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ZYT Series PM DC Motor z4 dc motors suppliers
ZYT Series PM DC Motor is used with Ferrite PM Magnet, closure and self-cooling. It is used for driven element in any equipment system.
Model Explanation
90 ZYT08 /H1
1.90 indicates motor frame number; the frame number is indicated with 55, 70, and 90,110,130,its corresponds with frame Dia. 55, 70, 90,110,130mm
2.ZYZ indcates PM DC Motor.
3.08 indicates the lamination length No,.01-49 refers to short lamination types, 51-99 refers to long lamination types and 101-149 refers to special long lamination types.
4.H1 refers to derivative structure , its No, is indicated with H1,H2,H3…(Each frame No, is arranged on custemor ‘s requirement in order.) z4 dc motors manufacturers

3.Mounting Model
1.Housing Mounting: A5(single shaft extension),AA5(double shaft extension) and frame No,(55-130).
2.Flange Mounting:A3(single shaft extension),AA3(double shaft extension) and frame No,(55-130).
3.Foot Mounting: A1(single shaft extension),AA1(double shaft extension) and frame No,(90-130).
1.No more than 4000m above sea level.
2.Ambient temperature:-25degree~40 degree.
3.Relative humidity ≤95%(at +25 degree).
4.The followed temperature rise: no more than 75K(when 1000m above sea level).
5.Technical Data
The following data changes within range depending on exact model,customer can refer to them when making selection.


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z4 dc motors suppliersz4 dc motors manufacturers

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