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Horizontal Cyclo Reducer

Horizontal Cyclo Reducer Cycloidal Speed Reducer concentric drive cyclo disc Gearhead | Gear motors, gear reducers, gear-units 
Superb cyclo drive mechanisms cycloidal pins wheel speed reducer gearbox, Flange Face Foot Mount ring gear pins reductor decelerator Single Reduction
Category: Gearboxes. Tag: cycloidal.
@cyclo-gearhead Type Designation(with no motor)
Example: XW(E)D41-1225-W
X: X series cyclo drive gearbox
W: Horizontal type gear reducer, with inline shaft.
(E): None-one stage, E-two stage, S-three stage
D:Standard electric motors
41: Model number 41
1225: Speed Reduction Ratio
W: Mounting way.

@All models of cycloidal gear reducer
Reduction ratio mainly is 7,9,11,17,23,29,35,43,59,71,87,99,121,187,289,391,493,595,731,841,1003,1225,1505,1849,2065,2065,2537,3481

@cyclo-drive Parameters
Power range: 0.25 – 90kW
Output speed(r/min): 0.011 – 161
Output Torque(N.M): Top to 22920N.m

cyclo gearboxcyclo reducer

@Cycloid reducer Feature
Paint Color: Various
Cooling System: Fan cooler
Transmission stage: 1 and 2
Noise Level: Low type 65-75 Db
Material: Rugged cast iron or ductile housings
Lubrication: Grease or oil lubricated models available.
Seals: Nitrile material, dual lipped, double output seals available.
Working: 24 hours continuous available and shaft forward reverse
Bearing: China standard. But SKF, FAG, NSK, TIMKEN, NTN, KOYO, C&U is a aviable if need

@Cycloidal In-Line gearbox Application
• Conveyors • Sawmills and Wood Mills • Food Machinery • Wastewater Treatment
• Mixers • Steel Mills • Automotive Plants • Construction Equipment
• Paper Mills • Recycling Machines • Poultry Plants • Processing Plants
• Oil Press Machine • Rotary Feeder

@We will help you
● Providing correct gearbox and combined gearbox to meet your application needs;
● Lowering maintenance cost and lifting operation efficiency;
● Improving production capacity and boosting economic profitability.

Cyclo-disc-drivecycloidal speed reducer

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