducer at the input end of the worm gear reducer. The multi-stage reducer can achieve very low output speed, higher efficiency than single-stage worm gear reducer, and low vibration, noise and energy. low

Maintenance method:
For the wear problem, the traditional solution of the enterprise is repairing after repair welding or brush plating, but both have certain drawbacks: the thermal stress generated by the repair welding high temperature cannot be completely eliminated, which may cause damage to the material and cause the parts to bend or break; Brush plating is limited by the thickness of the coating, and it is easy to peel off. The above two methods use metal to repair the metal, which can not change the "hard to hard" coordination relationship. Under the combined action of each force, it will still cause re-wear. For some large bearing companies, it is often impossible to solve on-site and rely on external repair. In the contemporary Western countries, the repair methods of polymer composite materials are often used for the above problems, and the application of Mikawara technology products with more applications has superior adhesion and excellent compressive strength. The application of polymer material repair can be free of disassembly and machining without the influence of repair welding thermal stress, and the thickness of the repair is not limited. At the same time, the metal material of the product does not have the concession, which can absorb the shock vibration of the equipment and avoid the wear again. It is possible, and greatly extends the service life of equipment components, saving a lot of downtime for the enterprise and creating huge economic value. For the leakage problem, the traditional method needs to disassemble and open the reducer, replace the sealing gasket or apply the sealant, which is not only time-consuming and laborious, but also difficult to ensure the sealing effect, and leakage will occur again during operation. The polymer material can be used to treat leakage on the spot. The material has excellent adhesion, oil resistance and 350% elongation, which overcomes the impact caused by the vibration of the reducer, and solves the problem of leakage of the reducer for the enterprise.

Motovario nmrv 063 manual

RV series worm gear reducer is designed and manufactured according to technical quality standards. RV series worm gear reducer is based on the national standard GB10085-88 cylindrical worm gear parameters, draws on advanced technology at home and abroad, has a unique "square box" shape structure, the box is beautiful in appearance, and is made of high quality aluminum alloy die casting. to make. RV series worm gear reducer has been widely used in various industrial production process equipment mechanical deceleration devices, is the best choice for modern industrial equipment to achieve high torque, high speed ratio low noise, high stability mechanical reduction transmission control device.

1. The mechanical structure is compact, the volume and shape are light, small and efficient;
2. Good heat exchange performance and fast heat dissipation;
3, easy to install, flexible and light, superior performance, easy to maintain and repair;
4. Smooth operation, low noise and durability;
5, strong use, safety and reliability;

Use maintenance
1. Please do not apply pressure to the output parts of the reducer and the box when installing. Please meet the corresponding requirements of coaxiality and verticality between the machine and the reducer when connecting. 2. The oil should be replaced after the initial operation of the reducer for 400 hours. The oil change interval is about 4000 hours. 3. The amount of lubricating oil should be kept in the body of the reduction gearbox and checked regularly. 4, pay attention to keep the appearance of the reducer clean, timely remove dust, dirt to facilitate heat dissipation

1. Guarantee the quality of the assembly. You can purchase or make some special tools. When disassembling and installing the parts of the reducer, try to avoid hitting with other tools such as hammers. When replacing gears and worm gears, try to use original parts and replace them in pairs. When assembling the output shaft, pay attention to it. Tolerance fit; use a release agent or red dan oil to protect the hollow shaft to prevent wear and rust or to match the area scale, which is difficult to disassemble during maintenance.
2. Selection of lubricants and additives. The worm gear reducer generally uses 220# gear oil. For heavy-duty trucks with heavy load, frequent start and poor use environment, some lubricating oil additives can be used to make the gear oil still adhere to the gear surface when the reducer stops running, forming protection. Membrane to prevent heavy load, low speed, high torque and direct contact between metals at start-up. The additive contains a seal regulator and a leak preventer to keep the seal soft and elastic, effectively reducing oil leakage.

3. Selection of the mounting position of the reducer. When possible, do not use a vertical installation. When installing vertically, the amount of lubricating oil added is much more than that of horizontal installation, which may cause heat generation and oil leakage of the reducer.
4. Establish a lubrication maintenance system. The reducer can be maintained according to the “five-set” principle of lubrication work. Every reducer has a responsible person to check regularly and find that the temperature rise is obvious. If the temperature exceeds 40°C or the oil temperature exceeds 80°C, the quality of the oil will drop or oil. When more copper powder is found and abnormal noise is generated, stop using it immediately, repair it in time, troubleshoot it, and replace the oil. When refueling, pay attention to the amount of oil to ensure that the reducer is properly lubricated.

Note that when the usage environment is lower than 0 degrees Celsius, the following conditions must be considered: 1. The motor used must be suitable for working in a low temperature environment. 2. The power of the motor must meet the large torque requirements at low temperature start. 3. If the outer casing of the aluminum alloy reducer is cast iron, it should be noted that the outer casing should become brittle and try to avoid excessive impact load. 4. When the equipment is just in use, the viscosity of the lubricating oil will be higher. If there is a problem, the machine should be loaded after a few minutes of no-load operation, so as to avoid other equipment failure.

Motovario nmrv 063 manual

When installing the worm gear reducer, it must be firmly installed on the machine, and it should not be loose. In this process, it must be confirmed that the steering of the reducer is correct before the installation operation can be performed intermittently. The reducer can not be placed for too long, more than 3 to 6 months, and the oil seal is not immersed in the lubricating oil, it is recommended that the reducer user replace the oil seal. Please follow the speed reducer's code of use. The standard working environment temperature is -5 to 10 degrees. If this value is exceeded, please contact the manufacturer. The reducer is usually used with a geared motor or motor, so ventilation must be installed to improve heat dissipation and keep it running. When it is installed, it is necessary to check the lubricating oil level first. It is not necessary to mention the load immediately. It is recommended to increase it gradually. It is recommended to install a protective device around the worm gear reducer.

The aluminum alloy reducer of the machine is the aluminum reducer, which can be referred to as NMRV worm reducer, RV worm gear reducer and NMRV reduce aluminum alloy reducer. Its appearance is a "square box" structure that touches advanced technology. The box body is die-casted with high-quality aluminum alloy, which has the advantages of strong strength, light weight, beautiful appearance, high heat dissipation performance, environmental protection and long service life.

installation method:
1. The aluminum alloy reducer BHADE type must be firmly installed on the machine, and there should be no loose condition.
2. When installing it, you must see again if the steering is correct.
3. If the aluminum alloy speed reducer has been placed for a long time before use, and the oil seal is not immersed in the lubricating oil, the oil seal should be replaced immediately.
4. It is important to avoid installing the aluminum alloy reducer in a place where the sun is violent or in an extremely harsh environment. If it is used with the motor, it is necessary to install a heat sink for the motor to improve the flow of air and avoid affecting the heat dissipation efficiency.
5. Please observe the working environment standard value (-5~40°C) of aluminum alloy reducer. If it exceeds the standard value, it should be adjusted or technically processed.
6. The main components (worm gear, coupling, shaft, etc.) must be securely mounted on the output shaft, using standard screw holes or other devices to ensure proper operation and avoid bearing damage.

7, must not let the oil seal and exhaust valve stained with any paint
8. If there is an oil filling hole on the aluminum alloy speed reducer, the plug for transportation should be replaced before use, and a vent plug should be used instead. The oil level must be checked before use.
9. Don't mention the load to the highest immediately when using for the first time, it should be gradually increased.
10. When using with the motor, it is necessary to protect the peripheral device to prevent damage.

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