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Schneider Switches and Sockets Model

Switch socket is one of the essential appliances in our life. It can connect various electrical appliances, and then switch on the power to work.

Socket, also known as power socket, switch socket. A socket is a socket that has one or more circuit wiring pluggable through which various wirings can be inserted.
This makes it easy to connect with other circuits. Through the connection and disconnection between the line and the copper parts, the connection and disconnection of this part of the circuit is finally achieved.

Words for switches are interpreted as on and off. It also refers to an electronic component that can open a circuit, interrupt current, or flow it to other circuits. The most common switches are electromechanical devices that are operated by humans, which have one or more electrical contacts. The “closed” of the contact means that the electronic contact is on and the current is allowed to flow; the “open” of the switch means that the electronic contact is not connected to form an open circuit, and no current is allowed to flow.

Schneider Switches and Sockets Model

The simplest switch has two pieces of metal called "contacts". When the two contacts are in contact, the current is formed back.
When the two contacts are not in contact, the current is open. When selecting the contact metal, it is necessary to consider its degree of resistance to corrosion, because most metals will form insulating oxides after oxidation, making the contacts unable to work properly. Selection of contact metals also requires consideration of their electrical conductivity, hardness, mechanical strength, cost, and whether they are toxic. Corrosion-resistant metals are sometimes plated on the contacts. It is usually plated on the contact surface of the contact to avoid affecting its performance due to oxides. Sometimes contact surfaces also use non-metallic conductive materials, such as conductive plastic. In addition to the contacts in the switch, there will also be movable parts to make the contacts conductive or non-conductive. The switches can be divided into Toggle switch, key switch, Rocker switch, etc. , And the movable part can also be other types of mechanical links.

There are many series of Schneider with switch socket. Among the more important series are Youyi, Ruyi, Fengshang, Lanyun, Tap, Turin E2000, Metro E3000, etc. Among them, the more cost-effective series are Ruyi, E3000, Tap It belongs to high-end products, and Fengshang is a mid-end product.

The following is the product model and its introduction:

C2E31L2_WE_C1, C2E426_WE_C1, E8215_10US, E82426_10US, E8231TV, E8415_10US, EV51TS, E82426_10S, E8215_10S, E84426_10US, E84426_10S, E8415/16CS, E84426/16CS, E8431TVS, EV15/16, EV15/10U, EV426/10U, E84431TVM, E8431TVS, EV52TSRJ5, EV426UI, EV426/16, EV426/10, E82426_16CS

Schneider switch socket models are as follows:
Schneider E8215_10US 10A250V with switch with protection door two / three-pole five-hole socket (8 packs)
Schneider EPB6BCSU 2 meter 10-bit dual USB charging plug anti-surge safety protection plug-in board
Schneider Ruyi EV426 / 10U 5-hole socket 10pcs

Schneider Switches and Sockets Model

What are the characteristics of different series of sockets
1. Wishful series
The Ruyi series is a low-end product, but it is the most cost-effective product in the Schneider series with switches and sockets, and its annual sales are relatively high. The Ruyi series switch sockets are all in white and classic design, made of mainstream materials, and the configuration parts are of excellent quality. Its small and exquisite appearance, simple and elegant, flat and beautiful, can be well matched with various home improvement styles, and the visual effect is relatively high-grade.What are the characteristics of different series of sockets
Wishful series
The Ruyi series is a low-end product, but it is the most cost-effective product in the Schneider series with switches and sockets, and its annual sales are relatively high. The Ruyi series switch sockets are all in white and classic design, made of mainstream materials, and the configuration parts are of excellent quality. Its small and exquisite appearance, simple and elegant, flat and beautiful, can be well matched with various home improvement styles, and the visual effect is relatively high-grade.

2. Fengshang series
Fengshang series switches and sockets are made of imported high-quality PC materials, so they have good impact resistance, corrosion resistance, aging resistance, etc., and have a long service life without yellowing or discoloration. It has better stability and higher security. It is a mid-range product, and its appearance design is more distinctive, the overall is thinner, the panel is larger, and the overall look will be more stylish.

3. E3000 series
The materials of this E3000 series are relatively high-end. The rear seat and panel are made of imported PC materials. The contacts are silver-nickel alloy and high-thickness tin-phosphor bronze sheet. And anti-overcurrent performance. Moreover, the switch socket panel adopts a shock-absorbing design. The panel has LED indicators, or it is of network structure, and can withstand strong impact. Schneider E3000 series is a high-end product. Its main colors are silver and gray, but white is also available.

Schneider Switches and Sockets Model

Classified by purpose:
Civilian socket, industrial socket, waterproof socket, common socket, power socket, computer socket, telephone socket, video and audio socket, mobile socket; USB socket. {GB2099.1-2008 / IEC60884-1: 2006, E3.1, MOD "Plugs and socket-outlets for household and similar uses Part 1: General requirements" definition}
Power socket: an electrical accessory with a socket designed to fit into the pin of a plug and fitted with terminals for connecting a flexible cable.
Fixed socket: A socket for connection with fixed wiring.
Mobile socket: A socket that is intended to be connected to or integrated with a flexible cable and is easily moved from one place to another when connected to a power source.
Multi-socket: A combination of two or more sockets.
Appliance socket: A socket intended to be installed in or fixed to an appliance.
Removable plug or removable socket: Electrical accessories that can be replaced with flexible cables in structure.
Non-removable plug or non-removable mobile socket: After being connected and assembled by the electrical accessory manufacturer, it forms an integrated electrical accessory with the flexible cable in structure.

Classification of household lighting switches:
According to the panel type, there are 86 types, 120 types, 118 types, 146 types, and 75 types. The most popular home decoration applications are 86 types and 118 types.
According to the switch connection method, there are single-pole switch, two-pole switch, three-pole switch, three-pole plus neutral switch, two-way switch with public access line, two-way switch with one disconnected position, two-pole two-way switch, and two-way switch Reversing switch (or middle switch).
Ordinary lighting switch is a low-voltage electrical device used to switch on and off the power of the lighting circuit. Switches and sockets are not only a kind of home furnishings, but also the main components of lighting safety. Their product quality and performance materials are crucial for preventing fires and reducing losses.

When choosing a switch socket, multiple factors should be considered comprehensively.
Switch purchase:
1. Look at the appearance. The panels of high-quality switches and sockets should be made of high-grade plastic products. It looks uniform in material and has a smooth and smooth surface.
2. Looking at the internal structure, usually pure silver contacts and conductive sheets made of silver-copper composite materials should be used to prevent oxidation caused by the arc during opening and closing.
3. Safety, the safety protection door of the socket is essential. When you choose the socket, you should choose the product with the protection door as much as possible.
Power outlet purchase:
1. Look at the brand, you should go to large shopping malls and supermarkets to buy well-known power plug and socket brands;
2. Look at the logo, depending on whether the product has "CCEE" and "CCC" safety certification marks, and the contact number and address of the supplier.
3. Look at the plug. The plug type stipulated by China's national standards is flat, with two poles and two poles with ground, commonly known as three-pole plug. And see if there is damage.
Information socket purchase:
1. Looking at the connection end, the back seat selects the coaxial connection terminal (screw type) to achieve shielding and anti-interference;
2. Look at the hardware. The hardware should be bright, rust-free and have good strength.
3. Broadband and ordinary. If there is no special requirement for the local cable TV network, broadband and ordinary sockets are universal. If you do not move the TV set often, the broadband TV socket will be more reliable.
Switch panel purchase:
1. Materials, common PC materials (polyurethane) commonly known as bullet-proof rubber on the market.
2. Look at the surface, whether the switch surface has gloss, and products with burrs are definitely not good;
3. The switch that smells odor and odor indicates that the material of this product is harmful to the body with other chemical components. Good PC materials have no taste;
4. Bend and twist. When you get the switch panel, look at the toughness of the product. The switch with good toughness will not crack after installation.

Delay switch is a kind of switch which is installed in the switch by using electronic component relay and delay switch circuit. Delay switches are further divided into sound-controlled delay switches, light-controlled delay switches, and touch-type delay switches. The principle of the delay switch is the principle of the electromagnetic relay. The working principle of the relay is that when the relay coil is energized, the iron core in the coil generates a strong electromagnetic force, which attracts the armature to drive the reed to open the contacts 1 and 2. 1, 3 is connected. When the coil is de-energized, the spring resets the reed, making contacts 1, 2 turned on, and 1, 3 turned off. We only need to connect the circuit to be controlled between contacts 1, 2 (1, 2 are called normally closed contacts) or between contacts 1, 3 (called normally open contacts), then we can use relays to achieve some kind of control the goal of.

Schneider Switches and Sockets Model

working principle:
Close the power switch K2, and then press the button switch K1. At this time, the crystal diodes V1 and V2 are turned on and the relay is turned on. At the same time, the power source charges capacitor C. When K1 is disconnected, since C has been charged, it will be discharged through R and V1V2, so that the transistor continues to be turned on, and the relay is still closed. After a period of discharge, when the voltage between the two poles of C drops to a certain value, it is not enough to maintain the triode to continue conducting before the relay is released. The time interval from the opening of K1 to the release of the relay is called the delay time. It depends on the size of R and C. Generally, when C is 100 microfarads, adjusting the adjustable resistor R can obtain a delay time of 10 seconds to 90 seconds. If C takes 1000 microfarads, the delay time can reach more than 5 minutes.
The diode in parallel on the relay plays a protective role to prevent the transistor from being damaged by the high voltage generated by the self-inductance when the relay is powered off and released.

The development direction of switching power supply is high frequency, high reliability, low power consumption, low noise, anti-interference and modularity. Because the key technology of light, small and thin switching power supply is high frequency, major foreign switching power supply manufacturers are committed to the simultaneous development of new highly intelligent components, especially to improve the loss of secondary rectifier devices, Oxygen (Mn? Zn) materials increase technological innovation to improve high magnetic performance at high frequencies and large magnetic flux density (Bs), and miniaturization of capacitors is also a key technology. The application of SMT technology has made great progress in switching power supplies. Components are arranged on both sides of the circuit board to ensure that the switching power supplies are light, small and thin.

Schneider Switches and Sockets Model



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