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Cycloid Gearbox Pinwheel Reducer For Sieving Machine

cycloid gearbox pinwheel reducer
cycloid gearbox pinwheel reducer
cycloid gearbox pinwheel reducer
cycloid gearbox pinwheel reducer
cycloid gearbox pinwheel reducer
cycloid gearbox pinwheel reducer

The sieving machine is driven by a bled double stage cycloidal gear reducer and a vertical type small ac gear motors. It uses the relative movement of the bulk material and the screen surface to allow some of the particles to pass through the sieve hole, and divide the sand, gravel, gravel and other materials into different levels of vibration screening machinery according to the particle size. .

The sieving process of the sieving machine is generally continuous. After the sieving material is fed to the sieving machine (referred to as the sieve), the material smaller than the mesh size passes through the sieve hole, which is called the sieve product; the material larger than the mesh size is sieved. The surface is continuously discharged, which is called the product on the sieve.

Equipment principle:

The sieving machine uses the difference in the size of the materials, the quality is different, and the liquid settling speed is different. The tiny materials and the larger materials sink to the bottom of the tank. A grading screen is a cycloid gearbox pinwheel reducer device that uses a spiral to push up a material and then mechanically screen it.The material in the mill can be filtered according to the level. Finally, the larger material is screwed into the mill feed port using the spiral piece, and the filtered The tiny material overflows from the overflow pipe. The base of the grading screen is made of channel steel, and the body is welded using steel plates.


1. Use of sieve: Screening different types of materials, screening raw coal or sieved coal, ore, chemical raw materials, grain, etc., is classification or dehydration, de-intermediation, de-mudging, etc.

2. Whether the material is sieve dry material or wet material (how much moisture content is), when the water content is large or the material viscosity is large, the screen surface with large movement and inclination is selected.

3, screening machine installation space size: screen width B and length L and height H

4. Classification of screening equipment: 1. Fixed screen surface; 2. Vibrating screen surface; 3. Moving screen surface; 4. Roller screen surface; 5. Other types of screen surface.

5, the maximum particle size of the feed, the size of the discharge.

6. Whether the size of the interface equipment and subsequent equipment on the screening XWED cycloidal double stage variator machine requires the conveying function, the cloth function and the iron removal function.

7, equipment processing capacity: t / h.

8. Installation form: seat type or hanging type; the 120v electric three phase induction motor is left or right.

9. The sequence of electrical control box installation and control linkage. Explosion proof three phase asynchronous motor and electronic control selection requirements.

10, other special requirements: screen angle, screen appearance paint color, etc.

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