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Types of gearbox with images

Types of gearbox with images

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To provide you with information about the company and product information of Sogears manufacturing, including the industrial gearbox, orthogonal shaft gearbox B2SH10 factory direct sales can be customized prices, manufacturers, pictures, instructions and other parameters. 

Compact structure, small size, large torque and strong carrying capacity
The B series modular orthogonal shaft heavy-duty industrial gearbox adopts a number of new technologies to reduce the temperature rise and noise of the whole machine, improve the reliability and life of the operation, and increase the transmission power. It satisfies the urgent demand for high-performance gearboxs in various transmission industries in China, and breaks the long-term monopoly of the high-end general-purpose gearbox market by foreign companies such as FLENDER and SEW. The development and research of this product aims to achieve import substitution.
Rated output torque 2.6 to 2600KN.m Rated power (n1=1450r/min) 4~5000KW
Reduction ratio 1.25~450 (combined with R and K series can achieve higher speed ratio)
gearbox model 3~26
Output form Solid shaft with flat keys, solid shaft with splined joints and solid shaft with flanged joints
Hollow shaft with flat key, hollow shaft with expansion joint, hollow shaft with spline joint
Input type Motor coupling flange, shaft input gearbox main options Backstop Fan cooling, condenser coil Independent cooling system Oil immersion lubrication compensation tank, forced oil pump Auxiliary transmission gearbox Hydraulic Coupler Installation method

H horizontal installation
M without horizontal installation
V vertical installation
Main application areasWidely used in metallurgy, electric power, port, food, ceramics, lifting, chemical, coal, cement and other industries supporting equipment.

Sogears new model gearboxes are all new assembly machines, and the speeds used by each user are different. Temporary assembly of the gearbox requires high-strength machining, so the TLH4FV13 gearbox is usually 30 to 45 after the order is placed. Daily delivery, because TLH4FV13 gearbox is a heavy cargo all-round logistics, does not provide express delivery, the seller only bears to transport to the local logistics point, buyers need to mention, hope understanding. Buyers order more than 10 units at a time, free home delivery.

Types of gearbox with images

Fearures of sogears gearboxes:

1. Distribute power. For example, we can use an engine to drive multiple slave shafts through the gearbox main shaft to realize the function of one engine to drive multiple loads.
  2, acceleration deceleration, is often referred to as the gearbox;
  3, change the direction of the drive, for example, we can use two sector gears to transfer the force vertically to the other axis of rotation;
  4, change the rotational torque. Under the same power conditions, the faster the speed of the gear, the smaller the torque received by the shaft, and vice versa;
  5. Clutch function: We can separate the engine from the load by separating the two originally meshed gears, such as the brake clutch.

The newly developed MTG series high-speed gearbox of Sogears is widely used in electric power, petroleum, chemical, metallurgical and other industrial fields. It is the main supporting equipment for steam turbines, gas turbines, compressors, pumps and fans, and is developed by Sogears. The center's technical experts use advanced design concepts and first-class design and calculation tools to develop a new generation of domestically advanced products. Compared with domestic similar products, the carrying capacity of this series of products has been greatly improved, and various performance indicators such as efficiency, vibration and noise have reached the international advanced level, making NGC have a strong international in the high-end market of high-speed gearboxes. Competitiveness has broken the long-term monopoly of the field by a few foreign gearbox brands.

Our gearbox Transmission ratio: 1.25-450 output torque: 0.8-470KN.m motor power: 2.8-4823KW Installation form: foot mounting, flange mounting, shaft mounting, with expansion disk installation.
gearbox products are widely used in metallurgical mining, petrochemical, electric power, rubber, construction engineering, building materials machinery, railway vehicles, port ships, textile printing and dyeing, food packaging, pharmaceutical, environmental protection, paper printing, lifting and transportation, logistics handling, farming and animal husbandry Mechanical transmission field of light and heavy industry such as fishing machinery, light industrial leather, foundry welding, coal, refrigeration, etc.
Modular combination system, space saving, stable operation, low vibration, low noise, long life, low energy consumption, superior performance, the efficiency of the gearbox is as high as 96.8%; the carrying capacity is large, and the output power is up to 200KW.

1. The sogears brand gearbox has a high technical content, and has a helical gear and a worm gear integrated drive to improve the torque and efficiency of the machine.

This series of products has complete specifications, wide speed range, good versatility, adapt to various installation methods, performance, safety and reliability, long service life, and implementation of international standards.

2. The surface of the sogears brand gearbox has heat dissipation, strong shock absorption, low temperature rise and low noise.

3, sogears brand gear box The machine has good sealing performance and strong adaptability to the working environment.

4, sogears brand gearbox This machine has high transmission precision, especially suitable for working in places with frequent starting.

It can be connected to various types of reducers and equipped with various types of motor drives. It can be installed in the 90-degree drive operation position.

5, sogears brand gearbox The key components of the motor are made of high wear-resistant materials.

And after special heat treatment, it has the characteristics of high processing precision, stable transmission, small volume bearing capacity and long service life.

6, sogears brand gearbox The reducer can be equipped with various types of motors, forming a mechanical and electrical integration, fully guaranteeing the quality characteristics of the product.

Types of gearbox with images

The motor gearbox is a widely used reduction gear transmission device. The main transmission structure is a motor gearbox assembled by a drive motor (motor) and a motor gearbox (gearbox). It is equipped with different motors and gearboxes and is used in different industrial equipments. Medium, for example, DC motor, permanent magnet motor, AC motor, stepping motor, hollow cup motor, electric motor, etc., gearboxes in different industries have planetary gearboxes, cylindrical gearboxes, parallel gearboxes, worm gears Boxes, bevel gear boxes, and helical gear boxes are divided into parallel shaft, vertical, horizontal, and straight-type gearboxes according to different forms. Different types of gearboxes are used in different fields.

High-power motor gearboxs are mainly used in energy, petroleum, lifting, construction, shipbuilding, heavy industry, mining, port, transportation, aviation, steel, marine, water conservancy, engineering machinery and other fields.

The small power motor gearbox is mainly used in the fields of electronic products, automobile transmission, robot equipment, medical equipment, communication equipment, smart home equipment, household appliances, power tools, personal care tools, intelligent transmission equipment, optical instruments, precision instrumentation equipment, etc. .

Planetary motor gearboxs are mainly used in industrial sectors such as lifting and transportation, engineering machinery, metallurgy, mining, petrochemical, construction machinery, light industrial textiles, medical equipment, instrumentation, automobiles, ships, precision equipment, industrial robot equipment and aerospace.

Gear motor gearboxs are mainly used in metallurgy, mining, lifting, transportation, cement, construction, chemical, textile, printing and dyeing, pharmaceutical and other fields.

DC motor gearbox is mainly used in the field of financial equipment, office equipment, electronic locks, logistics and storage equipment, intelligent robots, intelligent kitchen and bathroom equipment, remote control toys, precision instruments, automotive, consumer electronics, household appliances, electric glass doors and windows. And other fields.

1. The xh and xb gearboxes are designed in a universal design and can be modified into industry-specific gearboxes according to customer requirements.
2. Achieve parallel shaft, orthogonal shaft, vertical and horizontal general-purpose cabinets, with fewer types of parts and more specifications.
3. Adopting the structure of the suction box body, large cabinet surface area and large fan, cylindrical gear and spiral bevel gear adopt advanced grinding process to improve the temperature rise, noise reduction and reliability of the whole machine. The power is increased.
4. Input mode: motor coupling flange, shaft input.
5. Output mode: solid shaft with flat key, hollow shaft with flat key, hollow shaft with expansion joint, hollow shaft with spline joint, solid shaft with spline joint and solid shaft with flange joint.
6. Installation method: horizontal, vertical, swing base type, torsion arm type.
7.xh, xb series products have 1 to 26 specifications, the number of reduction transmission stages is 1 to 4, and the speed ratio is 1.25 to 450.
8. Combine with the xr, xk, and xs series to get a larger speed ratio.

Types of gearbox with images

Our factory also produces xr series helical gear hard surface reducer, xf series parallel shaft helical gear reducer, xk series helical gear spiral bevel gear reducer, xs series helical gear-worm reducer, xt series spiral bevel gear reducer ,xb series spiral bevel gear-helical gear reducer, xh series parallel shaft helical gear reducer, nmrv series worm gear reducer, mb, mbn series planetary cone disc stepless speed changer, x, b series cycloidal pinwheel reducer, Wb micro cycloidal pinwheel reducer and other dozens of series, thousands of specifications of general-purpose products. Welcome to buy

For details, please contact the company's Tradelink to obtain the electronic format product manual or the general sample manual!

Sogears gearbox is generally used for transmission equipment with low speed and high torque. The ordinary Sogears gearbox of the motor will also have several pairs of identical gears to achieve the desired deceleration effect. The ratio of the number of teeth of the large and small gears is the transmission ratio. With the continuous development of the Sogears gearbox industry, more and more industries have used Sogears gearboxs. The following Jinchi Xiaobian introduces several industries of Sogears gearbox applications:
1. Application of Sogears gearbox on stage equipment
    Drive equipment must not only meet safety, reliability and low noise requirements, but also be installed in the right place!
2. Application of Sogears gearbox in lifting industry
    Choosing the right drive unit that optimizes the internal process is decisive for ensuring the economics and safety of the lifting system.
3. Application of Sogears gearbox in steel industry
    Hardened Sogears gearboxs are robust and reliable on steel mill production lines with long maintenance intervals.
4. Application of Sogears gearbox in airport equipment
    The drive system applied to the airport equipment uses a two-stage helical gear bevel Sogears gearbox to replace the traditional worm Sogears gearbox, which further highlights the technological changes. Due to the extended maintenance intervals of the gearboxes, especially with more wear-resistant parts, the drive system requires less maintenance and reduces initial investment costs.
5. Application of Sogears gearbox in food and beverage industry
    The blending and mixing drive products designed by Chaogang for the food and beverage industry are extremely durable.
6. Application of Sogears gearbox in water treatment
    Vertical installation of geared motor for aerator, double rain cover, IP66 protection level, retest three lip seal ring, TF motor thermal protection. If the gear unit is outdoors, in a wet area or in a tropical area, special seals and anti-corrosion measures should be considered.

Types of gearbox with images
Focusing on customer needs, continuous improvement, providing customers with economical, reliable, and quality transmission solutions. The company's supply of speed gearbox focuses on gear gearbox customization. Strong technical support, ISO9001: 2000 quality certification system, perfect pre-sale and after-sales service to ensure users enjoy high efficient service. The transmission gearbox focuses on the gear gearbox customization, which makes the drive more reasonable.
H industrial gear box (Mai Chuan) H gear gearbox gear box manufacturers custom selection and quotation related questions, please email us and we will supply you the best service:

First, sogears brand gearbox pre-sales service

1. The company helps users select models, determine models, and answer related technical questions.

2. Provide users with basic knowledge of sogears brand gearbox, including the use and maintenance of reducer, the assembly of reducer, the use characteristics of different models, etc. If the user needs to provide services, the company will send *good engineering and technical personnel. Serve customers.

3, the company set up a service hotline to answer all questions and problems with the sogears brand gearbox, service hotline.

Types of gearbox with images

Second, sogears brand gearbox sales service

1. For company users, the company must create user service files for them.

2. For new users who are developed, the marketing department will contact the customer within one week to inquire about the acceptance of the goods, including whether the product quality can meet the customer's needs, transportation mode, packaging situation and other requirements of the customer.

3. All newly developed new products require goods to arrive, introduce new products to users, and assist users in installation, introducing usage methods and technical requirements.

4. Key users should send staff to visit once or twice a year to solicit opinions and solve problems raised by users.

Third, sogears brand gearbox service

1. When the user uses the sogears brand gearbox to have quality problems, he will receive a response from the customer within 24 hours.

2, sogears brand gearbox quality problems, three guarantees within one year of warranty.

sogears group was founded in 1982 and is a famous private brand of reducer in Zhejiang. Nike products are mainly based on the four series of geared motors of SEW.

Types of gearbox with images

Others, such as cylindrical gears, planetary gears, worm gears and other products are supplemented. At this stage, the products have gradually moved to medium and high-end gear transmission, engineering machinery transmission, wind power generation and other industries.Highlighting heavy, non-standard, high-power and other characteristics, high technical level and moderate price. Nexus reducer also tries to produce some medium and high power heavy-duty transmission products, its products in materials, technology,In terms of technology and other aspects, comprehensive consideration, cost performance has certain competitiveness.

Sogears group engraves the tenet of "quality, honesty, truth-seeking and innovation", and aims at "first-class management, first-class technology, first-class quality, first-class service", and cultivates the enterprise spirit of "bringing for excellence, pursuing leadership and first". The products sell well all over the country and are exported to Europe, Southeast Asia, Middle East, Africa and many other countries and regions. Widely used in: metallurgy, mining, petrochemical, tobacco, ceramics, rubber, food, beverage, transportation and other industries, praised by users.


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