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Technical data:
1,output torque:693-42784(N.m)
2,rated power:2.2-748(kw)
3,input speed:≤1500 (rpm)
4,output speed:30-188(rpm)
7,Model no. :ZLYJ(112-450)
Product Profile
ZLYJ series reducer is for plastics twin-screw extruder supporting design precision hard-toothed surface with thrust block transmission parts, product design USES a JB/T8853-2001 stipulated in the various technical and scope, its characteristic is gear and axial parts used high strength steel material, gear by carburizing, quenching and gear grinding process for GB10095 – precision, gear tooth surface hardness 88,6 level, HRC54-62, in hollow output shaft front configuration has super specifications of thrust bearing, and inherit screw work kicks back, bearing and oil seal and other major domestic high-quality product standard parts all USES, can also according to customer need, equipped with imported products. Etc. Characteristics. Product performance has reached the advanced international level, can replace imported products use same type.


Applicable scope
1, high-speed pivot is not more than 1,500 R.P.M..
2, gear transmission circumference speed is not more than 20 meters per second.
3, working environment temperature of 40-45 degrees below zero Celsius, if, before starting the lubricating oil should be preheated to 0 degrees Celsius above, this deceleration machine can be used in the negative direction operation, but some of the type high speed shaft one-way pump, the default direction for: in the face of output shaft, the output shaft for clockwise. Such as direction change, please when ordering.

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