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Siemens Switch And Socket Models

Technological progress has brought us an advanced lifestyle. The vigorous development of modern art has also created a richer aesthetic form. The aesthetic pursuit of modern people has gradually improved. Even furniture, electrical appliances and other products that focus on functionality cannot be ignored. Presentation of visual effects. "High value" has become an important consideration for Siemens 'production design. In recent years, because of its simple and atmospheric design, Siemens' switch sockets have stood on the high ground of style and become the vane of high-level aesthetics.
Siemens, a home electrical expert originating from Germany, has become a model for answering this question by virtue of its multiple switch socket series incorporating minimalist aesthetics. Siemens maximizes the safety of home appliances, and integrates high-end aesthetic design into the appearance of products, truly bringing home appliances closer to "home". Life is inseparable from the beauty. For consumers who pursue high-quality home improvement, even the switch socket on the wall must have a high-quality appearance, texture, and even colorful colors. The home electrical concept pursued by Siemens is permeating into every detail of design and production, seeing taste in details and seeing life.

The internationally renowned electrician brand, the most trusted product by consumers-Siemens Switch "is the core brand of Siemens. Siemens is one of the world's well-known electronic and electrical companies, and has always ranked among the top 500 companies in the world. 22nd place.
Siemens household electrical strong and weak electricity whole house solution, through switch sockets, mobile sockets, low-voltage terminal power distribution products, smart home wiring box four product series.
Siemens switches are part of household electrical appliances, and switch sockets are ports required for household appliances to draw power.

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Siemens Switch And Socket Models

1. DELTA line (i-system)
A genuine classic. Timeless beauty.
Perfect proportions, an elegant look, and a sleek design - these are the key features of DELTA line
1) Focus on design. Pure beauty.
The DELTA line range sets new standards in the language of design: narrow corner radii, precise outer edges and a harmonious surface appearance. Special feature: the slim form. The switch blends timelessly with any interior design, emphasized by the modern range of product colors - titanium white, electrical white, aluminum metallic, and carbon metallic. Always flexible - right down the line
2) Components
Frames in four colors
Printable frames for horizontal and vertical mounting
Components from the i-system product range: operator interfaces, SCHUKO-outlets ...
Set of seals for rockers and outlets for the IP44 degree of protection
Comprehensive functions from the i-system: room temperature, motion detection

 2. DELTA miro (i-system)
Something very special
DELTA miro is available in four different materials. If you value a consistent design throughout your house, you can't go wrong with the DELTA miro program.
Components of the DELTA miro product range
Single to quintuple frames
Components from the i-system product range: operator interfaces, SCHUKO-outlets ...
Set of seals for rockers and sockets for the IP44 degree of protection
Comprehensive functions from the i-system for e.g. communication, room temperature control, motion detection
1) Focus on design. Pure beauty.
Attractive design, attractive price - no longer a contradiction with DELTA miro color. If you are keen to furnish your entire house with a single switch line, a solution based on DELTA miro color represents an exciting alternative. Alone or in combination with DELTA miro glass, wood or aluminum.
2) For all those who love design. Something very special.
Pure and simple design - that's the DELTA miro glass switch range. Noble materials, clear-cut lines and an incomparably slim form are the key features of these switches. With the glass frame providing a unique showcase for the operator interface. DELTA miro glass stands out because of its elegant appearance. But that's not all - it also offers a host of functions.
3) Graceful lines. Sleek design.
Sleek design in perfect harmony with your unique and elegant lifestyle. At the office or at home, the graceful lines of this design range add to a stylish ambience. Aluminum - a reusable material - clear, pure, long-lasting. From the engineering all the way to its function and design: DELTA miro aluminum is characterized by its special surface appearance and its full-range of i-system functions.
4) Stylish accents. Natural appeal.
Design follows function. The choice of materials available for DELTA miro now matches the functional diversity of the i-system components. Five solid wood frames create rich opportunities in switch design. Regardless of whether the aim is to embellish your walls with a series of elegant details or to bring your light switches into line with the warm wood shades of your furniture, the sky's the limit. 

Siemens Switch And Socket Models

3. DELTA style
Clarity of form and function. Design pure.
People who like clear-cut elegance are well advised to opt for DELTA style, our design series in the DELTA product range. These switches combine an esthetically pleasing design with exceptional functionality.
1) Clarity of form and function. Design pure.
Purist. Elegant. Modern. And sensuous.
At home or at work - a concept that never fails to impress. Design pure.
2) Components
Numerous rocker versions, e.g. with labelling field, indicator lights
Various functions e.g. blind control, room temperature control, motion detection
Connection to GAMMA instabus possible
Sealing kit for rockers and sockets for protection class IP44
DELTA style platinum metallic with protection against fingerprints

4. DELTA profil
Warm hues, harmonious shapes. Perfect harmony.
DELTA profil is a switch range that blends particularly harmoniously into the the interior design. Be it in titanium white or silver.
1) Design
DELTA profil - perfect harmony
The warm, bright hues are an excellent match for the curved lines of the switch design. With this unique combination, DELTA profil tones perfectly into any ambience.
2) Components
Communication and data networks
Time circuits
Room temperature control
Motion detection
Connection to GAMMA instabus possible
SCHUKO outlets in various designs, e.g. with overvoltage protection, status display, labeling field, increased protection against contact.

5. DELTA fläche
Not quite waterproof? You bet they're waterproof!
In garages, utility rooms, laboratories, and workshops, you need to keep on your toes. Otherwise, you may occasionally get wet feet - not to mention splashed floors and walls.
1) Design
Increased safety and easy operation
Adequate protection for electrical installations in damp or wet areas and outdoors is essential. A clear case for the DELTA fläche IP44 product range (splashproof) for damp locations or the DELTA fläche IP68 (pressure-water-tight) for extreme conditions. The casings and covers are made of fire retarding polycarbonate - a remarkably impact-resistant material - making them ideal for even the harshest hot or cold environments.
2) Components
Casings made of impact-resistant thermoplastic
Button surfaces in a combination of arctic white and steel, and arctic white and arctic white
2 variants of the surface program:
- IP44 (splash-proof)
- IP68 (pressure-water-tight)

Siemens Switch And Socket Models

Product Series:
Siemens DELTA switch socket has more than ten series of products, the main series of products are as follows:
The Arina Ruizhi series adopts a frameless design and LED lights with hidden design. The surface of this series is highly polished, using polymer PC materials, and can also be combined with integrated multi-frames.
1) The Seata Hao Rui series uses electrical PC materials to restore the ceramic texture. There are three colors: jade glaze white, selenium glaze silver, and sand glaze gold.
2) Shine Yingcai series. Adopt baking paint and PU coating process, the whole series has 8 colors including conglomerate brown, ocher red, moon lime, turquoise blue and so on.
3) Valere crystal series, with six glass materials, two all-aluminum materials and three plastic materials.
4) Lavie Yuedong series, the switch adopts German V-shaped design and enlarged fluorescent strip.
5) Vista series, using PC materials, simple design, matching a variety of decorative styles.
6) Ocero Pinyi series can be customized with multiple borders.
7) Azio Lingzhi series, three-dimensional spherical design, adjustable buckle, according to the flatness of different walls, the four corners can adjust the depth.
8) Vega Smart Series.
9) Ground plug series, used in commercial buildings, hotels, schools, hospitals, data centers and other places.
In addition, Siemens DELTA also has imported products.

Internal structure:
1) Use tin-phosphor bronze, plug and fasten
2) The socket copper sheet uses tin phosphor bronze material, which has high strength, good plasticity, good conductivity, and is not easy to deform
3) Anti-shock protection door design to ensure the safety of children
4) The power sockets are equipped with protective doors to prevent children from getting an electric shock
5) Add lightning protection function to protect life safety
6) Add lightning protection module, one more layer of protection, effectively reduce the damage to people and property caused by lightning strikes and overvoltage
7) Unique structural design, accurate mating
8) Cylindrical plugs and flat plugs have special sockets to ensure the stability of the current
9) Prepare icons and standard loading cards for easy use
10) The icon of the information socket and the standard loading card can easily identify the use of the socket and the circuit, which is easy to use and check
11) Long-distance design, reduce the mutual interference
12) The distance between the second and third holes reaches 42MM, and two large plugs can be inserted at the same time to improve the efficiency of use

Product Brief
1) Exquisite fashion
Siemens series switch sockets combine art and practicality. The unique aerospace streamlined appearance design is derived from the German design concept. It is beautiful, elegant and elegant. Reasonable and precise scientific structure, soft and rich color combination and exquisite and unique shape fully reflect the personality and style of modern decoration, show the fashion of the times, and can be harmonious and unified with the room decoration.
2) Safe and durable
Based on the principle of high quality and durability, Siemens provides users with the best products. All products are in compliance with China's GB16915-97, GB2099. 1-96, GB1002-96 and IEC standards, and have obtained the certification certificate for electrical products (Great Wall Certification) issued by the China Electrotechnical Commission.
The socket shrapnel of all products of Siemens DELTA series uses phosphor copper, the copper content is> = 92%, and the thickness of the socket is not less than 0.6mm.
Siemens DELTA series of integrated current-carrying parts. The internal current-carrying parts are formed by high-speed continuous stamping technology to increase the minimum current-carrying area (minimum 2.5mm2) and improve the current-carrying capacity when two or three plugs are shared.
The child safety protection door is designed to prevent the danger of power consumption caused by the wrong insertion of children. The part of the two-three-socket plug sleeve has a unique anti-slip protrusion design to provide the clamping force of the wiring.
In addition, the exterior parts of Siemens DELTA series products use PC material. Direct contact with electrical components passed the 850 degree glow wire test.
The surface material of Siemens series electrical accessories is made of imported PC plastic with flame retardant and impact resistance, which is impact resistant, high temperature resistant, good finish, easy to clean, and can be reassuring and satisfactory in various harsh natural environments. The base and the gusset strictly select flame retardant nylon material, which is safe and reliable. The switch uses high-quality sterling silver contacts, super-elastic springs and silver-copper composite seesaws. The feel is comfortable and smooth. The socket is made of high-grade elastic elastic phosphor bronze. Siemens series electrical accessories provide 12 years of safe use guarantee. Under normal use, if there are quality problems found within 12 years, you can use the invoice to repair or replace them at the local distribution point for free.
3) Convenient and environmentally friendly
Siemens series products adopt scientific two-in-one structure, connected by instant snap connection, simple and practical, and reasonable structure makes the product easy to load and unload.
Based on the needs of environmental protection, the selection of all materials of Siemens series electrical accessories will not cause environmental pollution.

Siemens Switch And Socket Models

Five advantages:
1. The big rocker switch feels strong. A variety of standards for sockets are selected from China's flat three-sleeper, American, British, etc. suitable for different occasions.
2. Streamlined aerospace design, derived from the German design concept, ultra-thin, beautiful, elegant and elegant.
3. Adopt scientific two-one structure, connected by instant snap connection, simple and practical.
4. High-quality bulletproof rubber (PC) is impact resistant, high temperature resistant, easy to clean, and does not change color.
5. The back material is made of high-quality flame-retardant material with strong flame retardancy and good insulation performance.

Siemens switch sockets, the ultimate aesthetic in home appliances!

1. The design process breaks the frame and presents the visual aesthetic glutton
What brand of switch socket is good has always been a hot topic for consumers, and Siemens has always responded with excellent products from generation to generation, and has become the only solution in the continuous development and progress of technology and design. From the simplicity of the frameless design to the wise series, the palette-like gorgeous color series, and the delicate and outstanding Hao Rui series, Siemens is still creating more answers that are recognized by consumers.
Taking safety and efficiency as the starting point, Siemens has implemented the concept of household electrical appliances in all aspects of innovative production, aimed at the decoration-oriented people who pay attention to quality, and intimately provide consumers with one-stop household electrical solutions.
2. Innovation has no boundaries and does not follow the flow
Exploring self and listening to self, Siemens created a trend with "do not follow the flow". Ruizhi series switch sockets break the traditional border, break the design border, and open up a blue ocean of switch socket design. It is this philosophy of persistence in innovation that has enabled Siemens to build a product image of both technology and art in the minds of consumers.
The elephant is invisible, and the Ruizhi series Lingyue traditional border boundaries. From the frameless design, the interpretation of pure and simple style, while showing the elegant taste, perfectly blends in multiple decoration, and makes it possible to integrate multiple borders. The unique design is infinitely ingenious, and the innovative hidden LED lamp design is adopted. The switch is turned off, and the LED is immediately escaped. The sense of technology and minimalism are presented on the switch socket.
The surface of the product is made of high-molecular PC material, which is pure and flawless; the innovative engineering design incorporates humanized and detailed design to provide users with a good user experience, which is more convenient and safe to use.
3. Based on safety and efficiency, better aesthetic texture
What brand of switch socket is good, Siemens has handed over wonderful works and resumes to countless consumers. From the internal structure to the external design, we are constantly striving for progress. The quality is implemented into reliable product functions and ultra-high security. The design also responds to the consumers ’high-end aesthetic requirements. The leader in socket production design.
Practicing the excellent concept of household electrical appliances, from the production and design of switch sockets to other fields, Siemens designs and manufactures mobile sockets, circuit breakers, weak current boxes and other products. Weak and strong products have their own bright spots and do their best Consumers create a safe power environment, efficient power efficiency, and create excellent visual enjoyment on this basis, enrich the design language, and launch a best-selling product.

Siemens Switch And Socket Models

Among them, the "Ruizhi" series of Siemens switch sockets is undoubtedly the product that has the most weight to stand up for Siemens when discussing the switch socket brand. Ruizhi was recognized by the “IF Industrial Design Award” held by the Hannover Industrial Design Forum, the oldest industrial design agency in Germany. This award endorsed Siemens ’pursuit of beauty and practicality.
The main theme is "frameless ‧ unbounded", the Ruizhi series describes an important concept: the trend of being framed can only follow the flow. However, Siemens does not follow suit, so it rejects traditional borders, chooses large panel designs, and presents them in a more straightforward manner. This series of switch sockets have the characteristics of "unbounded", "flawless" and "no trace", not only visually clean and generous, but also imply a low-key texture, such as: piano polished surface, patented hidden LED The lights seem to convey the character of the space owner's love and light. The various designs all echo each other's minimalism that modern people love very much.
In addition to intimate designs such as beautification and stealth, if you want to talk about what brand of switch socket is good, you must carefully examine the function of the product itself. The features of "Smart", "Seamless", and "Worry-Free" in the Smart series not only guarantee safety, but also propose innovative solutions including: integrated multi-connected borders, so that any combination can be seamlessly connected and easily combined. From the perspective of craftsmanship as a standard, it simplifies the threshold for installation and adjustment, greatly giving users a sense of peace and reality.
Simplicity is an attitude, and unlimited design can achieve classics
Siemens checks the safety level of home electrical appliances for consumers, and provides a set of solutions that combine human aesthetics and technological innovation to give consumers who care about details and pursue high quality, so that they will leave more thoughts to design choices and individuals. Style creation.
Still hesitating what brand of switch socket is good? Always worry about which model best meets the needs? As an expert who understands the design of home appliances, Siemens wants to convey: simplicity is a style, not a frame. A design that can be integrated with a variety of decoration styles is not a regrettable choice. A switch that can echo the pure taste of the Japanese system and blend into the elegant wood grain, and can also talk with the simple texture of Europe and America. And a trustworthy home electrical brand can keep you safe, so that you can feel every little detail in life more at ease.


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