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Top 10 gear manufacturing companies in world

Top 10 gear manufacturing companies in world, industrial gearbox manufacturers

1. Wind power gearbox function and technical status

1.1 Gearbox function

Conventional ordinary generator sets need to reach a certain speed to test power generation, but the speed of the wind turbine is obviously not high due to the wind force, so the wind turbine shaft of the wind turbine needs to increase the speed of the speed increase box to reach the speed requirement of the generator. The gearbox is the key equipment for transmitting the wind turbine power and significantly increasing the speed. Top 10 gear manufacturing companies in world. The lower the rotational speed of the wind wheel, the higher the gearbox speed increase requirement, and the corresponding complexity and cost will be greatly improved. Therefore, the gearbox is expected to have a higher speed of the wind turbine. However, the basic trend of wind power generation in the world is that the wind wheel is three blades, and the leaves are getting longer and longer, and the radius of the wind wheel is getting larger and larger, which requires the gear box technology to be more and more complicated and precise.

Top 10 gear manufacturing companies in world

1.2 Top 10 gear manufacturing companies in world. Gearbox Technology Status

The related technologies of wind turbines in China are imported and developed from abroad, but there is no related manufacturing technology for wind power gearboxes in related technologies imported from abroad. Therefore, there is no practical technical reference for the manufacturing technology of wind power gearboxes in China. Researchers rely on the technical specifications of the motor group to research and manufacture themselves, so the gearbox manufacturing technology is not very high. Another embarrassing reality is that China's technical research on wind power generation started very late. Top 10 gear manufacturing companies in world. There are no relevant professionals in the country who are particularly proficient in wind power technology. The relevant education foundation is relatively low. All kinds of reasons have limited China's wind power gearbox. Rapid development of manufacturing technology. Today's gearbox products still have a long way to go to meet market demand.

2, gear box production process

Top 10 gear manufacturing companies in world

2.1 Common difficulties in gearbox production

At present, most of the gearboxes produced in China will encounter the same difficulties. These common difficulties are:

(1) The service life of the bearing. Bearings in gearboxes are high-loss components, and most of the bearings produced in the country have a service life below average and are prone to premature fatigue.

(2) Design calculation method of gear box. Domestic gearboxes mostly use straight teeth because of cost considerations, while most foreign advanced manufacturers use helical gears with sufficient accuracy.

(3) Raw material problems of gears. Top 10 gear manufacturing companies in world. The quality of domestic materials is slightly lower than that of foreign countries, and the imitation gearboxes are obviously not as good as the original ones in the level of Jiawang Rui Zhang Xu Shenyang Blower Group Wind Power Co., Ltd. Shenyang 110869. The actual situation in China also determines that the technology imported from abroad is not all suitable. Therefore, the manufacture of gear boxes must be independently designed and developed, including materials and processes.

Top 10 gear manufacturing companies in world

2.2 production process of gear box

2.2.1 Parts. Top 10 gear manufacturing companies in world. The gearbox is made up of several parts, some of which critically affect the life and quality of the gearbox, and some parts should be given a focus on manufacturing. The first is the gear. In the process involving gears, special attention should be paid to the difference between the reduction drive and the increase-speed drive. The displacement coefficient must be selected to reduce the slip, and then the tooth direction and profile can be designed with reference to actual needs. The thickness of the inner ring rim is three times that of the modulus, and the external gear is grounded by carburizing and quenching. The accuracy of the gear is not less than 6 steps. Top 10 gear manufacturing companies in world. In addition, the calculation of the gear should be paid special attention. The fatigue strength of the gear should be obtained after detailed calculation according to the load spectrum at the actual use. The working load of the gear is difficult to determine, and there are many changes in the work, which makes the calculation work very complicated. Then there is the bearing. Similar to gears, wind turbine bearings are very fragile due to the uncertainty of the wind working environment and the difficulty of controlling the load. This requires that the gearbox should pay attention to the choice of bearing type and the formulation of lubrication measures when designing, and focus on improving the service life of the bearing.

2.2.2 Process improvement. The traditional gearbox manufacturing process is divided into forging, normalizing, high temperature tempering, roughing, deburring cleaning, carburizing and quenching, cleaning shot blasting, grinding, and inspection. Top 10 gear manufacturing companies in world. This traditional gearbox is suitable for the manufacture of ships with high safety factors, but in recent years it has found problems that are prone to failure when used in some products imported from abroad or in some technologically advanced products. In recent years, there have been some improved processes. The improved process is divided into forging, normalizing, high temperature tempering, higher precision roughing, deburring cleaning, preheating, and re-auped austenizing carburizing and quenching. Clean up shot blasting, reduce the amount of grinding, and test the steps. This process is in line with the manufacturing status of the domestically produced gearbox. This process improves the roughing accuracy and increases the pre-heat treatment process before carburizing. This is to reduce the deformation of the carburizing and quenching process and reduce the grinding allowance. . Top 10 gear manufacturing companies in world. During the grinding process, the grinding is performed with a small amount of retarding, so that the tooth surface retains a large compressive stress state and improves the precision and roughness. The use of the re-auped austenitizing carburizing and quenching process can improve the wear resistance and load carrying capacity of the gear.

Top 10 gear manufacturing companies in world

2.2.3 Process parameter design. Top 10 gear manufacturing companies in world. The load carrying capacity of the gear is very important, so the process parameters should be carefully selected. The carbon content of the carburized layer needs to be considered in addition to the severe impact load. After considering the cost of the plant and the oxidation in the layer in the carburizing process, the carbon content should be between 0.77 and 1 percentage point. Excessive surface carbon concentration may cause large amounts of carbides and retained austenite on the surface, but low carbon content may cause carbon-depleted non-martensitic structures, both of which reduce gear contact fatigue. performance. Then, the increase of the carburizing temperature will shorten the processing time of the gear, which not only improves the production efficiency, but also effectively reduces the cost, but at the same time, it may also cause the deformation to increase and the uneven layer; but the temperature is too low, the heat preservation Long time will lead to increased costs. An increase in the quenching temperature will significantly affect the surface texture and core hardness. The quenching temperature and carburizing temperature need to be determined in consideration of the specific raw material properties in order to achieve the best results.

3, the conclusion

In general, in order to accelerate the production process and quality of gearboxes, we must not only pay attention to the design of gears and bearings, the selection of process parameters and process improvement, but also the complete research data and professional high quality. Top 10 gear manufacturing companies in world. Talent, large test and experimental devices, and interaction with the market. Therefore, promotion is not a quick success. We still need to make more efforts and pay more sweat to finally harvest the complete advanced gearbox production process.


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