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SEW eurodrive gearbox maintenance manual

SEW geared motors are designed on the basis of a modular system with a wide range of motor combinations, mounting positions and structural solutions.

The SEW modular combination system allows the gear unit to be combined with the following components:

- combined with a constant field synchronous motor into a servo reduction motor;

-Combination with a dangerous environment working type AC squirrel cage motor;

- in combination with a direct current motor;

- Combined with VARIBLOC? and VARIMOT? transmissions into a stepless speed reduction motor.

SEW eurodrive gearbox maintenance manual

The SEW can be supplied with a gear unit with an input shaft that does not have an electric motor, or a gear unit with an open input for installation.
The complete SEW-EURODRIVE modular combination system offers you the best choice.
Low energy consumption, superior performance, and reducer efficiency of 96%. Low vibration and low noise.
High-strength steel cast iron box with ribs; the helical gears are made of forged steel and the surface is hardened by carburizing; precision machining ensures the parallelism of the shaft and the accuracy of the positioning, which constitutes the perfect combination of gear transmission.
SEW helical gear reducers can be mounted horizontally or flanged in any position. However, the horizontal or flange combination installation method is not suitable for the single-stage reducer RX..., and the combination of the two helical gear reducers and the motor (multi-stage reducer) can achieve a particularly low output speed.
All SEW helical gear reducers are available with optional SEW AC squirrel cage brake motors, as well as SEW stepless speed reducers VARIBLOC® and VARIMOT®, EExe, Eexed “increased safety” AC squirrel cage motors, in line with Europe Standard EExe "explosion proof" motor, SEW DC motor with or without brake.
In addition to this, the following options are available: helical gear reducer with extension input shaft (agitator or agitator drive); accessories with IEC (International) standard motor or motor with adjustable motor mounting above the gear unit Platform, other information is available from the home directory.
The output torque is high and the 18000Nm helical geared motor is small. It has high overload capacity and the output power can reach 160KW.

Transportation and storage
Storage Generally, we are in a dry and ventilated environment, the ground level is maintained, the gear box is placed smoothly, and the gear box is kept at a standstill. In addition, it is necessary to do anti-rust treatment, and it can not be stored in the open air. Some wind farms often put the gear box in the open air because of poor storage conditions, which is very easy to cause problems. There are also weather conditions. According to the weather conditions, we should re-apply the rust inhibitor every 6-12 months. The environmental conditions should be kept below 70% air humidity, and the temperature is generally between 18 and 45 degrees. In the storage, the holes in the gearbox need to be covered with grease. Especially in transportation and transportation, we must pay attention to it. Some logistics companies have to check their qualifications before transporting. Is it important to use gearboxes and packaging? Fixing is very important because of gearboxes. The fall is also a situation we often encounter, causing unnecessary losses in the gearbox.

Gearboxes are an important mechanical component that is widely used in wind turbines. Its main function is to transmit the power generated by the wind wheel under the action of the wind to the generator and get the corresponding speed.
Usually, the speed of the wind wheel is very low, which is far from the speed required by the generator to generate electricity. It must be realized by the speed increasing action of the gear box gear pair. Therefore, the gear box is also called the speed increasing box.

The gearbox is subjected to the force from the wind wheel and the reaction force generated during the gear transmission. It must have sufficient rigidity to withstand the force and torque to prevent deformation and ensure the transmission quality. The design of the gearbox housing should be in accordance with the layout, processing and assembly conditions of the wind turbine power transmission, and easy inspection and maintenance. With the rapid development of the gearbox industry, more and more industries and different enterprises have applied gearboxes, and more and more enterprises have grown stronger in the gearbox industry.

According to the modular design principle of the unit structure, the gear box greatly reduces the types of parts and is suitable for large-scale production and flexible and variable selection. The spiral bevel gear and the helical gear of the reducer are all carburized and quenched with high-quality alloy steel. The hardness of the tooth surface is up to 60±2HRC, and the precision of the tooth surface grinding is up to 5-6.

The bearings of the transmission parts are all domestic famous brand bearings or imported bearings, and the seals are made of skeleton oil seals; the structure of the speaker body, the larger surface area of ​​the cabinet and the large fan; the temperature rise and noise of the whole machine are reduced, and the reliability of operation is improved. The transmission power is increased. Parallel axis, orthogonal axis, vertical and horizontal universal box can be realized. The input mode includes motor coupling flange and shaft input; the output shaft can be output at right angle or horizontal level, and solid shaft and hollow shaft and flange output shaft are available. . The gearbox can meet the installation requirements of a small space, and can also be supplied according to customer requirements. Its volume is 1/2 smaller than the soft tooth reducer, the weight is reduced by half, the service life is increased by 3~4 times, and the carrying capacity is increased by 8~10 times. Widely used in printing and packaging machinery, three-dimensional garage equipment, environmental protection machinery, transportation equipment, chemical equipment, metallurgical mining equipment, steel power equipment, mixing equipment, road construction machinery, sugar industry, wind power generation, escalator elevator drive, ship field, light High-power, high-speed ratio, high-torque applications such as industrial fields, papermaking, metallurgical industry, sewage treatment, building materials industry, lifting machinery, conveyor lines, and assembly lines. It has a good cost performance and is conducive to the domestic equipment.

The gearbox has the following functions:
1. Accelerated deceleration is the variable speed gearbox that is often said.
2. Change the direction of the drive. For example, we use two sector gears to transmit the force vertically to the other.
3. Change the turning moment. Under the same power conditions, the faster the gear rotates, the smaller the torque the shaft receives, and vice versa.
4. Clutch function: We can separate the engine from the load by separating the two originally meshed gears. Such as brake clutches.
5. Distribute power. For example, we can use one engine to drive multiple slave shafts through the gearbox main shaft, thus realizing the function of one engine to drive multiple loads.

Compared with other industrial gearboxes, because the wind turbine gearbox is installed in a small cabin that is several tens of meters or even more than one hundred meters high from the ground, its own volume and weight for the cabin, tower, foundation, unit wind load, installation and maintenance Costs and the like have an important impact, so it is important to reduce the size and weight. At the same time, due to inconvenient maintenance and high maintenance costs, the design life of the gearbox is usually required to be 20 years, and the reliability requirements are extremely demanding. Because size and weight and reliability are often a pair of irreconcilable contradictions, the design and manufacture of wind turbine gearboxes often fall into a dilemma. The overall design stage should meet the requirements of reliability and working life, and compare and optimize the transmission scheme with the minimum volume and minimum weight as the target; the structural design should meet the transmission power and space constraints, and consider the structure as simple as possible. Reliable operation and convenient maintenance; ensure product quality at every stage of the manufacturing process; in real time, the gearbox operating status (bearing temperature, vibration, oil temperature and quality change) should be monitored in real time and routinely maintained according to specifications.

SEW eurodrive gearbox maintenance manual

The reversible cabinet design and various installation methods can meet the various installation conditions of the reducer under a single working condition, which can reduce the number of backup machines of different types of reducers required by the user to a certain extent.

     The rugged design of the cabinet, the low noise design of the gears and the efficient cooling system make the X-Series products easy to maintain and safe to operate.

     Efficient gearbox drawing tools, including 2D and 3D model drawing tools, as well as molded belt conveyors and bucket drive overall drive solutions, complement the X-Series product range.

Design Features:

Independent industrial reducer platform
Helical and bevel gears - Helical gear reducers
Single and separate gearbox
Advanced modular technology
Tailored to customer requirements
Universal mounting location
Additional configurations and options increase product diversity

The speed of the gearbox wind wheel is low. In most wind turbines, the generator power generation requirements are not met, and the gearbox gear pair must be used to achieve the speed increase. Therefore, the gearbox will also be called the speed increase box. .

Gearbox maintenance
In general, lubricating oil is one of the most important in the gearbox. One of the factors that must be paid enough attention to in terms of maintenance and maintenance is the factor that has a great influence on the maintenance of the gearbox. The new machine runs for 250 hours and needs to do the first oil sample analysis. It will be done again after half a year. After three years, it is decided whether to replace the oil according to the results of the oil sample analysis. When changing the oil, we must first replace the same model, the same brand, if the same model, the same brand can not do, we must do the mutual solubility test. The filter element needs to be replaced once every 12 months, and the daily maintenance is generally 1-3 months, such as checking the appearance of the gear box, bolts, including piping. To replace the oil filter, it is necessary to observe whether there is iron filings on the oil filter. If it is blocked, the oil filter must be replaced, indicating that there is a problem in the lubricating oil, that is, to check the position of each gear in detail.

In addition, check the magnetic bar. Inside the gearbox, we usually have a magnetic bar outside to extend into the gearbox. If the magnetic bar is clean, we have no problem in the gearbox. If there is a lot of metal powder or iron filings on it. , indicating that a certain part is seriously worn. Magnetic plugging, the various departments of the gearbox will set some magnetic plugs, if clean, or no problem. The air filter is also a very important part. We first check if it is clean. If it is clogged, or it is very embarrassing, it needs to be replaced immediately. There are also long downtimes and long-term storage of the gearbox. We have to manually cycle a few turns every 3 months to increase lubrication and prevent static indentation. There are also mechanical pumps that must be lubricated when stored for long periods of time. Endoscopy is an effective means of checking the inside of the gearbox. Generally, we can see the condition of each part of the bearing through the endoscope, including the condition of the tooth surface, including those places that the naked eye can not see from the observation port.


SEW eurodrive gearbox maintenance manual

Product advantages:

Very strong gearbox
Axisymmetric cabinet design supports both sides of the installation
High power density and reducer model fine grading
Efficient design tools, including 2D and 3D dimensional drawing, reduce cost and weight
Short delivery time for standard equipment
Efficient cooling system
global service

Application range:

Transmission equipment, such as in building materials, raw materials, chemicals,
Mixers and mixers in the food and feed industry
Warehouse, transit, container crane traverse and lifting drive
Wood and paper industry
Shredder and shredder
Environmental Protection Industry
Bucket elevator for bulk material transfer

1. SEW reducer and working machine connection SEW reducer is directly set on the working machine spindle. When the SEW reducer is running, the counter torque acting on the SEW reduction gear body is installed on the SEW reduction gear body. Brackets are balanced by other methods. The machine is directly matched and the other end is coupled to the fixed bracket.
2. Installation of the anti-torque bracket The anti-torque bracket should be installed on the side of the working machine facing the reducer to reduce the bending moment attached to the working machine shaft. The bushing of the anti-torque bracket and the fixed bearing coupling end uses an elastic body such as rubber to prevent deflection and absorb the generated torque ripple.
3. Installation relationship between SEW reducer and SEW working machine In order to avoid the deflection of the working machine main shaft and the additional force on the reducer bearing, the distance between the SEW reducer and the working machine should be under the condition that it does not affect the normal work. As small as possible, its value is 5-10mm.


SEW eurodrive gearbox maintenance manual


1. In order to achieve a particularly low output speed, it can be realized by the method of connecting two gear reducers. When using this transmission scheme, the power of the configurable motor must depend on the ultimate output torque of the reducer, and the output torque of the reducer cannot be calculated from the motor power.
2. When installing the transmission parts on the SEW output shaft, it is not allowed to strike with a hammer. Usually, the internal jigs of the assembly jig and the shaft end are used to push the transmission parts with bolts, otherwise the internal parts of the reducer may be damaged. It is better not to use a steel fixed coupling. Due to improper installation of this type of coupling, unnecessary external loads may be caused, resulting in early damage of the bearing and even breakage of the output shaft in severe cases.

3. The SEW reducer should be firmly installed on a stable level foundation or base. The oil in the oil drain should be removed and the cooling air circulation should be smooth. The foundation is unreliable, causing vibration and noise during operation and causing damage to bearings and gears. When the transmission coupling has protrusions or gears and sprocket transmissions, it should be considered to install a protective device. When the output shaft is subjected to a large radial load, the reinforcement type should be selected.
4. According to the specified installation device, the staff can conveniently approach the oil mark, vent plug and drain plug. After the installation is in place, the accuracy of the installation position should be thoroughly checked in order, and the reliability of each fastener should be flexibly rotated after installation. The reducer is splashed and lubricated in the oil pool. Before running, the user needs to remove the screw plug of the vent hole and replace it with the vent plug. According to different installation positions, and open the oil level plug screw to check the height of the oil level line, refuel from the oil level plug until the oil overflows from the oil level plug screw hole, and then screw the oil level plug to make sure it is correct before emptying The test run shall be no less than 2 hours. The operation should be stable, without impact, vibration, noise and oil leakage. If abnormalities are found, they should be eliminated in time. After a certain period of time, the oil level should be checked again to prevent possible leakage of the casing. If the ambient temperature is too high or too low, the grade of the lubricating oil can be changed.

SEW eurodrive gearbox maintenance manual

Check maintenance:
The newly-introduced reducer has been injected into the L-CKC100-L-CKC220 medium-pressure industrial gear oil in GB/T5903 at the factory. After 200-300 hours of operation, the first oil change should be carried out for later use. The quality of the oil should be checked regularly, and the oil mixed with impurities or deteriorated must be replaced in time. Under normal circumstances, for SEW reducers that work continuously for a long time, replace the new oil with 5000 hours of operation or once a year. The gearbox that has been deactivated for a long time should be replaced with a new oil reducer before re-run. It should be added with the same oil as the original grade. It must not be mixed with different grades of oil. Oils with the same grade and different viscosity are allowed to be mixed. When changing oil, wait for the reducer to cool down without burning danger, but still keep warm, because after the complete cooling, the viscosity of the oil increases and it is difficult to drain. Note: Turn off the power supply of the transmission to prevent unintentional power-on! During work, when the oil temperature rise exceeds 80 °C or the oil pool temperature exceeds 100 °C and abnormal noise is generated, stop using it. Check the cause, remove the fault, and replace the oil before continuing operation. The user shall have reasonable rules for the use and maintenance, and shall carefully record the operation of the reducer and the problems found during the inspection. The above provisions shall be strictly implemented. 5. Selection of Lubricating Oil The SEW reducer must be filled with lubricating oil of appropriate viscosity before it is put into operation. The friction between the gears must be reduced. In case of high load and impact load, the reducer can fully exert its function. First use for about 200 hours, the lubricant must be drained, rinsed, and then re-added new lubricant to the center of the oil standard. If the oil level is too high or too low, the operating temperature may be abnormal.

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