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WEG Electric Motors Models

WEG high-efficiency energy-saving motors are widely used in mining machinery, chemical industry, fans, pumps and other industries. I hope more and more users can choose the most cost-effective products!
The basic characteristics of WEG motor: WEG motor adopts 200 ℃ enameled wire, the fixed rotor adopts cold-rolled silicon steel sheet, and the dipping process adopts twice vacuum dipping, so that the gap coating on the surface of the fixed rotor and the cold-rolled silicon steel sheet is uniform without fine bubbles To prevent excessive air gap resistance, effectively reduce temperature rise and improve motor efficiency, especially the use of imported SKF, FAG or NSK bearings, effectively extend the operating life of the motor and ensure the safe operation of the motor!

The following is the product model and its introduction:

3~W20-200L-08 15kW 8极 IE2, 3~W21-160M-08 4kW 8极 IE2, 3~W21-132S-02 7.5kW 2极 IE2, 3~W21-160L-06 11kW 6极 IE2, 3~W21-180L-08 11kW 8极 IE2, 3~W21-AL80-02 0.75kW 2极 IE2, 3~W21-AL80-04 0.75kW 4极 IE2, W21 3~90L-02 2.2kW 2极 IE2, W21 3~132M-06 7.5kW 4极 IE2, W21 3~132M-04 7.5kW 4极 IE2, W21 3~132M-04 7.5kW 4极 IE2, W21 3~132S-02 7.5kW 2极 IE2, W21 3~112M-04 2.2kW 6极 IE2, W21 3~160M-02 15kW 2极 IE2, W21 3~160L-04 15kW 4极 IE2, W21 3~132S-02 5.5kW 2极 IE2, W21 3~160L-06 11kW 6极 IE2, W21 3~180L-06 15kW 6极 IE2, W21 3~200L-08 15kW 8极 IE2, W21 3~90L-02 2.2kW 2极 IE2, W21 3~132S-06 3kW 6极 IE2, W21 3~160L-06 11kW 6极 IE2, W21 3~90L-08 0.55kW 8极 IE2, W21 3~132S-04 5.5kW 4极 IE2, W21 3~90S-04 1.1kW 4极 IE2, W21 3~AL80-04 0.55kW 4极 IE2, W21 3~AL80-06 0.55kW 6极 IE2, W21 3~132M-06 7.5kW 6极 IE2, W21 3~160M-02 11kW 2极 IE2, W21 3~180L-08 11kW 8极 IE2, W21 3~160M-02 11kW 2极 IE2, 3~W20-AL80-02, 3~W20-AL100L-04 3kW 4极, W21 3~100L-06 1.5kW 6极 IE2, W21 3~112M-04 4kW 4极 IE2, W21 3~90S-06 0.75kW 6极 IE2, 3~W20-180L-06 15kW 6极 IE2, W21 3~AL71-06 0.25kW B5 IE2, W21 3~100L-08 0.75kW 8极 IE2

WEG Electric Motors Models

1. Electrical parameters:
Motor model: W21 3 ~ 132M-04
Power: 7.5kW
Number of poles: 4 poles (1460rpm)
Installation: B3 / B5 / B35 / B14 / B34 / V1 / V3 / V5 / V6 / V15 / V36 / V17 / V37 / V18 / V19
Voltage: 220-240 / 380-415V (50Hz) 440-460V (60Hz)
2. Structural features:
Mechanical properties
Frame (material): cast iron (aluminum shell 63/71/80 / 90S / L)
Certification: CCC, CE, UL, EAC, ABS, BV, CSA, ISO9001, SABS, IECEx, MEPS, DNV
Protection level: IP55
Grounding method: outside the junction box and base
Cooling method: TEFC
Fan (material): plastic
Fan cover (material): steel plate
End cap (material): FC-200 cast iron
Sewage plug: NBR black sewage plug
Bearing seal: V-ring
Bearing oil: Mobil Polyrex EM
Junction Box
Junction box (material): FC200-cast iron / aluminum shell
Terminal: BMC 6-post terminal
Inlet plug: equipped with rubber stuffing cover for easy transportation and storage
Side hole: None
Auxiliary hole: none
Motor shaft
Shaft (material): SAE 1040/45
Shaft key: Type A (China: Type B key)
Vibration level: Class A
Dynamic balance: 1/2 key
Nameplate (material): stainless steel AISI 304
Nameplate identification: CE; IEC60034; Q / 320691AAB11-2016
Painting plan: 207A
Paint color: RAL5009
Electrical characteristics
Design: N
Voltage: 220-240 / 380-415V (50Hz) 440-460V (60Hz), 6 terminals
Winding dipping: dipping and baking
Winding insulation grade: F (DT 80K)
Service factor: 1.0
Rotor: cast aluminum
Thermal protection: None

WEG Electric Motors Models

Low voltage industrial motor
W20 series: designed for the Chinese market.
W21 frequency conversion series: EFF2, EFF1, Exceed high-efficiency motor; W02, W01 common series; YBK2 mine flameproof motor; YB2 flameproof motor; brake motor; marine motor; special motor for roller table; water-cooled flameproof for coal mine boring machine Type motor; WEG imported series motor, etc.
Medium and high voltage motor
M series, power from 100 to 50,000kW, voltage to 13.8KV; frame number: IEC280-500
H series, closed type, power from 100 to 3,150kW, voltage to 6.9kV; Frame size: IEC315-630 Flexible | High efficiency | Rugged
Today, China is developing faster and faster, because of its huge structural system has become a factory in the world.
In order to meet the above environmental protection concepts, WEG has developed a new motor production line for the Chinese market customers, specializing in the production of the new W20 motor. This new motor is suitable for different industrial fields, has efficient operation performance, safe and durable, and can greatly reduce the number of maintenance .
Standard features
1. Three-phase squirrel cage rotor
2. 380V voltage
3. 50HZ rated frequency
4. Protection grade IP55
5. F and insulation
6. Service factor 1.0
7. Output power 0.18KW to 260KW
8. Frame 80 to 355
9. Size: IEC72
10. Continuous work
11.40 ° ambient temperature, below 1000 meters above sea level
12. Installation method B3R
13. Cooling method IC411
14. Wiring method: Y connection below 3KW, angle connection above 4KW
15. Imported bearings

Other selection features
1. Other voltage-60HZ
2. Biaxial extension
3. Shaft size according to customer requirements
4. Other installation structure
5. Variable frequency drive
6. Operation with service factor
7. Other power levels
8. Other improvements based on other requirements
General machinery: such as metal cutting machine tools, pumps, fans, transportation machinery, mixers, agricultural machinery, food machinery, etc. · Frame number: 63-355
· Motor power: 0.12-330KW
· Protection grade: IP55
· Insulation class: Class F insulation (△ T = 80K)
· Efficiency level: EFF2 standard efficiency
The average efficiency of 2P motor is 90%, which is 2.2% higher than that of Y2-2P motor
The average efficiency of 4P motor is 89.6%, which is 2% higher than that of Y2-4P motor
The average efficiency of 6P motor is 88.1%, which is 1.3% higher than that of Y2-6P motor.
Working system: S1 continuous working system
· Ambient temperature: 40 ℃, altitude 1000 meters
· Cooling method 1C411
Wiring method: 3kW and below is Y-connection, 4KW and above is △ connection reasonable structure design
· Flexible outlet: The junction box rotates in the direction of 4 * 90 degrees, the customer can arbitrarily specify, only need to indicate when ordering.
· Beautiful appearance: The heat dissipation ribs are distributed horizontally and vertically. The junction box of the end cover is a brand-new design. The appearance is beautiful and unique. The surface is sandblasted with high smoothness, the color is uniform globally, and the heat dissipation performance is excellent.
· Solid component connection: implement WEG motor assembly standards, modular design, modular installation, improve the reliability of component connection, greatly reduce the installation and commissioning time, shorten the delivery time
· Wide voltage and wide frequency: the actual use voltage can fluctuate within 5% of the rated voltage, which does not affect the normal use of the motor, fully in line with the actual situation of domestic voltage fluctuation, and the same motor can achieve two voltages and two frequencies 220v / 380v 50hz or 380v / 660v 50hz and 440v 60hz).
· Overload multiple: All motors are designed to withstand 1.5 times of overload at rated voltage and rated frequency, which lasts for two minutes and is tailor-made.
· Protection grade: IP56 or IP65
· Bearing seal: labyrinth with lip seal, oil seal, frame size 132S and above
· Thermal protection: thermistor, temperature adjustment device, RTD-PT 100 for frame size 132S and below
· Heating belt

WEG Electric Motors Models

Class H insulation
Features of ball bearings with frame size 160M and above WISE insulation system stator electrical strength increases, allowing the motor to run with a frequency converter without being damaged by peak voltage. High efficiency (IE2) and ultra-high efficiency (over IE3) motors, Fast return on investment is guaranteed. The industrial environment painting program is suitable for slightly harsh environments: low average temperature, normal temperature changes. Stronger motor strength of the cast iron frame strengthens the cooling system. The motor surface temperature and bearing temperature are significantly reduced, ensuring high performance and energy saving. . Products can be customized according to customer requirements to maximize the satisfaction of various industrial applications W21 three-phase low-voltage motor

Brand: WEG
Model: W21EFF2180L15KW
Frame size 225S / M and above adopts secondary vacuum dipping.
· The frame size 225S / M and above are equipped with oiling device, and the screw sleeve of the junction box is metric thread.
· One thermistor per phase for frame size 160M and above.
· Efficiency level: EFF2 standard efficiency
· High-performance protection level: All motors are designed with IP55 protection level. They can be used outdoors or in dusty and damp environments. Users do not need to add additional devices to affect normal use.
· Improve the insulation performance and increase the service life of the motor: Therefore, the standard motors adopt F-class insulation series (close to H-class insulation), and are evaluated according to B-class insulation, which increases the reliability of motor operation and improves the motor life.
· Wide voltage, wide frequency
· All W21 motors are suitable for frequency conversion power supply. The torque characteristics have been tested and passed. Under constant torque, when the speed ratio is 2: 1, under variable torque conditions, when the speed ratio is 10: 1, W21 The basic motor can be used directly.
· Lubrication cycle: all standard WEG motors use 82-280 frame size two-pole motors for 20000 hours without refueling, four-pole motors for 40000 hours without refueling, high-power two-pole motors for 2000-3000 hours without refueling, four-pole motors -6000 hours without refueling. The HGF series is a combination of low maintenance cost and high performance. This series of products are used in the most demanding areas, which requires increased strength and durability of the ideal motor operation.
HGF motors are designed to the highest technical standards, using modern computer software, mechanical, electrical and thermal analysis to prove rigorous testing and inspection. The development of this innovative model makes the HGF series a flexible product that meets the requirements of international standards and fully complies with the development trend of the world market. This shows that WEG is committed not only to customers, but also to the environment, bringing global solutions and more optimized products and processes.

Standard function
Number of poles: 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12;
The external dimensions are: 5006/7 / 8T to 9606/10;
Service factor: 1.00;
Insulation class: F (DT 80K);
Protection level: IP55;
Installation method: B3;
Cooling method: TEFC-IC411;
Encloure material: cast iron FC-200;
Fan cover: FC-200 cast iron, minimum 6806/7 / 8T, maximum 7006/100
Fan: aluminum frame minimum 8006/10, maximum 8806/10
Junction box: FC-200 cast iron;
Boutique series junction box: FC-200 cast iron;
Thermal protection: Winding: 3-wire PT-100, 2 stages;
Bearing: 3-wire PT-100, 1% bearing;
Bearings: Grease-lubricated ball bearings up to 8006/10;
Grease lubricated roller bearing frame 8806/10 (4, 6, 8, 10, 12);
Insulated non-driving end bearings are 6806/7 / 8T and above;
Bearing seal: For grease lubricated bearings: labyrinth seal;
Suitable for oil lubricated bearings and sliding bearings: mechanical seal;
Balance: use half key;
Bearing protection of shaft locking device;
Nameplate: AISI 304 steel (laser engraving);
Leak: automatic plastic plug.
Optional function
App for VFD;
Encoder: DYNAPAR HS 35;
Protection level: IP55W or higher;
Installation: Other installation configurations, including vertical high thrust applications;
Cooling method: TEBC-IC415;
Fan: FC-200 cast iron;
Drip irrigation covers shaft applications;
Junction box: steel welding junction box;
Second junction box: neutral terminal for "Y" connection access;
Cable fixing head: plastic, brass or stainless steel thread;
Thermal protection: Bimetal thermal protector, thermistor (PTC), or calibrate PT-100 on the winding or bearing for alarm or trip;
With / without bearing on contact pressure gauge thermometer;
Bearing: Oil lubricated bearing;
Plain bearings of all sizes;
Insulated non-driven end bearing frame 5810/11 / 12T;
VFD application, bearing insulation at drive end;
VFD application suite for driving end shaft insulation brushes
Normal or high thrust should be designed with vertically mounted bearings;
Suitable for vibration detector SPM;
Balance: a special level of balance;
Voltage surge protection: lightning arrester and capacitor;
Stainless steel fixed;
Internal epoxy coating (tropicalization).
Other features on request
Voltage: 6900 ~ 11,000 V;
Service factor: 1.15 / 1.25;
Insulation class: F (DT 105K), H (DT 80K, 105K or 125K);
Sleeve bearing with independent hydraulic oil circulation system;
CT differential and integral protection;
Power factor correction capacitors;
Signal transducer;
The size of the special shaft;
Non-reverse ratchet;
Machine base: guide rail, slide seat, extension foot, reconstruction foot, anchor plate. The M-line motor configuration can be designed according to customer needs to meet the protection level and cooling method in different applications.
M-line motors adopt different configurations of cooling methods and protection levels, so that the machine is designed to meet the requirements of operation and environment as much as possible. The external dimensions of the motor are cast iron (IEC280 ~ 560), while those with the external dimensions of IEC 630 and above are made of welded steel plates

WEG Electric Motors Models

Standard function:
220 ~ 13800 V sinusoidal power supply
Number of poles: 2 ~ 12
Cast iron frame 630 280 560 and steel plate welding 1800
cooling method:
-Self-cooling ventilation;
-Self-ventilating ducts, air inlets and outlets;
-Forced ventilation, air inlet and outlet ducts;
-Forced ventilation, cooling the top of the motor;
-Self-ventilation and air-air heat exchangers, heat exchangers on motors;
-Self-ventilation and air-air heat exchangers, heat exchangers around the stator;
-Forced ventilation of internal and external circuits in air, air-to-air heat exchanger
-Air-water heat exchanger;
-Air-to-water heat exchanger, forced ventilation of the internal circuit in the air.
Installation method: B3
Protection level: IP23 ~ IP55
Working system: (S1)
Insulation class: F
Service factor: 1.0
Temperature rise: 80 ° C
Ambient temperature: 40 ° C
Altitude: 1000 meters
Temperature detection: PT100, 3-wire 1-yuan bearing
Temperature detection: PT100, 3 wires per phase
Two auxiliary junction boxes, signal accessories and other accessories require power (space heater)
Single-phase space heater
Of maze tachonite in grease lubricated bearings
Grease lubricated bearings:
-For 2-pole motors, the following screen sizes appear:
-The frame number below 400 (inclusive) is 60Hz;
-The frame number above 450 (inclusive) is 50Hz;
-For the following frame of 4-pole motor:
-60Hz and 50Hz below frame number 560 (inclusive)
-Above 6 poles of grease lubricated bearings;
Plain bearings:
-For 2-pole motors in box 630
-Frame number 450 and above is 60Hz
-Frame number 500 and above is 50Hz
-For the 4-pole motor, the size of 630
Electrically insulated non-drive end bearings of frame size 450 and above are directly connected to the power supply
Paint: acrylic polyurethane polyamide epoxy resin (last layer: blue RAL 5007)
Stainless steel nameplate
Frame and junction box of ground lug
Drive shaft shaft ground brush size 450 and above
Stainless steel slip ring
03 Connection terminal (terminal block) in high voltage power supply junction box
06 Low voltage caused by loose power connection (no terminal required)
Optional function
VFD application
Service factor: 1.15
Insulation class: H
Temperature rise: 105 ° K, Class F
Temperature rise: 125 ° K H level
The ambient temperature is higher than 40 ° C (available on request)
Above 1000 meters above sea level (available on request)
Rubber pads: B5, B35, V1, V3, V5, V6, V18, V19, V36
Protection of IPW55 and above
Application in the field of classification: EX-N, -E, -P
Special balance
Base: rails, slides, extended feet, reconstructed feet, anchor plate
The steel welding junction box is different according to the size of the available space inside,
Power factor correction capacitors
Non-reverse ratchet
Centrifugal switch

WEG Electric Motors Models

Temperature detector: thermistor (PTC, NTC)
Temperature detector: thermostat (bimetal)
Two live power junction boxes
One or more auxiliary junction boxes
Shaft: special size, double shaft end cone, hollow, special steel
Oil bearing
Oil lubricated bearings
Special axial or radial thrust bearings (over design)
Special painting
Low voltage terminals
Entrance in cable sealed junction box
Protection against surge voltage: lighting arresters and capacitors
Aluminum, copper or brass rotor
Vibration detector
Noise suppressors at the air inlet and outlet
Tachometer generator
CT differential and integral protection
Bearing thermometer, pressure gauge with / without contact
Signal Transduction
Independent hydraulic oil circulation system sleeve bearing
All frame sizes of electrically insulated non-drive end bearings are driven with variable frequency drives
The two bearings are electrically insulated
When all frames on the grounding brush are driven by the inverter, the drive end bearing (except classification area) M Line Master
Technical characteristics:
Output power to 50,000KW (70,000HP)
Voltage 220-13800V
Speed ​​3600-300rpm
WEG M LINE advantages include:
Protection mode IP23 (WE-I), IP (W) 24 (WP-II) or IP (W) 55 / IP (W) 56 / IP (W) 65
Reduce noise level
Easy maintenance
API541 standard
Newly designed bearing and squirrel cage design
Interchangeability with existing motors
Application: fan, compressor, water pump, crusher, cutting machine and other mechanical equipment.
Line Master
Technical characteristics:
Output power to 100-3150KW (135-4000HP)
Voltage 220-6900V
Speed ​​3600-600rpm
WEG M LINE advantages include:
Protection mode IP (W) 55 / IP (W) 56 / IP (W) 65 (TEFC, TEBV)
Reduce noise level
Easy maintenance
Newly designed bearing and squirrel cage design
High strength cast iron
Interchangeability with existing motors
Self cooling Internal air flow
No heat exchanger required
Application: fan, compressor, water pump, crusher, cutting machine and other mechanical equipment.

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