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R series coaxial gear reducer


R27R17、R37R17、R47R37、R57R37、R67R37、R77R37、R87R57、R97R57、R107R77、R137R77、 R147R77、R147R87、R167R97、R167R107



R series reducer is a machine that realizes mechatronics, high transmission efficiency and low energy consumption.

Internal gear for helical teeth, for three deceleration, the first stage is the motor shaft end pinion meshing with the big gear; The second reduction is the large gear and the small gear (coaxial); In the third reduction the pinion engages with the larger gear.

This series of reducer is designed and manufactured on the basis of module combination system. There are many motor combinations, installation forms and structural schemes. The transmission ratio is classified in detail to meet different operating conditions. High rigid cast iron box with reinforcement; The gear with hard tooth surface is made of high quality alloy steel, the surface is treated by carburizing, quenching and hardening, the teeth are finely machined, the transmission is smooth, the noise is low, the bearing capacity is large. Low temperature rise, long life. Widely used in metallurgy, sewage treatment, chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries.

I. product overview


1. R series helical gear reducer with hard tooth surface has low vibration, low noise and high energy saving;

2. R series reducer is optimized by saijing transmission technology company with internationally advanced transmission machinery model;

3. The R series reducer is made of high-quality forged steel materials, steel cast iron box, and the gear surface has been subjected to high-frequency heat treatment.

4. R series helical gear reducer with hard tooth surface has low energy consumption and superior performance. The efficiency of R coaxial helical gear reducer is as high as 95%;

5. After precision machining to ensure shaft parallelism and bearing positioning requirements, the reducer forming the helical gear transmission assembly is equipped with a variety of motors.


The combination of mechanical and electrical integration, fully ensure the use of decelerating motor quality characteristics.


Ii. Structural features:


1. Small volume, large transmission torque;


2. High transmission efficiency, low energy consumption and superior performance;


2. Stable transmission, low noise, large bearing capacity, low temperature rise and long service life;


3. Smooth transmission, low noise, suitable for long-term continuous work in harsh environment;


4. Designed and manufactured on the basis of module combination system, there are many motor combinations, installation forms and structural modes;


5. Transmission ratio classification is fine to meet different operating conditions and realize mechatronics;


Iii. Performance characteristics:

1. Designed for agitation, the RM series can bear large axial and radial forces.

2, installation: foot installation, flange installation with size flange, easy to choose.

3. Solid shaft output, the average efficiency is level 2 96%, level 3 94%, and R/R combination average efficiency 85%.

4, the use of integral casting box, box structure stiffness, easy to improve the strength of the shaft and bearing life.

5, small offset output, compact structure, maximum use of the box space, two, three in the same box.


Iv. Technical parameters:

Torque range: R basic 85 ~ 18000 Nm, RX 20 ~ 1680 Nm

Power range: R basic 0.18 ~ 160kw, RX 0.18 ~ 132kw

Speed ratio range: R basic model 3.33 ~ 289.74, RX model 1.3 ~ 8.65, R/R combination model 27001

V. structure:

R: shaft extension foot mounting RF: flange mounting

R... F: bottom flange mounting RM: flange mounting with extension bearing box

RX: single-stage foot mounting RXF: single-stage flange mounting


Vi. Material:

1, box: high rigid cast iron belt reinforcement;


2, gear: high quality alloy steel, surface carburized, hardened, grinding teeth fine processing;


Vii. Frame number:


Covering 6 specifications of single-stage reducer and 14 specifications of 2-stage, 3-stage reducer, R series helical gear motor perfectly meet the power and installation space ratio requirements.




High power density


Long service life


R37 to R167 can provide low backlash


RM series, specially designed for mixing applications


The proven modular concept and strict quality standards enable sew-eurodrive to offer a wide range of products with fine grading of torque and transmission ratios. This particular diversity has led sew-eurodrive to set a new standard for driving technology.

1. The R series reducer adopts a serialized and modular design, with a wide range and fine transmission ratio;

2. High transmission efficiency, low energy consumption and superior performance;

3. The gear is grinded by high-precision gear grinding machine, with smooth transmission, low noise, large bearing capacity and long service life;

4. Compact design, small size, easy installation and wide use;

5. Various installation methods, suitable for a full range of installation configuration;

6. It can realize R series reducer, F series reducer, K series reducer, S series reducer and RF series dual combination, suitable for special low speed applications.

Today we are going to talk about the R series coaxial gear reducer. Why say R series reducer is coaxial, how to distinguish them are coaxial or parallel axis? Their differentiation point is like this, based on the reducer output shaft and input shaft Angle of the scale to measure them, like R series gear reducer, his input shaft and output shaft can be said to be the same root, the formation of the Angle is not parallel, so called coaxial reducer. The gear reducer is similar to the two other gear reducer, the cycloid gear reducer and the TRC gear reducer. They all belong to the linear type of reducer, with the deceleration motor after the formation of a linear combination in the installation space is relatively economical. The following several aspects to introduce the various aspects of this reducer!

Type of R series helical gear coaxial reducer


I told you yesterday what the basic type of reducer means, and I won't repeat it today. There are only six basic types of R series reducer, which is one of the few in the four series.

Through these installation forms, it can be seen that the R series gear reduction motor basically exists in the form of foot installation. This kind of installation with foot can be said to be more stable, no matter how the installation as long as the foot of the six nuts firmly fixed lock can be. This is the basic type of R series gear reducer.

Ii. Installation orientation of R series reducer


Different from the installation orientation of other reducer, the installation orientation of this reducer is relatively strict, and not all types of reducer can meet the installation orientation of m1-m6. See how strict he is with the installation. We also know the installation orientation from m1-m6, where M2 and M4 are relatively special, one is the reducer output shaft up and one is the output shaft down.

The R series deceleration motor can use M2 and M4 installation needs to meet the two parallel conditions model is R97 or R107 and the corresponding gear motor input speed needs to be greater than 2500 RPM; Or the type of reducer is greater than R107 and the speed is greater than 1500 RPM. The installation mode of M2 and M4 can only be used in the reducer of R series which meets these two conditions. Therefore, when you choose the R series reducer and want to use M2 and M4 installation location to pay attention to, when the conditions can only be used when the two installation methods.


The volume of R series reducer and the size of the reducer motor


Often contact equipment you should also know that some reducer may not be equipped with a relatively small power motor. The minimum power of the R series coaxial gear reducer is 0.12 kw. All models can be equipped with this reducer. And the maximum can be matched to 132 kilowatts, at this time can match the power of the only model R167 reducer. The largest and smallest models of this reducer are R167 and R17.

R series gear reducer also known as parallel shaft helical gear reducer, also known as RCR series or RCF,RCK,RCS series. R series gear reducer


For the representative to talk about the characteristics of hard tooth surface reducer. The gear is made of high strength low carbon alloy steel through carburizing and quenching. The gear is made of CNC grinding technology with high precision and good contact. The gear coincidence is 30% higher than the same gear; High transmission rate: single stage greater than 96.5%, double stage greater than 93%, three stage greater than 90%. Compared with the domestic counterparts, the transmission efficiency of the hard tooth surface series reducer of tianji brand is more than 6% higher; Smooth operation, 10db lower noise than peers. Long service life, high bearing capacity.


Model specification selection:

Before checking the table to select the model and specification, it is necessary to determine the appropriate series K and the required torque for the equipped equipment. The required torque can be calculated by formula:

T= (P×9550) /N × efficiency ×K


T- motor selection torque

P- motor input power Kw

N- deceleration motor output speed r/main

K- use series

Gear motor according to the input power and nominal transmission ratio or output speed check choose "specifications" can check gear motor specifications, must also be controlled "allowable x torque limit table" checking type torque, shall not exceed the allowable limit torque model, if the torque does not conform to the requirements will need to choose other models, so as to avoid mechanical device does not match the unnecessary loss.

At present, many enterprises have very high requirements for working power of mechanical equipment. SEW deceleration motor can not only provide stable work efficiency after installation and use, but also very energy-saving, so SEW deceleration motor is the first choice for many enterprises. In order to meet the needs of production work, the classification of deceleration motor also began to gradually increase, the following is the introduction of several common deceleration motor.

R series helical gear reducer has reverse self-locking function, so the reducer is relatively large. The input shaft and output shaft of R series helical gear reducer are not on the same axis, and they are not on the same plane at the same time. The volume of this reducer motor is generally large, and the work efficiency is limited.

F series parallel shaft helical gear reducer is widely used, this motor is to use the elastic deformation of flexible components to transfer power, F series parallel shaft helical gear reducer is relatively small in size, and high in precision, so it is suitable for more types of mechanical installation. However, F series parallel shaft helical gear reducer has some disadvantages, the first is the flexible pulley's service life is relatively limited, and the deceleration motor's impact resistance is relatively poor, the input speed can not be too high, should be in the rated range.

The K series bevel gear reducer has a compact structure design, small clearance in the return journey and high service life. The motor has high precision and a wide range of rated output torque. However, the price of this kind of motor is relatively high, generally used in low speed and large torque transmission equipment. Through the motor, the internal combustion engine and other high-speed running power through the input shaft of the motor gear to achieve the purpose of deceleration.

The above are several common SEW deceleration motor, different types of deceleration motor performance advantages and use considerations are different, in order to make the deceleration motor in the process of work to play more advantages, need to choose the appropriate deceleration motor to install and use.





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