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Conveyor equipment with Cyclo Drive Gear box is a material handling machine that continuously transports materials on a certain line, also known as continuous conveyor equipment. The conveyor equipment can be transported horizontally, obliquely and vertically, or it can form a space conveyor line, which is generally fixed.The universal belt conveyor equipment consists of conveyor belts, rollers, rollers and drives (RV/NMRVseries transmission and motor), braking, tensioning, reversing, loading, unloading, cleaning and other devices.cyclo drive manufacturer

①conveyor gearbox for conveyor Cyclo Drive Gear Box for Conveyor Equipment

Commonly used are rubber belts and plastic belts. The rubber band is suitable for working environment temperature between -15~40 °C. The material temperature does not exceed 50 °C. The plastic belt has the advantages of oil resistance, acid and alkali, but has poor adaptability to the weather, and is easy to slip and age.

②Roller. There are grooved idlers, flat rollers, self-aligning rollers, cushioning rollers. cyclo drive manufacturer

③Roller. The drive roller and the reverse roller. The drive roller is the main component that transmits power.

④The function of the tensioning device is to bring the conveyor belt to the necessary tension so as not to slip on the drive roller and to ensure that the deflection of the conveyor belt between the rollers is within the specified range. cyclo gearbox manufacturers

Conveyor equipment can be divided into: according to the operation mode: 1: belt conveyor equipment 2: screw conveyor equipment 3: bucket elevator

Cyclo Drive Gear box

Cyclo Drive Gear box

Conveyor equipment safety operation procedures: conveyor track drive gear unit

conveyor belt gearbox Stationary conveyor equipment with nmrv reducer gearbox should be installed on a fixed basis in accordance with the specified installation method. The wheel should be wedged with a triangular wood or braked with a brake before the mobile conveyor equipment is officially in operation. In order to avoid walking in the work, when there are multiple conveyor equipment working in parallel, there should be one meter between the machine and the machine.

  1. cyclo drive  Before the Softened Cylindrical Reducer Gearbox drives the conveyor equipment, it is necessary to check whether the running parts, the tape buckle and the carrying device are normal, and whether the protective equipment is complete. The tension of the tape must be adjusted to an appropriate level before starting.
  2. conveyor gearbox Belt conveyor equipment should be started at no load. Wait until the operation is normal before feeding. It is forbidden to drive after entering the material first.

gearbox conveyor When several conveyors with Torque limiter cyclo conveyors are operated in series, they should start from the discharge end and start in sequence. Only after all normal operation can the material be fed.

conveyor gearbox The material must be stopped before stopping, and the storage on the belt can be stopped before parking.

conveyor motor and gearbox The conveyor equipment three phase AC motor must be well insulated. Do not pull and drag the cable of the mobile conveyor equipment.

conveyor motor and gearbox When the belt is slipping, it is strictly forbidden to pull the belt by hand to avoid accidents.



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