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planetary industry gearbox

First, PL planetary industry gearbox product overview:
1. Mainly used for servo motor/stepping motor, the biggest feature is high precision and large transmission capacity.
2. It can also be equipped with DC motor, single-phase motor, synchronous motor and various three-phase asynchronous motor.
3.Precision planetary industry gearbox, also known as servo planetary industry gearbox, adopts planetary gear structure design. It adopts special heat treatment of high-performance alloy steel. The flange is made of aluminum alloy. It has beautiful appearance, small size, light weight, large transmission ratio and torque. Large, low noise, high efficiency, long service life and so on.
4. Fully enclosed with high performance grease, maintenance free for life.


Second, PL planetary industry gearbox features:
Designed for round flange right angles, the input shaft is on the same axis as the output shaft. There are two kinds of precision: P1 and P2. This series is economical and practical, and is the best choice for cost savings in general machine tool applications. In order to match the selection of various servo motors, this series models are divided into five common machine models such as PL60, PL90, PL120, PL160 and PL200.
1) Speed ratio: 4~1000 has more than 20 common speed ratios to choose from;
2) According to the size of the speed ratio, the structure is divided into one, two and three planetary transmissions;
3) Accuracy: The first-class transmission accuracy is 5-10 arc minutes, the second-level transmission accuracy is 7-12 arc minutes, and the third-stage transmission accuracy is 9-15 arc minutes.
Application areas:
The servo industry gearbox can be directly mounted on AC and DC servo motors and is widely used in industrial fields with medium precision. Such as: precision machine tools, welding equipment, automatic cutting equipment, packaging equipment, solar energy, industrial robots, medical equipment, printing equipment, precision testing equipment and other automated CNC equipment applications.
Performance and features:
PL series precision servo planetary industry gearbox provides high cost performance, wide application, economical and practical, long life, etc. It has exerted good servo rigidity effect and accurate positioning control in servo control applications. Low backlash, high efficiency, high input speed, high input torque, smooth running, low noise, etc., the appearance and structure design is light and small. Lifetime replacement-free lubricants, regardless of where they are installed, are maintenance-free, fully enclosed and IP65-protected, so they can be used in poor working conditions.


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