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TECO Variable Frequency Drives Models

TECO produces medium- to high-voltage inverter (200-12,000HP), boasting power-unit connection overlapped-wave technology, capable of lowering damage to the insulated stress of motor's copper wire dv/dt and timely monitoring operational status. Options of IP31 and IP42 grade protections are available, plus RS485 interface, various communications formats, such as Modbus, Profibus, Devicenet, and Ethernet, and passage of CE and IEC certifications.

The following is the product model and its introduction:

JNTMBGBB0020AZ-U- 15KW/380V、JNTMBGBB0010AZ -U -380、S310-2P5-HIDCS310-201-HIDC、S310-2P5-HIDC S310-201-HIDC、JNTMBGBB0002AZSUN 7200MA-380V-1.5KW、JNTMBGBB7R50AZSU2 7200MA-380V-5.5KW(7.5HP)、JNTMBGBB0020AZ-U- 7200MA-380V-15KW(20HP)、JNTMBGBB7R50AZS02、JNTMBGBB0030AZ -U -380

1. A510
A510 features:
Low speed and high torque
Intelligent type automatically recognizes current and voltage, eliminating the need for cumbersome parameter settings.
High safety Built-in high-reliability hardware safety circuit Emergency output cut off.
Small volume Under the same conditions, the maximum volume can be reduced by 49%
Control mode: v / f control mode, v / f closed loop control mode, pm non-sensing current vector control mode and other six control modes
Body design: 1. The three-in-one design makes the inverter suitable for three-phase asynchronous motors, servo motors, and synchronous motors.
High environmental resistance structure design, the heat dissipation air duct is separated from the PCB board, which greatly improves the environmental resistance.
A510 product features:
V / F, SLV for IM / PM, Vector for IM / PM control (32 bits CPU)
0-1200Hz output / 16-step speed / PID control
150% / 1min overload tolerance
150% / 0.5Hz starting torque
Speed ​​/ torque control
Standard built-in PLC function
Built-in brake crystals below 20hp
Standard built-in RS485
Standard built-in NPN / PNP input can be replaced (F1 only NPN)
Standard UL / CE mark
Can be connected to Profibus, DeviceNet, TCP / IP and other communication interfaces
Built-in expansion port, can expand PG, I / O and other expansion cards
Application market:
Punch (/ Saw machine metal processing machine, rubber and plastic machinery, air compressor, textile / chemical fiber machinery, wire drawing machine, screw machine, crane, elevator ...
Product model:
1 / 3ph 200v 1-3hp (IP20 / Nema1)
3ph 200v 5-100hp (IP20 / Nema1 / IP00)
3ph 380v 1-500hp (IP20 / Nema1 / IP00)
3ph 690v 30-500hp (IP20 / Nema1 / IP00
certified product:
International certification: UL, CE

TECO Variable Frequency Drives Models

2. E510
Product introduction:
Vector control, V / F control.
The entire series of built-in PLCs can be used for program control.
The entire series of built-in RS-485 communication port (RJ45).
Two analog inputs can be superimposed or used separately.
Unique analog input monitoring function.
You can view the voltage, current, frequency and other parameters at the time of the alarm to facilitate troubleshooting.
Unique fire mode setting.
Unique low current detection function.
Product Features
V / F & sensorless vector control (32 bits CPU)
0-650Hz (1000Hz option) output / 16-stage speed / PID control
150% / 1min overload tolerance
150% / 1Hz starting torque
Standard built-in VR & 7-segment * 5 & pull out keyboard function
IP20 (Nema1) / IP65 (Nema4) model
Standard built-in simple PLC function
Standard built-in brake crystal
Standard built-in RS485 (Modbus)
Standard built-in Class A filter
Standard built-in NPN / PNP input can be replaced
Standard UL / CE mark
Can be connected to Profibus, DeviceNet, TCP / IP and other communication interfaces
Targeted market
Replace MA / N310 / CV below 20hp / E2 IP65
Textile / Weaving / Dyeing and Finishing Machinery, Metal Processing Machinery, Welding and Cutting Machine, Simple Tool Machine, Food / Packaging Machine, Woodworking Machinery, Stone / Kiln Industry Machinery, Fan / pump, Wire and Cable Machinery ...
E510 model:
· IP20
-1 / 3ph 200v 0.5-3hp, 3ph 5-20hp
-1ph 200v 0.5-3hp (built-in filter)
-3ph 380v 1-25hp (with built-in / without built-in filter)
-3ph 575v 1 ~ 30hp
· IP65 / Nema4
-1 / 3ph 200v 0.5-3hp, 3ph 5-20hp
-1ph 200v 0.5-3hp (built-in filter)
-3ph 380v 1-25hp (with built-in / without built-in filter)

3. L510
product manual:
Ultra-small, V / F control model: TECO L510 inverter
Product Features
V / F control with torque boost (32 bits CPU)
0-650Hz output / 8 step speed / PID control
150% / 1min overload tolerance
150% / 3Hz starting torque
Standard built-in VR & 7-segment * 5
Standard built-in RS485
Standard built-in Class A filter
NPN / PNP input models can be selected
Standard UL / CE mark
Can be connected to Profibus, DeviceNet, TCP / IP and other communication interfaces
Targeted market
Replace E2 100v / 200v series
Conveyor belts, Fan / pump, flat knitting machines / socks machines and other textile machinery, winding machines, packaging machines, feeders, food machines, inspection machinery ...

4. N310
N310 features:
Features: High-performance vector control, good low-frequency characteristics, high accuracy and reliability, can achieve closed-loop control, and a wider power range
Frequency range: N310 0.01 ~ 400.00Hz N312 0.1 ~ 1200.0Hz Power range: 220V model 0.4 ~ 2.2KW
Expansion card: I / O expansion: 3in / 3out expansion card N31IO-01 PG card: NL-5V, PVTL-5V, N-12V, PVT-12V
380V model 0.75 ~ 55KW
N310 product features:
Using 32 bits CPU, high-speed processing and internal huge memory
Improve vector control performance
Built-in V / F, vector control
Increased current vector / close loop control
Improve low speed torque and speed operation stability control
High-speed response control
High-capacity memory provides a large amount of program and parameter capacity
Provide the basis for customized design
Enhanced protection
Through high-speed calculation, the stall prevention function is improved to make the machine difficult to jump
Built-in more powerful application functions
16-stage speed + Sequence control + 16-stage Acc / Dec time adjustment n
RS485 communication function
Standard built-in Modbus
Profibus-DP, DeviceNet, TCP / IP communication card expansion n
PID function
Multi-function DI / O, AI / O function
Design withstand voltage environment
It can be operated in the power environment of 200-230V / 380-460V +10% /-15%, and has a special design for the protection of instantaneous low voltage to ensure that it is not easy to trip, and the operation is normal
Unique over-voltage protection function, effectively absorb the recharge energy of instantaneous over-voltage of the machine, to ensure the effective operation of the punching machine for the punch / oil field
Good coating production to ensure that the product is resistant to pollution
All series of control boards / drivers are coated to prevent damage caused by polluted environment
Simplified assembly structure ensures good shock resistance
N310 market application:
Fans, pumps-air conditioning, water features, constant pressure water supply
Conveying equipment-traverse overhead crane, conveyor belt, small lifting platform
Lathes—grinding machines, engraving machines, CNC lathes, punching machines
Textile machinery—bleaching / dyeing machinery, opening / checking machine, printing machine, carding machine
Plastic Machinery-Extruder, Injection Molding Machine
Woodworking machinery-rotary cutting machine, engraving machine, coating machine [1]
Knitting machinery—large circular knitting machine, computerized flat knitting machine, various weaving machines [1]
Road Construction Machinery
Stone Machinery
Industrial washing machine
Ceramic equipment
Food Machinery
Printing equipment

TECO Variable Frequency Drives Models

5. E310
Features: vector control, complete functions, convenient setting, high cost performance, good versatility
Frequency range: 0.01 ~ 400.00Hz Power range: 220V model 0.4 ~ 1.5KW 380V model 0.75 ~ 3.7KW
E310 features:
16Bit high performance MCU
Voltage vector control
1) Low frequency starting torque: 150% / 1Hz
2) Speed ​​regulation range: 1: 100
3) Speed ​​stability accuracy: ± 0.5%
4) Competitive label: Delta M / E / EL / Huichuan MD300
VF custom curve multi-point setting, flexible application
4-point frequency / 4-point voltage setting
High frequency 400Hz smooth operation
High-precision steady-state operation design
1) Solve the problem of low-speed running jitter
2) Corresponding parameters for eliminating jitter: 05-13 / 06-11
3 software modulation techniques
1) Soft-PWM reduces interference and eliminates noise
2) Application solutions for long motor wires (50 ~ 100)
Input / output control: 6DI / 3DO, 2AI / 1AO
Built-in brake crystals for all models
Built-in RS-485 communication interface (RJ45)
The operation panel can be pulled out directly (supports hot swap)
1) The interface between the panel and the host uses RJ45 cable
2) Wiring length 3m (high-quality shielded wire is required at 5m)
3) Panel and S / N310 can be shared
8-stage speed design, acceleration and deceleration time can be set separately to meet most application needs
8-segment program control (simple PLC)
Provide 1 counter (1KHz)
PID control design
Built-in sleep / wake function (use with fan / pump)
Humanized display of feedback monitoring value
Inverter output current limit (hardware protection)
IPM can only protect the module from overcurrent automatically
IGBT external circuit current limit cut-off protection
Overheating protection
Heat sink overheating OH protection
Overload protection OL2 (150% / 1 minute)
3.1 ~ 12K carrier adjustable
High frequency and high voltage impact protection
Built-in surge absorber (varistor)
Parameter password lock
Fault output control
Relay (Relay ABC) / transistor fault output optional
CE international certification
E310 TECO inverter application market:
Fans, pumps-greenhouses, cold rooms, small fans
Conveying equipment-conveyors, conveyor belts, feeders
Lathes-grinding machines, drilling machines, sawing machines, milling machines
Textile machinery-cloth inspection machine, setting machine, printing machine
Plastic / rubber processing machine—crusher, bag making machine
Printing equipment-offset press
Packaging machinery-filling / sealing machines, filling machines
Woodworking machinery-edge banding machine, sanding machine
Knitting machinery-large circular machine

6. East S310
S310 features:
1: Features: Rich functions, compact structure, convenient setting, high cost performance, specializing in the small horsepower market of 1.5kw.
2: Power range: 0.4 ~ 1.5KW Frequency range: 0.01 ~ 400.00H Input power supply: single-phase AC220V
feature of product
Market positioning: It is used in the low-power market below 1.5KW that requires compact equipment structure, convenient operation, and high cost performance.
3Hz / 100%
1: High torque VF automatic compensation (Auto Torque Boost)
2: Easy installation and parameter setting (Easy Setting)
IPM module
1: Mitsubishi / Infineon IPM module design (IGBT + Perfect + Module)
Pull out
Network cable + RJ45 1: The area is the same as the Delta M panel 2: Can be used with N310 / E310
Communication / Brake
Built-in 1: Limited H1-BCD / BC type 2: RS-485 [3]
Copy module Parameter access copy 1: RJ45 port 2: Can access and copy multiple sets of parameters
Market application:
Fans, water pumps-roof air supply and exhaust fans, small water supply pumps
Printing equipment ─ 6- and 8-open offset presses
Conveyor belt-small conveyor belt, assembly line
Textile machinery-flat knitting machine, hosiery machine, dyeing equipment
Packaging machine-sealing machine, filling machine
Electronic equipment-winding machine, wave soldering / reflow soldering
Food machinery-feeder, mixer, filling machine, pastry forming machine

7, 7300PA
Product features and specifications:
Features: High-performance fan / pump inverter
Frequency range: 0.01 ~ 400.00Hz
Power range: 18.5 ~ 400KW for 380V models
TECO Inverter 7300PA product features:
1) PID and automatic energy-saving function
2) Input phase loss and output phase loss protection
3) LCD operator (both Chinese and English screens), with parameter copy function (large-size LED operator optional)
4) 110%, 1min overload protection
Output phase zero-phase filter selection included
KW, KWHr, running cumulative time monitoring function
Multi-function output / input interface
1 to multi-PID function card
Cooling fan on / off control
Various interfaces can still be monitored under PRGM
Local / Remote (L / R) operation keys
· Easy to operate
Complete functions: 220V; 5HP ~ 125 HP
· 440V; 5HP ~ 500 HP
· Certification: CE, UL

10. C310
C310 series inverter is a high-performance vector and torque control inverter authorized by R & D and production of Dongyuan Technology Wuhan Co., Ltd. The product adopts the speed sensorless vector control technology and torque control technology synchronized with the current international leading technology. At the same time, it also combines the application characteristics of China to further strengthen the reliability of the product and the adaptability of the environment Designed to better meet the needs of various transmission applications.
1) Vector control: Realize the control of induction motor and permanent magnet synchronous motor with high-performance current vector control technology
2) Fast current limit: Minimize overcurrent faults and protect the normal operation of the inverter
3) Timing control: set time range 0.0min ~ 6500.0min
4) Instantaneous stop: When the power supply is interrupted instantaneously, the voltage of the inverter is compensated by the energy of the load recovery, and the inverter continues to run for a short time.
5) Torque mode: Torque control is realized by closed-loop vector, suitable for constant tension
6) PID function: Built-in PID function, suitable for air compressor, constant pressure water supply and other occasions
7) Swing frequency function: The output frequency can swing according to the triangle wave set by the victim

TECO Variable Frequency Drives Models

8, 7200MA
Inverter 7200MA
Maximum applicable motor (HP): 1 ~ 75HP
· Output power
Rated output capacity (KVA): 2 ~ 110KVA
Rated output current (A): 4.8 ~ 130A
Maximum output voltage (V): three-phase 200V ~ 230V
· Three-phase 380V ~ 460V
Maximum output frequency (Hz): can be set by parameters (up to 400Hz)
Rated voltage frequency: single three-phase 200 ~ 230V, 50 / 60Hz
· Three-phase 380 ~ 460V, 50 / 60Hz
Allowable voltage variation: -15% ~ + 10%
Allowable frequency change: ± 5%
Product Features:
1). New generation high-function universal vector inverter (three-in-one function: V / F, V / F + PG feedback without sensor vector function)
2). Complete models, single / three-phase sharing below 3HP.
3) Adopt dialogue type LCD operator, with multi-language setting and parameter copy function.
4) The input terminal can choose SINK or SOURCE interface mode (OPTION).
5). The standard includes RS-485 (MODBUS) communication function (PROFIBUS communication card: OPTION).
6). The feedback interface standard contains, plus PG can be used for V / F closed loop control to improve speed accuracy.
7). The standard contains PID, simple PLC, timing function and pulse wave output, which can be applied to different applications.
8.2 sets of analog output interface, analog input voltage -10V ~ + 10V, 11 different analog output signals can be set respectively.
1). With running time accumulation and intelligent abnormal history function, it is easy to maintain and manage the system.
2). It has dual rated (fixed torque and decreasing torque load), and the standard includes 5 minutes (OL2) overload protection function.
3) High starting torque, with full-range automatic torque boost and automatic slip compensation machine

9. S310
Fanless design (textile machinery needs)
Model: Single-phase 200V 0.4 / 0.75KW
Single board / simple mechanism design-Book type
The operating system is the same as the N310, and the product series is good.
Project design function for target market
Fanless design (textile machinery needs)
Model: Single-phase 200V 0.4 / 0.75KW
Single board / simple mechanism design-Book type
The operating system is the same as the N310, and the product series is good.
Project design function for target market
Using 16 bits CPU
0-400Hz output (required by centrifuge)
5DI + 8-stage speed + acc / dec setting of each stage (knitting machine)
Keypad option (built-in VR, can be directly pulled out)
Not built in the factory (socks machine / flat knitting machine / weft feeder / water jet loom / winding machine / FAN / winding machine)
Can be installed on the body (pipeline / winding machine)
Remote control (conveyor / centrifuge / winding machine)
Standard and advanced models can be selected (see brake crystal + RS485 inside)
Standard machine: socks machine / flat knitting machine / weft feeder / water jet loom / winding machine / FAN / winding machine)
Advanced model: centrifuge

11. F510
The F510 series is a general-purpose vector frequency converter, inheriting the core technology of TECO's fifth-generation motor control, with precise motor parameter tuning function (Auto-tune), which can effectively improve the overall system efficiency; and its built-in constant pressure pump , Dedicated models such as exhaust fans, compressors and HVAC, and communication functions such as Modbus / BACnet / Metasys N2 can reduce installation costs and cooperate with energy-saving controls to achieve the highest energy-saving principle and meet most application needs.
1), 220V models
Power range: 3.7 ~ 130KW three-phase
Input voltage: 200V ~ 240V
2), 380V model
Power range: 3.7V ~ 600KW three-phase
Input voltage: 380V ~ 480V
3), protection level: IP20 / IP55
4), International certification: UL, CE

TECO Variable Frequency Drives Models

12. V series
Output power: 0.55 ~ 315KW
Number of poles: 2, 4, 6, 8
Voltage frequency: 380V / 50HZ
Frame size: 80 ~ 355
Protective structure: TEFC: IP55
Insulation class: F Class
Cooling method: IC411
Product description: 1. For fans and pumps light load special frequency conversion motor; undertake different frequency, different voltage; various special design requirements motor. 2. Self-cooled frequency conversion, frequency conversion range: decreasing torque: 5HZ-24HZ; constant torque: 25HZ-50ZH; constant power: 51-100HZ; 3. Motor temperature protection devices such as thermal protectors can be equipped IE1 energy efficiency 5. Junction box overhead

1. The power supply switching and protection frequency conversion cabinet is equipped with a low-voltage plastic case circuit breaker connected to the incoming power supply. In addition to completing the connection and breaking of the circuit, it can protect the circuit and the inverter from short circuit and overload. And can cut off the power during maintenance.
2. Start and stop control function The frequency conversion start and frequency stop buttons are set on the panel of the frequency conversion cabinet, which are used for the operation control of the frequency conversion device, which is convenient for on-site operation.
3. Frequency (speed) adjustment The frequency adjustment potentiometer is set on the panel of the inverter cabinet, which can conveniently adjust the output frequency of the inverter manually to control the motor speed
4. The meter display shows that the voltmeter, ammeter, frequency meter and various indicators such as power indication, alarm indication, operation indication, and power frequency indication are set on the panel of the inverter cabinet to realize the input voltage, output current, output frequency and various Monitoring of various working conditions.
5. Standby power frequency switching The user can select the frequency conversion cabinet with standby power frequency switching. When the inverter fails, the motor is switched to the power frequency power supply through the automatic control loop (this mode can select manual / automatic, power frequency starting device is greater than 15KW is realized by soft starter)
6. A variety of control functions can be set on the panel of the inverter cabinet according to the system working conditions. A variety of control buttons and indicators such as forward rotation, reverse rotation, motor speed increase, motor deceleration, jog forward, jog reverse, manual / Automatic, emergency stop, frequency conversion / power frequency, PLC control, touch screen, etc.
7. Peripheral equipment can be installed in the frequency conversion cabinet to install AC input reactor, output reactor, DC reactor and EMI filter, braking unit, braking resistor, contactor, intermediate relay, thermal relay, etc. Programmable controller (PLC), programmable operating terminal (GOT), watt-hour meter, cooling fan, etc.
8. Safety protection Installing the inverter in the inverter cabinet can reduce environmental pollution, reduce the risk of electric shock, and play a better protective role. 9. Neat and beautiful Install the frequency converter in the frequency conversion cabinet, and have the same size and color as other low-voltage distribution cabinets, keep the coordination of the power distribution facilities and control devices, neat and beautiful. Welcome to call! The energy-saving inverter control cabinet can be designed according to your requirements!

TECO Variable Frequency Drives Models

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