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Worm reduction gearbox catalogue

The worm reducer functions as a matching speed and transmission torque between the prime mover and the working machine or the actuator, and is widely used in modern machinery.

Basic structure: The reducer is mainly composed of transmission parts (gear or worm), shaft, bearing, case and its accessories. Its basic structure has three major parts:
Gear, shaft and bearing combination:

The pinion is integrated with the shaft and is called a gear shaft. If the diameter of the gear is not related to the diameter of the shaft, if the diameter of the shaft is d and the diameter of the root of the gear is df, then df- This structure should be adopted when d ≤ 6 to 7 mn. When df-d>6~7mn, the structure in which the gear and the shaft are separated into two parts, such as a low speed shaft and a large gear. At this time, the gear is fixed to the circumferential direction of the shaft by a flat key, and the upper part of the shaft is axially fixed by the shoulder, the sleeve and the bearing cover. Deep groove ball bearings are used for both axes. This combination is used to withstand radial loads and small axial loads. When the axial load is large, an angular contact ball bearing, a tapered roller bearing or a combination of a deep groove ball bearing and a thrust bearing should be used. The bearing is lubricated by the thin oil splashed when the gear rotates. The lubricating oil in the oil pool in the tank seat is splashed by the rotating gear to the inner wall of the tank cover, flows along the inner wall to the groove of the binning surface, and flows into the bearing through the oil guiding groove. When the circumferential speed of the oil-impregnated gear υ ≤ 2m / s, the bearing should be lubricated with grease. To avoid the possibility of splashing the thin oil, the grease can be used to separate the grease. In order to prevent the loss of lubricating oil and external dust entering the tank, a sealing element is arranged between the bearing end cap and the overhanging shaft.
The cabinet is an important component of the reducer. It is the base of the transmission parts and should have sufficient strength and rigidity.
The box is usually made of grey cast iron, and a cast steel box can also be used for heavy-duty or shock-damped gear units. In order to simplify the process and reduce the cost of the reducer produced by the single unit, a steel plate welded box can be used.
Gray cast iron has good casting properties and vibration damping properties. In order to facilitate the installation and disassembly of the shafting components, the casing is formed horizontally along the axis of the shaft. The upper cover and the lower case are integrally connected by bolts. The coupling bolts of the bearing housing should be as close as possible to the bearing housing bore, and the boss next to the bearing housing should have sufficient supporting surface to place the coupling bolts and ensure the wrench space required for tightening the bolts. In order to ensure that the box has sufficient rigidity, support ribs are added near the bearing holes. In order to ensure the stability of the reducer on the foundation and to minimize the machining area of ​​the plane of the base of the box, the base of the box generally does not use a complete plane.



Worm reduction gearbox catalogue

Basic classification: Reducer by purpose It can be divided into two types: universal reducer and special reducer. The design, manufacture and use characteristics of the two are different. In the 1970s and 1980s, the world's reducer technology has developed greatly and is closely integrated with the development of the new technological revolution. Its main types: gear reducer; worm reducer; gear-worm reducer; planetary gear reducer.

General reducer: Helical gear reducer (including parallel shaft helical gear reducer, worm gear reducer, bevel gear reducer, etc.), planetary gear reducer, cycloidal pin reducer, worm gear reducer, planetary friction type mechanical stepless speed change Machine and so on. 1) Cylindrical gear reducer Single, secondary, secondary and above. Arrangement: unfolded, split, coaxial. 2) Bevel gear reducer Used when the input shaft and output shaft position intersect. 3) worm reducer It is mainly used in the case of transmission ratio i>10, and the structure is compact when the transmission is large. The disadvantage is that it is inefficient. The Archimedes worm reducer is widely used at present. 4) Gear-worm reducer If the gear transmission is at the high speed level, the structure is compact; if the worm drive is at the high speed level, the efficiency is high. 5) Planetary gear reducer The transmission efficiency is high, the transmission ratio range is wide, the transmission power is 12W~50000KW, and the volume and weight are small.

Types of common reducers: 1) The main feature of the worm gear reducer is that it has a reverse self-locking function and can have a large reduction ratio. The input shaft and the output shaft are not on the same axis, nor on the same plane. However, the volume is generally large, the transmission efficiency is not high, and the accuracy is not high. 2) Harmonic transmission of harmonic reducer is the use of flexible deformation controllable elastic deformation to transmit motion and power, small volume, high precision, but the disadvantage is that flexible wheel life is limited, not impact resistant, rigid and metal parts Relatively poor. The input speed cannot be too high. 3) Planetary reducer has the advantages of compact structure, small return clearance, high precision, long service life and large rated output torque. But the price is slightly more expensive. Reducer: In short, after the power of a general machine is designed and manufactured, its rated power does not change. At this time, the higher the speed, the smaller the torque (or torque); the smaller the speed, the greater the torque.



Worm reduction gearbox catalogue

Reducer attachment: In order to ensure the normal operation of the reducer, in addition to paying sufficient attention to the structural design of the gears, shafts, bearing combinations and cabinets, it should also consider filling, draining, checking the oil level, processing and Reasonable selection and design of auxiliary parts and components such as precise positioning and lifting of the cover and the box seat during disassembly and assembly. 1) Check the hole to check the meshing condition of the transmission parts, and inject the lubricating oil into the box. The inspection hole should be set at the appropriate position of the box. The inspection hole is located at the top of the upper cover to directly observe the gear engagement position. In normal times, the cover of the inspection hole is screwed to the cover. 2) When the ventilator reducer is working, the temperature inside the box rises, the gas expands, and the pressure increases, so that the air in the box can be freely discharged, so as to maintain the pressure balance inside and outside the box, so that the oil does not extend along the box surface or the shaft. Other gaps such as seals leak, and a ventilator is usually installed at the top of the box.
3) The bearing cap is the axial position of the fixed shafting component and is subjected to the axial load, and both ends of the bearing housing bore are closed by the bearing cap. The bearing caps are flanged and recessed. The hexagonal bolt is fixed on the box body, and the bearing cover at the outrigger shaft is a through hole, and a sealing device is installed therein. The advantage of the flanged bearing cap is that it is convenient to disassemble and adjust the bearing, but compared with the embedded bearing cap, the number of parts is large, the size is large, and the appearance is not flat.

4) The locating pin is to ensure the accuracy of the manufacturing and processing of the bearing housing hole when disassembling the box cover. The locating pin should be installed on the connecting flange of the box cover and the box seat before finishing the bearing hole. It is placed on the coupling flanges on both sides of the longitudinal direction of the box, and the symmetric box should be arranged symmetrically to avoid misassembly.
5) Oil level indicator Check the height of the oil level in the oil tank of the reducer, and always keep an appropriate amount of oil in the oil pool. Generally, the oil level indicator is installed in the part where the tank is easy to observe and the oil surface is stable.
6) When the oil drain plug is changed, the oil and cleaning agent should be drained at the bottom of the box base, and the oil drain hole should be opened at the lowest position of the oil pool. Usually, the oil drain hole is blocked by the screw plug, and the oil plug is plugged. A gasket for leak prevention should be added between the joint surfaces of the cabinet.
7) The box-opening screw is used to enhance the sealing effect. Usually, the water-glass or sealant is applied to the split surface of the box during assembly. Therefore, it is often difficult to open the cover due to the cementation when disassembling. For this purpose, at the appropriate position of the joint flange of the tank cover, ~2 screw holes are machined, and the cylindrical end or the flat end box screw for the starter box is screwed. The upper cover can be lifted by turning the starter screw. The small reducer can also be used without the starter screw. When opening the cover, use a screwdriver to open the cover. The size of the opener screw can be the same as the flange connection bolt.

 Worm reduction gearbox catalogue

Hollow shaft type:

A helical gear reducer is installed at the input end of the worm gear reducer, and the multi-stage reducer can achieve a very low output speed. It is a combination of a helical gear stage and a worm gear stage, which is higher than a pure single-stage worm gear reducer. s efficiency. Moreover, the vibration is small, the noise is low, and the energy consumption is low. In short, the hollow shaft type worm reducer is easy to install, reasonable in structure, reliable and durable. Of course, we must also pay attention to the choice of the number of the reducer, the powerful company will be based on the design of the reducer, the layout of the cooling ribs, the calculation of the heat balance, the design of the oil circuit, etc., combined with the actual use and operating conditions of the reducer, good use The manufacturing process produces high-quality, reliable and durable gearboxes. Users can get satisfactory results as long as they use the maintenance correctly.

Features: The worm reducer series adopts American technology and features strong and durable, stable transmission, large carrying capacity and low noise. It has compact structure, large transmission ratio and wide power source. It can be used for motor or other power drive.

In practical applications, the worm reducer often causes leakage of the sealing part due to design defects and uninterrupted vibration, and is affected by vibration, wear, pressure, temperature during long-term operation, and frequent disassembly of the sealing door cover and other parts. The loose internal thread is loosened, and the corrosion and aging of the sealing part also cause oil leakage in the part. These parts are restricted by the environment (temperature, medium, vibration, etc.), and have not been effectively solved for a long time, causing inconvenience and loss to the enterprise.

Due to long-term oil leakage, oil shortage is easy to cause dry wear of the transmission parts, and the probability of damage to the components is accelerated. At the same time, extravasation oil is a major hidden danger of fire; the continuous leakage of oil and grease causes a large waste of oil and increases The cost of the enterprise affects the overall image of the enterprise and affects the on-site management of the enterprise; the leakage phenomenon also increases the cycle and frequency of maintenance of the workers.
Traditional treatment methods After disassembling and opening the reducer, replacing the gasket or applying the sealant is not only time-consuming and labor-intensive, but also difficult to ensure the sealing effect, and leakage may occur again during operation. The polymer composite material 25551 has excellent adhesion, oil resistance and elongation of 200%, which is a good solution for many years. On-site management can not only meet the impact of equipment vibration, but also ensure long-term governance. Avoid the loss caused by downtime disassembly and ensure safe and continuous production

Worm reduction gearbox catalogue

common problem: 1. The reducer generates heat and oil leakage. In order to improve the efficiency, the worm gear reducer generally uses non-ferrous metal as the worm wheel, and the worm uses the harder steel. Because it is a sliding friction drive, it will generate higher heat during the operation, making the parts and seals of the reducer There is a difference in thermal expansion between them, so that a gap is generated in each mating surface, and the oil is thinned due to an increase in temperature, which easily causes leakage. There are four main reasons. First, whether the material is reasonable. Second, the surface quality of the friction surface. Third, the choice of lubricating oil, whether the amount of addition is correct, and the fourth is the assembly quality and the use environment. 2. Worm gear wear. The worm gear is generally made of tin bronze. The paired worm material is generally hardened to 45°C to HRC45-55. When the reducer is in normal operation, the worm is like a hardened “squeegee”, which continuously cuts the worm wheel and causes the worm wheel to wear. . In general, this wear is very slow, like some reducers in a factory can be used for more than 10 years. If the wear speed is fast, it is necessary to consider whether the selection of the reducer is correct, whether there is overload operation, the material of the worm gear, the assembly quality or the use environment.
3. Drive small helical gear wear. It usually occurs on a vertical mounted reducer, mainly related to the amount of lubricant added and the choice of lubricant. When the vertical installation is installed, it is easy to cause insufficient oil quantity. When the speed reducer stops running, the transmission gear oil between the motor and the reducer is lost, the gear can not get the proper lubrication protection, and it is not effective during startup or operation. Lubrication causes mechanical wear and even damage.

4. The worm bearing is damaged. When the reducer fails, even if the gearbox is well sealed, the factory often finds that the gear oil in the reducer has been emulsified, the bearing has been rusted, corroded and damaged. This is because the gear oil is used during the stop and stop of the gear reducer. Caused by moisture condensation after hot cooling; of course, it is also closely related to bearing quality and assembly process
Reducer leakage and maintenance:
In practical applications, the worm reducer often causes leakage of the sealing part due to design defects and uninterrupted vibration, and is affected by vibration, wear, pressure, temperature during long-term operation, and frequent disassembly of the sealing door cover and other parts. The loose internal thread is loosened, and the corrosion and aging of the sealing part also cause oil leakage in the part. These parts are restricted by the environment (temperature, medium, vibration, etc.), and have not been effectively solved for a long time, causing inconvenience and loss to the enterprise.


Worm reduction gearbox catalogue

Solution: (1) Guarantee the quality of assembly. In order to ensure the quality of the assembly, the factory purchased and made some special tools. When disassembling and installing the reducer worm gear, worm, bearing, gear and other components, try to avoid hitting directly with other tools such as hammer; when replacing gears and worm gears, try to Use original parts and replace in pairs; when assembling the output shaft, pay attention to the tolerance, D≤50mm, use H7/k6, D>50mm, use H7/m6, and use anti-adhesive or red oil to protect the hollow The shaft prevents wear and rust, prevents the scale of the fit, and is difficult to disassemble during maintenance. (2) Selection of lubricating oil and additives. The worm gear reducer generally uses 220# gear oil. For some gears with heavy load, frequent start, and poor use environment, the factory also selected some lubricant additives. When the reducer stops running, the gear oil is still attached. The surface of the gear forms a protective film to prevent heavy loads, low speed, high torque and metal-to-metal contact at start-up. The additive also contains a seal regulator and a leak preventer to keep the seal soft and elastic, effectively reducing oil leakage.
(3) Selection of the installation position of the reducer. When possible, do not use a vertical installation. In the vertical installation, the amount of lubricating oil added is much larger than that of the horizontal installation, which is likely to cause heat generation and oil leakage of the reducer. The 40,000 bottles/time pure draft beer production line introduced by the factory is installed in vertical. After a period of operation, the transmission pinion has great wear and even damage. After adjustment, the situation has been greatly improved.

(4) Establish a corresponding lubrication maintenance system. The factory maintains the reducer according to the “five-set” principle of lubrication work, so that each reducer has a responsible person to check regularly. When the work finds that the oil temperature rises significantly, the temperature rise exceeds 40 °C or the oil temperature exceeds 80 ° C, the quality of the oil is reduced or more copper powder is found in the oil and abnormal noise, etc., immediately stop using the timely repair, troubleshoot, replace the lubricant before use. When refueling, pay attention to the same amount of oil and installation position to ensure that the reducer is properly lubricated.


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