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Worm gear speed reducer,worm gear set

Precision helical planetary reducer model

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Professional supply: Taiwan TWD economical helical planetary gear reducer TSE series, TWD economical helical planetary gear reducer TSF series, TWD precision helical planetary gear reducer TSH series, low noise, low backlash, high torque, delivery time 20 to 25 days.

Taiwan Dinggu TWD helical planetary reducer advantages:

Ultra-quiet: Ultra-quiet planetary reducer that has never been seen, with worm gear set, 10% lower than straight tooth noise

Smooth running: the tooth direction of the helical gear is oblique to the axis of the gear, and the meshing of the teeth is smoother and smoother than the straight teeth.

Low backlash: precision backlash 6≤arcmin, the precision positioning of planetary reducer, fully demonstrating the characteristics of high precision servo motor

Small size: the smallest in the same class, the most suitable for occasions where equipment space is limited

High-strength: The internal components are heat-treated high-strength high-quality alloy steel, which is sufficient to cope with severe and harsh working conditions.

High efficiency: low loss precision gear design, transmission efficiency up to 97%

Complete specifications: unique multi-stage reduction ratio, precision, economical selectivity, precision and high efficiency output planetary gear reducer, is the best combination of servo motor, stepper motor and other precision transmission mechanism

Fully sealed design: Sealed full oil seal design ensures that grease does not leak, patented internal ring design ensures durability and reduces noise

Widely used in: printing machinery, cutting machinery, medical machinery, textile machinery, packaging machinery, food machinery, construction machinery, woodworking machinery, petroleum machinery, CNC machine tools, robotic arms, robots, ships, military, aerospace and other automated machinery and equipment

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