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Grinding machine dedicated reducer

Mill for reducer can be divided into:

1.GMLX (S) vertical mill reducer
2.GMY (X) center drive reducer
3.MBY / JDX edge drive reducer

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GMLX (S) vertical mill reducer

Product description

GMLX (S) series of vertical mill reducer is mainly used for building materials industry cement production line vertical mill and thermal power plant pulverized coal production line vertical grinding, can also be used for other industries. The series is built with a random beveled – planetary two-speed reducer drive or beveled – cylindrical helical – planetary three deceleration drive.

Technical characteristics

1. Motor connected with the reducer through the coupling, the power level input, through the reducer drive, the power vertical output and drive the vertical mill mill operation.
2. Bevel gears, parallel shaft gears, sun wheels and planetary wheels are used carburizing grinding process. Tooth surface hardness of 58 ~ 62HRC, the accuracy of up to 6 or more. Internal ring gear quenching and tempering treatment of 280 ~ 320HBS.
3. Planetary transmission with three or four shunt structure, and the use of a variety of methods to achieve both load.
4. All the box made of high quality structural steel welded, with sufficient strength and stiffness. The average diameter of the inner ring gear, the thrust bearing and the lower box is the same, and the box can withstand the large vertical load and the axial force and radial force generated by the gear transmission.
5. Bevel gear part and planetary gear part of the use of rolling bearings, the output shaft using axial sliding and rolling vice two designs for the user to choose. Output flange support according to the size of the vertical load to bear the use of hydrostatic thrust bearings or hydrostatic thrust bearings.
6. To ensure the safe operation of the reducer, the speed of the speed measurement and lubrication system for continuous monitoring, and the abnormal situation of the alarm prompt.
7. The series reducer has the advantages of small size, light weight, high efficiency, low noise, smooth operation, small vibration and long life. Its main technical indicators have reached the current advanced level of similar foreign products.

GMY (X) center drive reducer

Product description

GMY (X) series center drive mill reducer is my company fully absorb the German, Japanese, Danish and other advanced industrial countries of the technology, summed up the domestic design and manufacture of large mill reducer experience and lack of a good combination of the The company’s characteristics, development, design of the new low-speed heavy-duty reducer.
GMY (X) series center drive mill reducer by the main reducer and slow drive system, diaphragm coupling and petrol station system; multi-channel temperature inspection transmitter and other auxiliary system components. The main reducer is a parallel shaft involute cylindrical gear transmission. Adjustable wheel train with power shunt and wheel load adjustment. Compact size, light weight. The main auxiliary system slow drive reducer transmission device, small size, light weight, high degree of standardization, to meet the front drive and rear drive and other layout requirements.
GMY series mill reducer in the structure of the use of dual power split, two-stage slowdown, coaxial drive.
GMYX series mill reducer in the structure of the use of three deceleration, the first level using planetary gear drive, the second and third use GMY series mill reducer structure type.

Technical characteristics

1. All gears of this series are all made of high-grade alloy carburizing steel. Tooth surface carburizing quenching, grinding teeth, with high gear accuracy and load capacity. The use of diaphragm coupling effectively solve the mill and the host between the different shaft error, and has a good buffer, vibration isolation performance.
2.GMY (X) series mill reducer with small size, light weight, transmission capacity, long life and other characteristics, easy installation and maintenance, easy to operate, smooth transmission. Can be widely used in building materials industry, raw materials mill, cement mill and metallurgy, mining and other industries. But also can be used for sugar industry and so on.

MBY / JDX edge drive reducer

Performance and characteristics

1.MBY and JDX series reducer for the cement and other industries specifically for the large input power, large output torque, low speed, heavy impact load, continuous operation and other harsh conditions of the design. In the design, fully absorb the advantages of similar products at home and abroad, summed up the experience of domestic and foreign design and manufacture of the product, the use of modern gear design, manufacturing technology, making the series reducer with a safe and reliable, long life characteristics, In the edge of the transmission of cement mill, coal mill and other mill.
2.MBY and JDX reducer using single-stage gear transmission, gear material for low-carbon alloy steel, carburizing quenching, grinding and other processes, making the gear tooth surface hardness between 54 ~ 62HRC, gear accuracy of 6 (ISO1328 ), Gear design life for the long life. Reducer with a dedicated rare oil lubrication station, at the same time, between the bearing and the end of the design of the return hole, so that the full lubrication of the reducer, sealed and reliable. Compared with similar products at home and abroad with small size, light weight, the use of reliable, easy maintenance, long service life and so on.
The scope of application

Mainly applicable to cement mill, coal mill and other edge drive mill reducer. The peripheral speed of the gear is not more than 20 m / s.
Reducer working environment temperature is -40 ℃ ~ 40 ℃. When the ambient temperature below 0 ℃, before starting should be preheated lubricants, higher than 40 ℃ should take cooling measures.
Due to the small size, easy to install, suitable for the old factory of technological transformation and equipment replacement.

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