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Twin Screw Extruder Gear

Twin Screw Extruder Gear,twin screw extruder gearbox
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SZ series cone double-screw extruder gearbox is a special mechanical drive device designed to match with conical double-screw extruder. The device decelerates and increases the torque of the power from master motor through gearbox before exporting it to the long shaft of distribution box that drives short shaft through a pair of slender cone screw gear with drive ratio of 1:1. Long shaft and short shaft drive short screw at the same angel as screw to extrude high-quality products in the way of different direction and outward turning. gearbox for extruder machine
This series gearbox is designed according to the standard of JB / T9050.1—1999. The gears are made of high strength alloy steel. The gear goes through the process of carburizing quenching heat hardening and gear grinding to achieve the precision of grade 6(GBl0095-88) The whole unit is small volume, high carry capacity, stable drive, low noise and high efficiency transmission gearbox for extruder machine.

● conical gearbox High Precision Grade (DIN 1~3)
● plastic extruder gearbox High Transmission Efficiency (>97%)
● Long Lifetime Usage
● High Torque extruder gearbox (> 11,000Nm)
● Low Operation Noise (< 80dB)
● Low Friction & Energy Consumption

This gearbox applies the advantages of steady transmission and high loading capability of conical gears to optimize the features of plastic products. The conical gear precision hobbing and grinding are the core technologies. The conical gearbox are precisely grinded with special machining facilities, customized programs and strict assembly tolerance controlling technologies.

● Conical Gear Precision Hobbing twin screw gearbox
● Conical Gear Precision Grinding
● High Precision Machining & Assembling
● Gear Grinding Technique with Grinding Wheel
● Conical Gear Grinding Software Programming
● Various Gear Profile Simulation & Modification


gearbox for plastic extruder and reduction gearbox Suitable for pipes, sheets, profile and plastic lumbers production. High quality and environmental protective products can be produced with the mixed plastic material with high proportion calcium carbonate.

This gearbox is designed cone double screw extruder machine according to the latest principles of AGMA. The structure is composed of deceleration and allocation sections. With innovative breakthrough of conical gear grinding programs, the gearbox performs high transmission efficiency, high torque, high steadiness, low noise and low energy consumption on plastic extruders.

extruder gearbox manufacturers Malfunction Occurring, Obviation Method

Malfunction May Occur Reson Method
Noise Variation Gear damaged
Bearing damaged
Check the gear, change the damaged part
Adjust the clearance
Replace the damaged bearing
Loud noise from fixed
position of reducer
Looseness of the fixed parts Use the specified torque to tighten bolts or screws
Replace the damaged bolts or screws
High temperature in bearing Outer shell oil level low
Oil ageing
Bearing damaged
Oil pump damaged
Check the oil level, add the oil when it’s below the level
Check the time of nearest oil replacement, maybe the oil should be replaced
Check the function of oil pump, will have to be changed
Check the bearing, maybe changed
Dirty oil in reducer
Oil leak from the shell
Seal in not good Sealed the surface
Found water in engine oil Engine oil produced foam Check the oil whether contain water via reagent glass sample
Check the engine oil via chemical laboratory, wash and change
Working temperature raise up Oil level is too high
Oil ageing
Bearing damaged
Oil pump damaged
Check the oil level, adjust it accordingly
Check the time of nearest oil replacement, replace engine oil
Check the function of oil pump.
Check the bearing.

All models: SZ45, SZ50, SZ55, SZ65, SZ80, SZ92.


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