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Grinding Mill Gearboxes

@Gearbox parameter:  MBY mill grinding dedicated gear reducer reduction gearbox cement | Gear motors, gear reducers, gear-units 

Input Speed:1000r/min, 7400r/min, 600r/min
Installation Form:Horizontal
Housing:Casting iron or Steel-plate welding case

@Grinding reducer feature

1. MBY series gearbox adopts modern gear design and manufacturing technology, to attract the advantages of similar products at home and abroad, summarizes the domestic design and manufacture similar product experience, according to the cement industry in bad conditions, low speed and heavy load, safe and reliable. Long service life.

2. MBY series reducer using single reduction, with special oil station, gears are hardened, precision up to 6 (GB10065-88), and compared to similar products at home and abroad, has the advantages of small volume, light weight, simple and elegant appearance, simple operation, convenient repair, widely used in the selection of new plant and old plant technical reform and the upgrading of equipment.



MBY 400 MBY 450 MBY 500 MBY 560 MBY 630 MBY 710 MBY 800 MBY 900 MBY 1000 MBY 1100

Grinding Mill Gearboxes
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