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The list of gearbox manufacturing companies

The list of gearbox manufacturing companies

The reduction gearbox is a speed and energy transmission device. It is an indispensable equipment in engineering. Our company produces and processes all kinds of gearboxes and gear transmission products. The following describes the precautions for gearbox production.

The working principle of the reduction gearbox is that the large-speed pulley is driven by the motor. The list of gearbox manufacturing companies. The motor power requirement is 65KW, and the highest speed is 132rpm. The large pulley drives the small pulley through the belt, and the drive and the small pulley are mounted on the same shaft. Large gears and large gears drive the pinion to increase speed. The list of gearbox manufacturing companies. High-speed bearings are the key factor in determining the proper operation of the gearbox, so the choice of bearings is critical to the gearbox.

The list of gearbox manufacturing companies

The selection of gearbox gears is also very important.The list of gearbox manufacturing companies. The materials used for the general compressors are generally made of quenched and tempered steel 40Cr and the hardness is HRC54. The gear tooth surface made of this material has high contact strength and good wear resistance due to impact load. The important gear drive. The number of pinions is selected to be 15. The modulus is 2, the number of gears of the large gear is selected to be 225, the design accuracy of the gear is set to 4, and the machining accuracy is at least 5 levels.

At the same time, in order to ensure the minimum operating requirements of the gearbox, according to the shape of the box and the actual situation of the design, the position tolerance of the box at the time of design is 4 levels of precision, and the precision must be above 5 when processing.

The list of gearbox manufacturing companies

The design of the reduction gearbox is reasonable and the operation is stable, but there are some notable problems in the design, manufacture and operation. The list of gearbox manufacturing companies. Therefore, the gear machining must ensure the necessary precision, otherwise the gearbox will generate huge noise and reduce in operation. The service life of the bearing can result in irreparable damage to the gearbox. The list of gearbox manufacturing companies. When using a V-belt, care must be taken to ensure that the diameter of the small pulley is large enough to meet the minimum requirements for the angle of the belt to be used. Otherwise, there will be a jump belt and a slip phenomenon, and the speed and power transmission tasks cannot be completed.

The list of gearbox manufacturing companies

Planetary gearbox geared motors are small in size, compact in structure and high in transmission efficiency. They are widely used in aero-engines, hoisting and transportation, and gearboxes such as smart kitchens. Planetary gearboxes are the key to gearbox motors. Parts, planetary gearbox production accuracy, production quality directly affects the life of planetary motors. The list of gearbox manufacturing companies

With the precision of processing equipment and the popularity of coated blades, the machining accuracy of the pin hole size and position of the planetary gearbox reduction motor has been significantly improved.

The planetary gearbox uses a finishing process, uses a vertical machining center, and uses a special shank to change the coated blade. Machining process: The arbor is eccentric into the pin hole, and the planetary gear box is opened up and down. The equipment using the new process is a vertical machining center with high precision and high automation equipment. Improve the plane plus mass of the planetary gearbox while reducing the difficulty of actual manufacturing.

The list of gearbox manufacturing companies. In addition, in order to ensure the life of the planetary gearbox reducer motor, each rotor needs to go through this process.

After the rotor is wound, the dynamic balancer is passed through the machine to correct the imbalance of the rotor according to the data measured by the balancer. The mass distribution of the rotor relative to the axis is improved, and the vibration is generated when the rotor rotates or the vibration force acting on the bearing is reduced to allow. The scope of the class. An unbalanced rotor generates a pressure on its supporting structure and the rotor itself during its rotation, and causes vibration. The list of gearbox manufacturing companies. Therefore, the balance of the rotor is very necessary, and the functions are as follows: 1. Improve the quality of the rotor and its constituent products; Reduce noise; 3. Reduce vibration; 4. Extend bearing life; 5. Reduce planetary gearbox consumption.

The list of gearbox manufacturing companies

The list of gearbox manufacturing companies. The internal gear structure of the planetary gearbox geared motor contains (not only) deep groove ball bearings, front end cover, output shaft, planetary gear, damper, sun gear, planet plate, spacer, inner ring gear, starting wheel, connecting plate plus Dozens of parts are assembled, and each part is combined with high precision into a planetary gearbox geared motor with high torque, low noise, high precision, long life and good quality.
The list of gearbox manufacturing companies. We manufacture transmission-type planetary gearbox geared motors. According to Chinese national standards, the materials used to manufacture metal ring gears are powder metallurgy, high-quality alloy steel, high-strength aluminum alloy, etc. The materials are excellent and the craftsmanship is superb, which fully guarantees the use of the products. Quality characteristics, development and design teams can provide a variety of customizations to solve different customer requirements, from all aspects to meet customer requirements.

National high-tech enterprise for customer micro-gearbox design, mold design and manufacturing, parts production and assembly. The products mainly cover automotive parts, industrial equipment, smart homes, medical equipment, standardized gear boxes, etc., providing services and solutions for intelligent drives around the world.
     The reduction gearbox is an integrated body of the reducer and the motor (motor). The list of gearbox manufacturing companies. This type of integrated body is also commonly referred to as a gear reduction motor or a geared motor, and is usually assembled and assembled by a professional reducer manufacturer. The deceleration motor is widely used in the steel industry and the machinery industry. The advantage of the micro-reduction motor popular in the 21st century is to simplify the design and save space, while the power and reduction ratio and torque are not reduced. The geared motor generally achieves a torque reduction effect by combining a motor, an internal combustion engine, or other high-speed power equipment through gears of different sizes inside the reduction motor.


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