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Worm gear motor,worm gear material

WS type cylindrical Worm gear motor

Scope of application

WS type cylindrical Worm gear motor applicable range This standard is the first-class transmission Archimedes cylindrical Worm gear motor; WS (worm upper) WD (worm down). (Spiral Archimedes cylindrical Worm gear motor is suitable for worm meshing where the sliding speed is not more than 7.5m / s; worm speed does not exceed 1500r / min; working environment temperature is -40 ~ +40 ° C; and can run in the positive and negative directions occasion.

The WS cylindrical Worm gear motor is a first-stage cylindrical Worm gear motor. Theworm gear material has the advantages of large transmission ratio, compact structure, small volume, low noise, stable operation and good self-locking property.

The worm of the Worm gear motor is made of 45 carbon steel and is tempered. The worm gear is cast with ZQAL9-4 aluminum bronze. Tapered roller bearings are used for the input shaft support. The shaft end is equipped with a skeleton oil seal to prevent oil leakage and prolong service life.

The Worm gear motor is mainly used for the gear reduction of metallurgy, mining, lifting, transportation, chemical, construction, textile, light industry and other mechanical equipment, especially for mobile lifting equipment such as station wharfs and warehouses. . Applicable to the worm meshing position sliding speed is not more than 7.5m / s

WS type cylindrical Worm gear motor solid model

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