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PIV gearboxes variator

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PIV gearboxes variator

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PIV Gearboxes Chain Speed Variator Gear-box
-Outstanding stability of velocity
Precision mechanism design prevents slip lost of speed even when uneven load.
-High efficiency Exceptional torque characteristics
Special design metal slatted chain and grooved curved conical discs provides high efficiency and torque characteristics.
-Modular Design
Modular design suitable for horizontal or vertical mounting with dual drive shafts provide flexibility of coupling.
-Operationally reversible and Wide Range of output speed
PIV velocity changer has a wide range of variable ratio of 1:3,1:4.5,1:6 with operationally reversible.
The standard variator is provided with a graduated dial giving a speed reference. On request the variators can be fitted with detection devices (AC or DC tcho generator or potentiometer) used with an ordinary velocity indicator (volt meter or digital indicator) or connected to a regulator system.

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speed reducers is with the piv unit to make it into piv variator, piv transmission is a good design to control spped.

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