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Column Gear Reducer

Column Gear Reducer Crane Duty Gear Box Parallel Round Shaft Mounted Speed Reducer | Gear motors, gear reducers, gear-units 
brick-making industry, Industrial Gears gear decelerator power decelerator vertical decelerator iron cast casing rotating decelerator Shaft Mounted Screw Conveyor Units  shaft mounted speed reducer gearbox
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@ shaft mounted speed reducer in cement industry Feature

ZQ, JZQ Serial gear reducer is generally used for all kinds of fields.
1. It used the highly strength alloy steel gear that should be cementite, quenching and heat treatment. The strength of hard tooth surface can reach to HRC58-62. All the gears of reducer need spur technics. So it has high precision and definition.
2. It has high transmission efficiency; small gear reduction box 
3. It runs placidly and the noisy is low. gearbox reducer
4. The volumn is small, the weight is light, the service life is long, the torque is large.
5. It’s easy to remove and fix up. crane duty helical gearbox


1. Gear circumferential velocity is not more than 16 m/s; speed reducer gearbox
2. High speed spindle speed is not more than 1000 revolutions per second; small speed reducer gearbox
3. The working environment temperature for – 40 ~ 45 degrees; crane gear motor
4. Can be a positive direction. crane gear reducer, 

Crane Duty Gear Boxshaft mounted speed reducer in cement industry

@THE MIAN TYPES ALMOST OF BELOW lifter gear reducers factory

1)reduction gearbox larger hoisting speed reducer gear reduction definition
Mainly used in construction, wharf and steel industry, generally the bearing load in more than 150t
2) large crane gearbox large gear reducers  small reduction gearbox
Mainly used in steel industry, engineering machinery, such as general bearing load is between 50-150t
3) medium hoist lifting gearbox reducer gear reducer box
Mainly used in factory workshop and small engineering machinery, bearing load between 5 and 50t
4) small hoisting gear reduction box.
Mainly used in small manufacturing facility, bearing load under 5 t, commonly known as electric hoist.

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JZQ250 JZQ350 JZQ400 JZQ500 JZQ650 JZQ750 JZQ850 JZQ1000

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