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In the year of 2014, ABB launched a low-voltage motor M2BAX specially designed for the Chinese market. This product is designed by the Chinese R&D team and launched in China. It meets the International Electrotechnical Commission's (IEC) international standard IE2 efficiency rating and China Class 3 energy efficiency standard (GB18613-2012).

ABB has been committed to the promotion and application of high-efficiency motors in China for many years, helping domestic energy-saving and emission reduction businesses. In 2007, ABB first introduced the high-efficiency motor M3BP to the Chinese market; in 2011, it launched the M2BA series of high-efficiency motors; in 2013, it launched high-efficiency aluminum-shell motors; and will launch high-efficiency explosion-proof motors and IE3 ultra-efficient motors later this year to further expand ABB. The product line of high-efficiency motors meets the fast-growing demand for high-efficiency motors in the domestic market.

motor abb

Compared with ordinary motors of the same power, an ABB 11kW high-efficiency motor can increase energy efficiency by 2%, and can save 33,600 kWh per year, which can be used by 11.7 households for one year. In 2013 alone, ABB's high-efficiency motor products in the domestic market helped customers save 410 million kWh, equivalent to 142,000 households a year of electricity consumption3, reducing about 400,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions.

In China's primary energy structure, coal accounted for nearly 66% of the total in 2013, and more than half of the total coal consumption was used in the power generation industry; large amounts of soot, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides emitted from coal combustion became an important cause of smog. One.

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According to statistics, two-thirds of the global industrial electricity consumption is consumed by the motor, equivalent to 28% of the total global electricity consumption; in China, this ratio is even more than 50%. If the efficiency of all motor systems in the country is increased by 1%, the annual electricity saved can be enough for 9.2 million Chinese households to use for one year.

With the efficient M2BAX motor, customers can not only save energy and improve efficiency during operation, but also recover the purchase cost of ordinary motors within 3~6 months. According to the report of the International Energy Agency, the cost of electricity is the absolute “main force” in the total operating cost of the motor life cycle, with an average of over 95%. High-efficiency motors provide good energy savings that help customers recover costs in a reasonable amount of time and benefit from long-term, low-energy operation of equipment.

motor abb

As a general-purpose low-voltage high-efficiency three-phase AC asynchronous motor, it has a wide range of applications, including water treatment, HVAC, food and beverage, textile machinery, machine tools and other industries. With good stability, M2BAX motors can significantly reduce unplanned downtime due to motor failure on the production line.

motor abb

Wu Yu, head of ABB's local business unit for motors and generators, said: “ABB has more than 100 years of experience in motor manufacturing and industry-leading product design, which can supply motors for most industrial sectors. In the future, ABB will combine national energy planning. Develop more efficient motor products and solutions to meet the needs of the domestic market."

ABB is the world's top 500 and is a leader in power and automation technology. ABB is committed to helping power, utilities and industrial customers improve their performance while reducing their environmental impact. ABB Group has operations in more than 100 countries and employs 150,000 people. ABB has a full range of business activities in R&D, manufacturing, sales and engineering services in China, with 19,000 employees, 37 local companies and sales and service networks in 109 cities across the country.

motor abb

Motor ABB with model number M2BAX series motor standard model:

ABB motor M2BAX112MA4 4KW 4 pole B34 horizontal with small flange mounting Small flange size: outer diameter 160mm inner diameter 110mm mounting hole distance 130mm shaft diameter 28mm spot genuine standard 380V 50HZ F-class insulation protection class IP55
Product Description: ABB's new M2BAX product is a low-voltage, high-efficiency three-phase AC asynchronous motor for general use. This series of motors is ABB's products designed for the Chinese market on a global R&D platform. The design complies with IEC international standards and Chinese GB standards, and the efficiency reaches the IE2 high efficiency level, which is in line with China's Class 3 energy efficiency standards (GB18613-2012). M2BAX motor is an upgraded product of ABB's original standard motor M2BA. It is specially designed for OEM customers who purchase motors in large quantities. The main applications include fans, pumps, reducers, etc. It can be applied to water treatment, HVAC, electricity, food and beverage, Textile machinery, machine tools, paper, metallurgy and other industries. M2BAX's superior quality and service provide customers with added value. The standard motor inventory design and shorter lead times ensure fast delivery of orders and greater product flexibility to meet a wide range of customer needs.

motor abb

Model M2BAX

Frame No. 71M - 132M
Power 0.25 kW - 355 kW (4P)

Number of poles 2P, 4P, 6P

Voltage ≤ 690V

Installation method B3, B5, B35, B14...

Protection level IP55 (standard) IP56 / IP65 (optional)

Cooling method IC411 (standard) IC416 / IC418 (optional)

Insulation class F/B
motor abb

Motor ABB with model number M3BP series motor standard model:

M3BP 160 M3G BP162 501

M3BP 225SMB6 B3

M3BP 280SMA75KW4 grade B3 380V protection grade IP65

M3BP 315LKA4B3 S/N: 0836-010565748

M3BP 355 SMA2 250KW 380V, IP55, IC416 (380V/50HZ), IM1001, F/B

M3BP 400 LD 3GBP 403 540-adG

M3BP315SMDC4B 160KW 1485rpm

M3BP355SMA4V1 250kw 1488rpm

M3BP 180MLA4 18.5KW B3, efficiency up to 92.8, AC horizontal motor

M3BP 250 SMA4 (55kW, 400V, 50Hz, 4P, IMB3, (3GBP252001-ADA))

M3BP 280SMB90KW4 grade B3 380V protection grade IP65

M3BP 315MLA200KW4 grade B3 380V protection grade IP65

M3BP 355 SMB8 160KW 380V, IP55, IC416 (380V/50HZ), IM1001, F/B

M3BP 400LB 6 IMB3/IM1001; 50HZ, 325KW, 661A

M3BP355MLA4B3 400KW 1490rpm

M3BQ355MLB 315KW 1200RPM

M3BP 200 MLB 4

M3BP 280 SMB2 90KW 380V, IP55, IC416 (380V/50HZ), IM1001, F/B

M3BP 315 MLA2 200KW B3 horizontal

M3BP 315SMA4 110KW 4P B3

M3BP 355MLB6

M3BP 450LA4B3 S/N: 0825-010955456

M3BP355MLB483 450kw 1488rpm

M3BP 160 LM C2 Horizontal

M3BP 225 SMB4 (45kW, 400V, 50Hz, 4P, IMB3, (3GBP222002-ADA))

M3BP 280 SMC4 110KW 380V, IP55, IC416 (380V/50HZ), IM1001, F/B

M3BP 315 SMB4 (132kW, 400V, 50Hz, 4P, IMB3, (3GBP312220-ADG))

M3BP 315SMC160KW4 grade B3 380V protection grade IP65

M3BP 400 LA 3GBP 403 510-adG

M3BP 90LD4 1.5KW 4P B5 Selection

motor abb

Motor ABB with model number M2QA series motor standard model:

QABP series IC411 (formerly M2QA three-phase asynchronous motor) is the basic series in the 2000 series of products designed by ABB.

Meets European Community efficiency standards. The design and manufacture of the motor complies with IEC60034 and IEC 60072.

DIN 42673, BS 4999, GB 755, GB 10069 and Q/JBQS 27. M2QA

Series motor

Has good electrical and mechanical properties.

high efficiency

1.1KW-90KW 2P 4P motor under S1 working system, M2QA series reaches CEMEP-EU level II

Efficiency standards have better energy saving effects. The wide voltage design is up to 690V and can be applied to 50Hz and 60Hz grids. The reliable windings use imported insulation materials to achieve Class F insulation (B-80K temperature rise), ensuring a long life of the windings. The highly corrosion-resistant motor is designed to withstand environmental corrosion for a long life. Bearings with high load carrying capacity are equipped with deep groove ball bearings to extend the life of the motor. The 71-250mm center-high cast iron motor is equipped with lifetime maintenance-free bearings, and the 280-355mm motor is equipped with oil fill holes as standard. Low noise level

Improve M2QA by optimizing electromagnetic and electrical design, improving cooling system, and structural optimization

The column overall has a lower noise level. Additional winding protection

PTC thermistor, thermal switch and anti-condensation heating belt can be installed according to customer requirements

Protect attachments.

motor abb

2. Mechanical design

Fully enclosed self-fan cooling design, IP55 protection grade and heavy load design, while using strong corrosion-resistant cast iron material, M2QA series motors can adapt to various environments. The mechanical structure of the motor is very strong, and the 280-355mm center height motor is equipped with a drain hole and a plug as standard. Flexible lead line direction. The motor junction box can be installed on the top, left and right sides of the motor. The junction box itself can be rotated and installed. The junction box of the 71-132 base can be rotated 4*90. 160 and above base box can be rotated 2 * 180 direction motor for a variety of environments and applications require a variety of optional configurations, such as higher protection levels, insulation levels, dust protection, seals, rain devices and so on.
motor abb

Motor ABB with model ABB explosion-proof motor standard model:

ABB explosion-proof motor
Proper use of explosion-proof electrical installations is extremely important in hazardous areas. To this end, many countries have regulations on the structure and usage of explosion-proof electrical installations. GB
3836~2000 The standard equivalent of electrical equipment for explosive gas environment adopts IEC60079, but higher than IEC60079 standard. According to the specific situation of China, several key points of China's original standard are added on the basis of IEC60079, forming GB.
New features of the 3836 explosion-proof standard.
M2JA series (80~355) flameproof motor is the manufacturing technology of Shanghai ABB Motor Co., Ltd. to introduce ABB's 21st century new flameproof motor, combined with China GB
Developed in accordance with the characteristics of the 3836-2000 standard, the current domestic advanced 4-stage explosion-proof motor for factory (Ex d
Llc) product (temperature group T1~T4).

motor abb

motor abb
Technical features:

It meets the European CEMEP-EU efficiency class motor standard secondary value, in line with the national energy standard GB18613-2002 small and medium-sized three-phase asynchronous motor energy efficiency limit value.

Dual bandwidth voltage
The voltage range is 220V~690V, suitable for 50Hz and 60Hz power supplies.

Low noise
M2JA series motors have lower noise by optimizing electromagnetic design, ventilation, and structural dimensions.

High bearing load capacity
The motor uses deep groove ball bearings and has a long service life. The 80-132 center high motor is permanently lubricated, and the 160-355 has a fueling device.

Good reliability
The motor is a fully enclosed air-cooled structure with protection class IP55. The materials and processes meet the environmental requirements. The motor has high mechanical strength, is sturdy and durable, and has strong rust and corrosion resistance.
Winding reliability is good, using Class F insulation structure, Class B assessment. PTC thermistors or thermal switches can be added according to user needs.
Working conditions
Ambient air temperature varies with the season but does not exceed -15 ° C ~ 40 ° C
Pull: no more than 1000m
Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz
Voltage: 220V~690V
Working method: continuous (S1)
Starting method:
Full pressure start, Y-△ start or reactance start

motor abb
transfer method:
Insulation can be achieved by elastic coupling or spur gear transmission, heating: Class F. However, the stator winding temperature rise limit of 80K, that is, according to the B-level assessment (resistance method). The bearing is allowed to not exceed 95 ° C (thermometer method).
Cooling method:
Voltage and performance parameters:
The M2JA series motors are designed with a wide voltage, and the efficiency, power factor and speed of the motor vary slightly under various voltage conditions.
220-240V/380-420V; 380-420V/660-690V, △ / 丫.
60Hz: 460V: ≤ 3kW, Y connection; > 3kW, △ connection.
If the user needs a specific working voltage, it can be supplied according to special requirements.

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