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Correct installation and use of the gear motor
Correct installation and use of the gear motor
1. The connection between the gear motor and the working machine: the gear motor is directly set on the main shaft of the working machine. When the gear motor is running, the counter torque acting on the reduction gear body is mounted on the counter-torque bracket of the reduction gear body or by other Method to balance. The machine is directly matched and the other end is coupled to the fixed bracket.
2. Installation of the anti-torque bracket: The anti-torque bracket should be installed on the side of the working machine facing the gear motor to reduce the bending moment attached to the working machine shaft. The bushing of the anti-torque bracket and the fixed bearing coupling end uses an elastic body such as rubber to prevent deflection and absorb the generated torque ripple.
3. Installation relationship between the gear motor and the working machine: In order to avoid the deflection of the working machine main shaft and the additional force on the gear motor bearing, the distance between the gear motor and the working machine should be as small as possible without affecting the normal working conditions. , its value is 5-10mm.
Proper installation, use and maintenance of the gear motor is an important part of ensuring the normal operation of mechanical equipment.

1. When installing the gear motor, pay attention to the alignment of the center axis of the drive, and the error should not be greater than the compensation amount of the coupling used. Good alignment can extend the service life and achieve the desired transmission efficiency.
2. When installing the transmission member on the output shaft, it is not allowed to strike with a hammer. Usually, the internal jig of the assembly jig and the shaft end is used, and the transmission member is pressed by the bolt, otherwise the internal parts of the gear motor may be damaged. Good use of steel fixed couplings, because of the improper installation of such couplings, will cause unnecessary external loads, resulting in early damage of the bearing, and even cause the output shaft to break.
3. The gear motor should be firmly installed on a stable level foundation or base. The oil in the oil drain should be removed and the cooling air circulation should be smooth. The foundation is unreliable, causing vibration and noise during operation and causing damage to bearings and gears. When the transmission coupling has protrusions or gears and sprocket transmissions, it should be considered to install a protective device. When the output shaft is subjected to a large radial load, the reinforcement type should be selected.
4. According to the specified installation device, the staff can conveniently approach the oil mark, vent plug and drain plug. After the installation position, the accuracy of the installation position should be thoroughly checked in order, and the reliability of each fastener should be flexibly rotated after installation. The gear motor is splashed and lubricated in the oil pool. Before running, the user needs to remove the screw plug of the vent hole and replace it with the vent plug. According to different installation positions, and open the oil level plug screw to check the height of the oil level line, refuel from the oil level plug until the oil overflows from the oil level plug screw hole, and then screw the oil level plug to make sure it is correct before emptying The test run shall be no less than 2 hours. The operation should be stable, without impact, vibration, noise and oil leakage. If abnormalities are found, they should be eliminated in time.
After a certain period of time, the oil level should be checked again to prevent possible leakage of the casing. If the ambient temperature is too high or too low, the grade of the lubricating oil can be changed.


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