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Gearbox for hoist

Gearbox for hoist

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1.Z series spiral bevel gearbox hoist is a first-class spiral bevel gear transmission case, the transmission ratio is 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3. 2. The transmission efficiency is high, and the efficiency of the single-type gearbox hoist is as high as 96%. 3. Available with single horizontal axis, single vertical axis and double vertical axis. Site conditions 1. Ambient temperature -40 ° C ~ +50 ° C. (Lubricating oil should be heated above 0 °C when starting below 0 °C.) 2. The altitude should not exceed 1000 meters. 3. The input speed is not more than 1800 rpm, and the maximum circumferential speed of the gear does not exceed 22 m/s. 4. Can be used for positive and negative operation. 5. No industry restrictions.

China manufacture hard tooth surface parallel shaft gearbox hoist is produced according to national standards and the product is optimized. With the international advanced level in the 1980s, it mainly includes four series of ZDY (single-level), ZLY (two-level), ZSY (three-level) and ZFY (four-level).

DBY, DCY tapered cylindrical hardened gearbox hoist is an external meshing involute helical
gearbox hoist manufactured according to national standard JB/T8853-1999. The products are
optimized and have the international advanced level in the 1990s.
This product is widely used in metallurgy, mining, lifting, transportation, cement, construction,
chemical, textile, printing and dyeing, pharmaceutical and other industrial sectors.
use: The hardened spur gearbox hoist (referred to as the gearbox hoist) is used for the transmission device
in which the output shaft is arranged in the vertical direction. Mainly used in belt conveyors and
various transportation machinery, but also in coal, metallurgy, chemical, building materials, light
industry, petroleum and other general machinery transmission machinery.
Performance characteristics:
1. High carrying capacity
2. Low noise
3. Small size
4. Light weight
5. High efficiency
6. Long service life

structure: The first stage of the gearbox hoist is a Gleason spiral bevel gear, and the second and third
stage drives are involute cylindrical bevel gearbox hoist. Lubrication of the gearbox hoist: In general, the gearbox hoist
and bearings of the gearbox hoist are splashed and lubricated in the oil pool and naturally cooled.
Only when the working balance temperature of the gearbox hoist exceeds the specified value, or the
carrying power exceeds the thermal power PG1, the circulating lubrication is used, or the oil
pool with the cooling pipe is used for lubrication.

The large gearbox hoist is specially designed for the harsh conditions of the low-speed and
heavy-duty of the cement industry, safe and reliable, and long-life. It is an edge drive gearbox hoist for
cement grinding and coal grinding. The large gearbox hoist adopts the structure of single-stage
gearbox hoist with special thin oil station. The gearbox hoist are all made of high-quality low-carbon alloy
steel and carburized and quenched. Tooth surface grinding, high precision, large carrying
capacity; stable transmission, low noise, long service life, small size, light weight and so on.
Considering the installation conditions on site, the split cover structure can be adopted through
the end cover, which is beneficial to the host to replace the seal when the coupling is coupled.
The body of the gearbox hoist (JDX large gearbox hoist) or the lower body (MBY large gearbox hoist) is
equipped with lifting holes for lifting or transporting the gearbox hoist. Gear meshing part of large gearbox hoist The gearbox hoist of the gearbox hoist are subjected to carburizing and hardening treatment, and the tooth
surface is ground and the gear meshing precision reaches 6 (GB/T10095). Due to the high
meshing quality, the noise level of the gearbox hoist is reduced, and the speed gearbox hoist is guaranteed
to operate reliably. The gear and shaft are coupled using a key and an interference fit. This
coupling method enables reliable transmission of torque.
Lubrication of JDX large gearbox hoist Forced lubrication through a thin oil lubrication station
L-CKD heavy duty industrial gear oil is used in the thin oil station. (Related Links: What Lubricat
ing Oil Lubrication and Cooling the gearbox hoist Uses) The nominal diameter of the fuel
supply pipe connected to the gearbox hoist and the thin oil station is: XYZ125 has a diameter of 40,
XYZ63 and XYZ40 have a diameter of 32, and XYZ25 has a diameter of 25. The oil in the gear
oil and any associated fuel tanks and lines and pumps is preheated to 10 °C before the gear
unit is started. After the circulating lubrication gearbox hoist reaches the normal working temperature,
the pressure of the lubricating oil should be between 0.15 and 03 MPa. The oil mark has two
engraved lines, which respectively indicate the lower and higher oil levels of the thin oil station,
and it is recommended to reach a high oil level when filling the oil. Check the oil level after the
large gearbox hoist stops rotating and the oil cools down. Under any circumstances, the oil level
should not be lower than the lower mark position of the oil mark!
Bearings for JDX gearbox hoist shafts: All shafts are mounted in rolling bearings Large gearbox hoist shaft seal: Radial labyrinth seals and carbon fiber seals on the shaft output of the hardened gearbox hoist
prevent lubricant from leaking out of the gearbox hoist or prevent dirt from entering the gearbox hoist
General installation instructions for large gearbox hoist: The gearbox hoist must be installed by a professional.
The damage caused by improper installation is not within the "three guarantees" range of the
product. The gearbox hoist should be protected from direct sunlight. If it is used in the open air, it must
be equipped with corresponding protective measures, such as protective cover and ceiling. The
lifting capacity of the lifting equipment must be sufficient for the installation work.
Overview: This product is a hardened cylindrical gearbox hoist produced according to the national
standard JB/T8853-2001. This product is widely used in metallurgy, mining, lifting, transportation,
cement, construction, chemical, textile, printing and dyeing, pharmaceutical and other fields.

The range of the gearbox hoist is as follows: 1. The speed of the high speed shaft is not more than 1500 rpm. 2. The gear drive peripheral speed is not more than 20 m / s. 3. The working environment temperature is -40~45 degrees Celsius. If it is lower than 0 degrees
Celsius, the lubricating oil should be preheated to above 0 degrees Celsius before starting. The
gearbox hoist can be used in both positive and negative directions.
First, the characteristics: 1. The gear is made of high-strength low-carbon alloy steel by carburizing and quenching. The
hardness of the tooth surface is up to HRC58-62. The gearbox hoist are ground grinding technology
with high precision and good contact. 2. High transmission efficiency: single stage is greater than 96.5%, double level is greater than
93%, and third level is greater than 90%. 3. Smooth operation and low noise. 4. Small size, light weight, long service life and high carrying capacity. 5. Easy to disassemble and easy to install.
Second, the gearbox hoist model, specifications and representation: 1. Models include: ZDY single-stage cylindrical gearbox hoist, ZLY two-stage cylindrical gear
gearbox hoist, ZSY three-stage cylindrical gearbox hoist, ZFY four-stage cylindrical gearbox hoist. 2. Specifications are: Single stage: 80, 100, 125, 160, 200, 250, 280, 315, 355, 400, 450, 500, 560 Two levels: 112, 125, 140, 160, 180, 200, 224, 250, 280, 315, 355, 400, 450, 500, 560, 630, 710 Level 3: 160, 180, 200, 224, 250, 280, 315, 355, 400, 450, 500, 560, 630, 710 Level 4: 180, 200, 225, 250, 280, 320, 360, 450, 500, 560, 630, 710, 800

3. Example of representation method: Cylindrical gearbox hoist + low speed center distance + nominal transmission ratio + assembly
form + standard number D denotes a single stage, L denotes two stages, S denotes three stages, F denotes four stages,
and Y denotes a hard toothed gear 4. Steering regulations: The speed gearbox hoist with backstop can only be operated in one direction.
The steering regulation is: facing the output shaft, the output shaft runs clockwise as "S" and
counterclockwise as "N".
status quo: At present, the overall technical level and equipment level of the domestic metal products
industry still have a large gap compared with industrial developed countries. The mainstay of
wire drawing machines, auxiliary equipment, lubrication technology, wire production, and quality
of wire drawing molds are still relatively backward. In the face of the actual situation of China's
metal products industry, it is unrealistic to simply pursue advanced large-scale, high-speed wire
drawing machines; for designers and manufacturers of wire drawing machines, the focus of
work should be on design, A wire drawing machine with reliable operation, simple operation and
maintenance, and high production efficiency.

Advantage: In order to adapt to the fierce market competition and better serve the domestic metal products
industry, the design of the wire drawing machine transmission system is also changing to the
transmission form of the hard tooth surface gear. The specific performance is that the market
has adopted more powerful narrow v combination of the combination of the hardened gear
gearbox hoist for the wire drawing machine, adopts the standard gearbox hoist adapted to the overall
structure of the wire drawing machine, and effectively combines the gearbox hoist with the installation
box, the main shaft and the reel to form a A wire drawing machine transmission system with a
hard-toothed gear as the main transmission form.
Compared with the secondary enveloping worm gear pair, the standard hardened surface
gearbox hoist has the following advantages: 1. High transmission efficiency and strong carrying capacity; 2. The ratio is flexible and the combination is convenient; 3, easy to install; 4. Reasonable cost; 5, can achieve modular design; 6, trend and so on.
The hardened gearbox hoist adopts helical gear transmission. The efficiency of the closed gear
is 0.95--0.98. The theoretical maximum transmission power is “50000kw; the speed v/(m/s) <=
130; for the double enveloping worm gear, In the case of high processing precision and good
lubrication, the transmission efficiency can only reach 0.95, but in general worm drive, the
efficiency is generally in the range of 0.70-0.92. Due to heat limitation, the maximum transfer
power Pi(kw) = 750, but usually "50 kw. At present, high-speed, large-size wire drawing machines
have become the mainstream of the market. The application of high-power motors on large-size
wire drawing machines is quite common. The use of hard-toothed gear transmissions with high
nsmission efficiency will bring better economics to users. Benefits, good market expectations.
There is a proportional relationship between the gear ratio and the transmitted power, but the
larger the gear ratio means the greater the center distance between the gearbox hoist. The characteristic
of the large-size wire drawing machine is that the drawing wire diameter is large, the drawing
force is large, and the pulling power required is large, which causes the box body to be too
large. In the case of the same gear ratio, gear transmission can increase the number of transmission
stages to achieve the expected speed ratio, but the worm gear is affected by the installation
form (the worm gear can only be horizontally installed due to the lubrication conditions). Only a
huge cabinet structure can be used.
Whether it is a hardened surface gearbox hoist or a secondary enveloping worm gear pair, advanced
and reasonable design, high-precision manufacturing, assembly, and comprehensive performan
ce testing, the correct assembly is the important guarantee for the long life, safe and reliable
operation of the gear box. Link. As far as the current situation is concerned, the installation of
the secondary enveloping worm gear pair is mainly assembled by the assembly staff of our
factory to the cabinet designed by the designer. The meshing quality of the worm gear is mainly
determined by the experience and quality of the assembly personnel, which affects the worm
gear. The human factor of the service life is more prominent. The use of hardened gearbox hoist
does not have the problem of gear assembly. The installation considerations mainly lie in the
design stage, such as: how to center the positioning, how to prevent the interference of the oil
pump tubing, how to ensure the installation size of the rack, etc. The components can be
installed. In terms of the convenience of installation, the hardened surface gearbox hoist has an
unparalleled advantage.
The cost of a product is affected by many factors, including: manufacturing costs, the price of
purchased parts, sales costs, and after-sales service costs. However, the design and manufacturing
costs account for a considerable proportion, which is unquestionable. How to optimize product
design and reduce manufacturing costs is an important consideration for improving the competitiveness
of enterprises. Taking a certain type of linear wire drawing machine as an example, the purchase
price of the secondary enveloping worm gear pair with a transmission power of 37Kw is about
14,000 yuan (excluding the reduction gear box), and the price of the same reduction gear is
about 12,000 yuan.

Since the material of the worm gearbox hoist is tin bronze, it is foreseeable that as the prices of
international and domestic non-ferrous metals rise, the price paid by the worm gear will
certainly rise.
Modular design has gradually become the mainstream design mode, and its advantage lies in
the use of some specialized products on its own products to improve product quality. Modular
design is to combine some elements of the product to form a subsystem with specific functions.
This subsystem is used as a universal module and other product elements to form a new
system and generate multiple kinds. Several series of products with different functions or the
same functions and different performances. For standard hardened gearbox hoist, the installation
dimensions are the same within a certain speed ratio, and the number of reels can be increased
or decreased by adjusting the number of reels or the same on the same reel specification. The
machine speed ratio meets the different process needs of the user. This makes it possible to take
advantage of the proven technology of the gearbox hoist manufacturer and to meet user needs in a
shorter production cycle, which is particularly effective in shortening the design and production
With the development of technology and the application of computers, the calculation of gear
tooth shape is more and more accurate, and the development of world transmission technology
tends to adopt hard tooth surface. According to statistics, the use of the hardened surface
gearbox hoist greatly promotes the weight, miniaturization and quality performance of the machine,
which increases the working speed of the machine by one level. In the future, gearbox hoist will be
developed in the direction of heavy load, high speed, high precision and high efficiency, and
strive to be small in size, light in weight, long in life and economical and reliable. The heavy
load is consistent with the trend of the wire drawing machine to the large-diameter wire rod,
while the high speed can increase the unit capacity of the wire drawing machine, which
coincides with the development trend of the linear wire drawing machine.

In the production and application of gearbox hoist, with the continuous development of the manufacturin
g process, the performance of the gearbox hoist is continuously enhanced. Common gear materials
are: medium carbon steel and medium carbon alloy steel such as: 45 steel, 40Cr, 35SiMn, cast
steel, cast iron and other materials. From early carbon steel gear materials to case hardened
steels to a variety of complex processes.
In the design of the gear transmission, especially the closed transmission, such as the design
of the gear does not fully consider the hardness of the gear, will have a great impact on the
performance of the transmission system. Such as common gear failure: tooth surface pitting,
root fatigue fracture, etc., are related to gear hardness and gear quality.
The difference between hard and soft tooth surfaces in hardened gearbox hoist and softened
gearbox hoist:
One: soft tooth surface gear transmission (tooth surface hardness ≤350 HBS), at least one of
the pair of gearbox hoist is a soft tooth surface, which is often used in general medium and low speed
gear transmissions with less precise requirements.
Two: Hard-toothed gear transmission (tooth surface hardness >350 HBS), both gearbox hoist are hard
tooth surfaces. It is often used in gear transmissions with strong bearing capacity and small

Performance characteristics: 1. The gearbox hoist are made of high-quality alloy steel by carburizing and quenching, and the tooth
surface hardness is 54-62HRC. 2. Small size, light weight, high precision, large carrying capacity, high efficiency, long life, high
reliability, stable transmission and low noise. 3. The main parameters such as center distance and nominal transmission ratio are optimized,
and the main parts and parts are interchangeable. 4. Generally use oil pool lubrication, natural cooling, when the thermal power can not be met,
you can use circulating oil lubrication or fan. The cooling coil is cooled.
Hardened gearbox hoist features: (1) The center distance, the center height, and the transmission ratio are given priority numbers. (2) The gear parameters and structure were optimized using a computer. (3) The gear is made of high-quality high-strength low-carbon alloy steel for carburizing and
quenching. The tooth surface hardness is high, and the gear precision reaches the international
standard level 6. (4) High transmission efficiency, low noise, and the carrying capacity reached the world advanced
level in the 1990s.
Hard tooth surface gearbox hoist installation precautions: 1, can be used according to the actual needs of a variety of installation forms, six sides can be
installed. 2, the installation must be firm and reliable. 3. The working mechanism of the prime mover and gearbox hoist should be carefully aligned, and the
error should not be greater than the allowable compensation of the coupling used. 4, after the installation by hand, must be flexible, no stuck phenomenon.



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