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The motor reductor is a kind of lifting component, which has many advantages such as compact size, light weight, wide power source, many functions, multiple supporting forms, high reliability and long service life. It can be used in a single unit or in combination. It can accurately control the height of the lifting or pushing according to a certain procedure. It can be directly driven by electric motor or other power, or it can be manually. It has different structural forms and assembly forms, and the lifting height can be customized according to user requirements. The worm gear motor reductor can be self-locking. Today, there is a small series for everyone to introduce in detail about the motor reductor in the lifting of the precautions, I hope to help you.
A good load-bearing instrument can't leave the excellent power advantage first, which is especially true for the motor reductors that are used frequently in various industrial fields in China. After all, the motor reductor is a large lifting instrument. If we do not better guarantee the power source of the instrument when using it, it will definitely affect the perfect operation of the motor reductor. Therefore, everyone pays attention to this when purchasing the motor reductor, which effectively guarantees the silk. Good operation of the pole lift. The motor reductor is different from other load-bearing instruments. It is mainly raised or lowered by a very strong hard wire, which effectively guarantees the flexibility of the motor reductor during use. Therefore, we must better protect it. The power source of the instrument. When the motor reductor is hoisted, the specific power source is often the first thing everyone pays attention to when using it. After all, the weight of each industrial field is very large when it is raised or lowered. If the motor reductor does not have good power. Source, that will inevitably lead to the failure of our related work items, so we must be unified

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In the selection of the motor reductor, it is necessary to pay attention to the screw shaft speed and the accepted load, and to test the allowable large load of the motor reductor, the allowable external load, and the rotational speed of the screw shaft, such as the overtake product. The data will cause serious damage to the entire lifting equipment. The worm gear motor reductor can not exceed the maximum allowable load, whether it is static load, dynamic load or impact load. It is necessary to select a lift with sufficient capacity according to the coefficient, the travel stroke and the stability of the screw. When the elevator is working, the external temperature of the deceleration part should be controlled within the range of -15 °C ~ 80 °C, and the external temperature of the movable nut is also within this range. Consider the load on the motor reductor. The choice of the lift is that the static load, the dynamic load and the impact load cannot exceed the large load that it is allowed to bear. The lift with sufficient capacity should be selected according to the coefficient, the travel stroke and the stability of the proof screw. Determine the speed ratio of the lift. The speed ratio of the motor reductor is generally divided into normal and slow speed, which needs to be determined according to the actual use. Determine how the motor reductor is connected to the motor. Connections are flanged and biaxial. The head type of the motor reductor is cylindrical, flanged, threaded and flat.


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