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Siemens Electric Motor Models

SIMOTICS electric motors for industry

Siemens electric motors: Quality and innovation from the very beginning

SIMOTICS electric motors are synonymous with quality, innovation and the highest efficiency. We cover the complete range of industrial motors – synchronous as well as asynchronous: from standard electric motors through servomotors for motion control applications up to high voltage and DC motors. This is all based on more than 150 years of experience. In the meantime, Siemens electric motors are an integral component of Digital Enterprises.

The following is the product model and its introduction:

1LE0001-1CC33-3AA4, 1LE0001-0EB4, 1LE0001-0DB22-1FA4, 1LE0001-1CB23-3AA4, 1TL0001, 1LE0001-0EB42-1FA4, 1LE1001-0EB42-2AA4, 1LE1001-0EB42-2FA4, 1TL0003-0EA02-1FA5, 1TL0001-1CC3-3FA4, 1TL0001-0EA0, 1TL0001-0EA4, 1TL0001-1AA4, 1TL0001-0DB2, 1TL0001-0DB3, 1TL0001-0EB0, 1TL0001-1BC2, 1TL0001-1CC0, 1TL0001-1CC2, 1TL0003-0EA02-1FA4, 1LE0001-1CB03-3FA4, 1LE0001-0DB32-1FA4, 1LE0001-0EA42-1FA4, 1LE0301-1AB42-1AA4

The parameters on the Siemens motor nameplate are as follows.
3 ~ MOT, three-phase AC motor
1LE1001 0EB49 0FA4-Z, Siemens special order number
IEC / EN 60034, production execution standard
90L frame size is 90L
IMB5 installation method is B5, that is, large flange vertical installation
IP55 enclosure protection grade is IP55
V: 380 △ The rated voltage is 380VAC triangle connection
Hz: 50 Rated frequency is 50 Hz
A: 3.50 rated current is 3.5 amps
kW: 1.5 Rated power is 1.5 kW
PF: 0.79 Power factor is 0.79
RPM: 1435 rated speed is 1435 rpm

Siemens Electric Motor Models

The data on the nameplate of the Siemens motor DC plate is the rated value, which is used as the basis for selecting and using the DC machine.
1. Model
Models include electromechanical series, frame size, core length, design times, pole number, etc.
2. Rated power (capacity)
The idea of ​​direct current refers to the mechanical power allowed to be output on the shaft during long-term use. Generally use KW to imply the unit.
3. Rated voltage
The direct current idea refers to the input voltage applied to the electric idea from both ends of the brush when operating under rated conditions. Units are implied by V.
4. Rated current
The electric idea refers to the working current that is allowed to be input when the rated power is output at the rated voltage and the permanent operation is allowed. Units are implied by A.
5. Rated speed
When the electromechanical machine is running under rated conditions (rated power, rated voltage, rated current), the rotor speed is the rated speed. The unit is indicated by r / min (rev / min). DC electromechanical nameplates often have low and high speeds. Low speed is the basic speed, and high speed is the highest speed.
6. Excitation mode
Refers to the power supply method of the excitation winding. There are three kinds of self-excitation, other inspiration and compound inspiration.
7. Excitation voltage
Refers to the voltage value of the excitation winding power supply. Generally there are 110V, 220V, etc. The unit is V.

1. SIMOTICS Low-Voltage Motors for the Industry

Choose the right low-voltage electric motor for the right application

SIMOTICS low-voltage motors cover a wide range of motors from 0.09 KW up to 5 MW. They conform to IEC and NEMA standards and they are highly efficient. The motors can be used either direct on line or for converter operation in combination with the wide range of SINAMICS converters. 

Siemens has a wide range of IEC low-voltage asynchronous industrial motors from 0.09 KW to 5 MW. IEC motors provide a high reliability and efficiency, are suitable for all industries and applications, meet all standard requirements and fulfill international and local regulations.
* IEC frame motors with NEMA electrical characteristics are also selectable in this section.

Our NEMA 3-phase AC motors are built on our reputation for rugged and durable motor performance. From general purpose motors in aluminum and cast-iron frame, to sophisticated motors that meet or exceed IEEE 841, NEMA Premium® and other stringent industry standards, you can trust Siemens for the right solution - every time:
* IEC frame motors with NEMA electrical characteristics are available in the IEC Motors section

2. SIMOTICS High Voltage Motors – for every demand

Extreme reliability and long life
A smart concept with a wide range of options makes the SIMOTICS HV motors the preferred choice for virtually any imaginable configuration with a power range from 150 kW up to 100 MW and more, speeds from 7 to 15,900 rpm, and torques up to 2,460 kNm and conformity with IEC and NEMA standards. Options include several cooling systems and all common explosion protection types. In addition, degrees of protection up to IP66 and special paint systems are available for use in aggressive atmospheres and under extreme conditions. We even supply SIMOTICS HV motors for use in temperatures as low as -60° C and for applications with rigorous vibration quality requirements in line with the API standard. With its compact, modular, high-power, specialized and ANEMA series, SIMOTICS HV is the perfect fit for every large drive application in the medium voltage range.

1) Comapct motors(IEC)

Compact motors designed for standard and extreme protection requirements
The high voltage compact IEC motors featuring asynchronous technology cover a power range from 150 kW to 7.1 MW, in all relevant cooling types for low installation heights – in addition to classic fin cooling, also available with tube cooling and water jacket cooling. With these versions, they seamlessly cover the corresponding power and application ranges – from basic or standard up to sector-specific applications. They can also address extreme requirements with degree of protection up to IP66, in special designs up to IP68 and all types of explosion protection. The compact motors sets themselves apart as a result of its high power density and compact design that applies across the board. Further, as a result of their outstanding reliability, as well as low maintenance, they boost plant and system availability and reduce energy costs based on their high efficiencies.

2)Modular motors(IEC)

Diverse range of modular cooling types for maximum flexibility and performance
With a power rating of up to 19 MW, the modular high voltage motors (IEC) cover a wide range of modular cooling concepts, e.g. air/air, air/water heat exchangers, and open cooling. Even in this power range, motors can be quickly and simply selected and configured using standard engineering tools. Due to their modular concept the motors can be precisely adapted to fit every conceivable application up to 19 MW. It goes without saying that they have the highest reliability even under extreme conditions, coupled with a long service life, low maintenance and high efficiencies up to 98 %.

3) High power motors(IEC)

SIMOTICS HV high power motors cover a wide range of high voltage asynchronous motors
The high power motors have been designed to address industrial applications that demand the highest power ratings. Applications such as refiners, large extruders, mills, crushers, air separation plants, blast-furnace blowers, gas compressor stations and gas liquefaction plants. The high power motors with asynchronous technology offers power ratings up to 38 MW to address applications such as these.

4) Specialized motors(IEC)

Motors designed for the specific requirements of more complex or advanced applications
With a power rating of up to 30 MW, the specialized high voltage motors provide motor designs built specifically to suit the specific requirements of a complex application or to maximize the performance and implementation with an application drive system concept. Siemens expertise in various industries and applications has equipped us to identify situations where we can provide a design specifically optimized for a challenging application or where the requirements of the application exceed the normal capabilities of our main motor designs. The demands of applications like high speed compressors up to 15,900 rpm, subsea pumps, specific injection pumps, rolling mill or ship motors.

Siemens Electric Motor Models

3. The optimal solution for every application

Motion Control Motors
Whether synchronous or asynchronous, with or without gear units - when it comes to selecting the optimum motor for your motion control application, Siemens has the widest motor selection in the world - also covering built-in motors and motor spindles. Plus every Siemens motor for motion control is perfectly matched to operate with our family of SINAMICS frequency converters.

We offer the perfect SIMOTICS S Servomotors with functionalities for each application: a torque range of 0.18 to 1650 Nm, various built-in transmitters, a range of cooling types and protection classes, an integrated parking brake, plus other options. Fitted with a built-in type plate and DRIVE-CLiQ system interface, you will benefit from optimum interaction with our SINAMICS S120 drive systems.

An asynchronous induction motor designed for use on a converter is significantly more compact and sturdy with a higher standard of concentricity than a conventional three-phase induction motor. It has incremental encoders for speed-controlled operation and is available with absolute value transmitters for positioning applications. Transmitter-free operation is also possible in more basic applications.

SIMOTIC L Linear motors from Siemens are available with maximum force rating up to 20.700 N with feed rates exceeding 1.200 m/min, capabilities that provide maximum productivity. The 1FN3 is a linear motor with a magnetic secondary section that delivers impressive maximum force-to-size ratio and dynamics.

Every torque motor from Siemens meets the utmost requirements in precision, performance and dynamics – especially when used as a part of our system solution. The high-poled permanent-magnet-excited synchronous motors are fully integrated into the machine with no mechanical transmission elements such as gears. This means you benefit from increased mounting flexibility, simplified maintenance, high availability, and reduced space requirements.

5) Motor spindles
Siemens offers the perfect portfolio of motor spindles that deliver maximum productivity and precision and ensure optimum performance and product quality. Mechanically built-in-motor solutions are extremely compact and achieve maximum rigidity, a requirement for achieving maximum speeds and exact concentricity.

 4. DC motors – compact and modular

DC motors SIMOTICS DC have a compact and modular design and can be used in difficult installation conditions. An extensive range of attachments is available as well as a variety of monitoring and diagnostic options. The high quality of the DC motors is ensured by our comprehensive quality management system. This ensures safe and trouble-free operation. Wherever reliable drive technology and maximum availability are required, the DC motors SIMOTICS DC together with the power converters SINAMICS DCM offer a perfectly matched combination. 

DC motors – product selection
Series 6 / 7 / 5 – axle height 160 - 630
Impressive availability from 31,5 to 1610 kW due to proven technology with SIMOTICS DC motors
Advantages :
High power density but with low envelope dimensions
High operational safety and availability through a wide range of diagnostic functions, together with SINAMICS DCM DC converters
High thermal reserves for continuous and overload duty as a result of the DURIGNIT 2000 insulation system
Low losses through an extremely high efficiency
High brush lifetimes using the optimized current commutation system
Low space requirements for innovative machine solutions
Low noise construction
Extremely low vibrations and torque ripple

Siemens Electric Motor Models

Technical characteristics:
1. Protection grade IP55, high protection will extend the service life.
2. Insulation class F insulation, the life of the insulation system is improved.
3. HVAC load motor suitable for inverter power supply
4. Voltage level Three-phase AC 380 V frequency 50 Hz
5. A solid and reliable junction box with high-quality cable entry connectors. Junction box on the right hand side (top optional)
6. Use high-quality grease to extend bearing life
7. Improvement of rotor technology, implementation of Siemens motor assembly standards to improve connection reliability of parts
8. Paint color RAL 7030 (stone gray)
9. The motor has condensate drain holes
10. CCC, CE certificate.
Basic installation type: IMB3, IMB5, IMB35

Motor performance:
Siemens Motors (SIEMENS Motors) Siemens is the world's leading motor manufacturer with more than 100 years of experience in motor manufacturing. Siemens motor products cover almost all motors that can be used in industrial fields. No matter what load you need to drive, Siemens motors can meet the specific requirements of the system.
The higher efficiency level reduces energy consumption and directly saves users costs!
The higher protection level (IP55) guarantees the safe and reliable use of customers!
With higher price-performance ratio, customers enjoy high-quality, well-regarded international big-brand products at lower prices, which provides guarantee for customers' use and indirect cost savings for users.
——Flexible outlet: The junction box rotates in the direction of 4 * 90 degrees, the customer can arbitrarily specify, only need to indicate when ordering.
——Solid component connection: The implementation of Siemens motor assembly standards, modular design, and modular installation improve the reliability of component connections, greatly reducing the installation and commissioning time and shortening the delivery time.
——High-performance protection level: All motors are designed with IP55 protection level. They can be used outdoors or in dusty and humid environments. Users do not need to add additional devices to affect normal use. And can also provide a higher level of protection according to user requirements.
——Improve the insulation performance and increase the service life of the motor: all standard motors adopt the F-level insulation system and are evaluated according to the B-level insulation, which increases the reliability of the motor operation, improves the life of the motor, and can be provided according to user requirements. High insulation level.
——Excellent rotor processing technology: After each rotor is processed, it will be properly protected and brushed with protective paint.
——Select high-performance bearings and lubricating grease: bearings are selected from famous manufacturers and customized according to Siemens requirements. Grease is Esso Unirex N3 new lubricating grease, which is resistant to high temperature and not volatile, ensuring continuous long-term reliable operation of key components;
——Wide voltage, wide frequency: the actual voltage can be rated.

Application industry:
General mechanical transmission fixed speed transmission
Fans (fixed speed and variable torque load speed regulation)
Substitute domestic Y, Y2 series motors to enable customers to upgrade pump loads (fixed speed and variable torque load speed regulation)
Compressor load (constant speed and variable torque load speed regulation)

Working principle:
The establishment of the main magnetic field: the excitation winding is connected with a DC excitation current to establish an excitation magnetic field between polarities, that is, a main magnetic field is established.
Current-carrying conductor: The three-phase symmetrical armature winding acts as a power winding and becomes a carrier of induced electric potential or induced current.
Cutting motion: The prime mover drags the rotor to rotate (inputting mechanical energy to the motor), and the excitation magnetic field between the polarities rotates with the shaft and sequentially cuts the stator phase windings (equivalent to the winding conductor reversely cutting the excitation magnetic field).
Generation of alternating electric potential: Due to the relative cutting movement between the armature winding and the main magnetic field, a three-phase symmetrical alternating electric potential in which the size and direction change periodically according to the period will be induced in the armature winding. AC power can be provided through the lead-out cable.
Alternation and symmetry: Because the polarities of the rotating magnetic field are alternated, the polarity of the induced potential alternates; due to the symmetry of the armature winding, the three-phase symmetry of the induced potential is ensured.

First, Motor model composition and meaning
 It consists of four sub-sequences such as motor type code, motor characteristic code, design serial number and excitation mode code.
1. The type code is a Chinese pinyin letter used to characterize various types of motors.
 For example: asynchronous motor Y synchronous motor T synchronous generator TF DC motor Z
DC generator ZF
2. The characteristic code is to characterize the performance, structure or use of the motor, and it is also represented by the Chinese pinyin letters.
For example: Flameproof type uses B to indicate YB axial flow fan uses YT
Electromagnetic brake type YEJ variable frequency speed regulation type YVP
Pole changing multi-speed YD crane YZD etc.
3. The design serial number refers to the order of motor product design, which is represented by Arabic numerals. The design serial number is not marked for the designed products, and the products derived from the series products are marked in the order of design.
For example: Y2 YB2
4. The codes of the excitation mode are represented by letters, S indicates the third harmonic, J indicates the thyristor, and X indicates the phase complex excitation.
 For example: Y2-- 160 M1 – 8
Y: Model, indicating asynchronous motor;
2: Design serial number, "2" means the product with improved design based on ** times;
160: The center height is the height from the axis center to the plane of the base;
M1: the base length specification, M is medium size, in which the footnote "2" is the second specification of the M-type core, and the "2" type is longer than the "1" type core.
8: Number of poles, "8" refers to an 8-pole motor.
 Such as: Y 630—10 / 1180
        Y means asynchronous motor;
630 means power 630KW;
10 poles, stator core outer diameter 1180MM.
 Second, the specification code is mainly expressed by the center height, the length of the base, the length of the core, and the number of poles
 1. The center height refers to the height from the axis of the motor to the bottom corner of the base; according to the difference of the center height, the motor can be divided into four types: large, medium, small and mini.
H in 45mm ~ 71mm belongs to micro motor;
H is 80mm ~ 315mm belongs to small motor;
H in 355mm ~ 630mm belongs to medium-sized motor;
H above 630mm belongs to large motor.
2. The length of the base is expressed by international letters:
S—Short stand
M—middle base
L—Long stand
3. The length of the core is represented by Arabic numerals 1, 2, 3, 4, and from long to short.
4. The number of poles is divided into 2 poles, 4 poles, 6 poles, 8 poles, etc.
Third. The supplementary code is only applicable to motors with supplementary requirements
 for example:
 The meaning of each code of the motor with product model YB2-132S-4 H is:
Y: product type code, indicating asynchronous motor;
B: Product feature code, indicating flameproof type;
2: The serial number of the product design, indicating the second design;
132: The motor center is high, indicating that the distance between the axis and the ground is 132 mm;
S: the length of the motor base, expressed as a short base;
4: Number of poles, indicating a 4-pole motor;
H: Special environment code, indicating marine motor.


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